Ponzi Scheme being run by MARK F. HASSMAN using Student Loans with a Judge, Law Firms, Religious Organizations, Executives and others???

Do you think MARK F. HASSMAN is running a type of Ponzi Scheme involving Religious Leaders, a Judge, Lawyers, an Accounting Firm, Corporate Executives, a Private Boarding High School, his new wife and others with over $225,000 in Student Loans when they have helped him conceal millions of dollars of community assets and income so he can QUALIFY for these loans? Do you think they are benefiting from the scheme too?

It appears RABBI DAVID WOLPE and SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles, PASTOR RICK WARREN and SADDLEBACK CHURCH in Southern California and CATE SCHOOL in Carpenteria, California have 501(c)(3) and other Agreements with MARK F. HASSMAN using concealed community assets and income that were “entrusted” to them.
They have been notified that they appear to be in possession of stolen property of the ex-wife, SARA HASSMAN that was never distributed to her at the time of divorce; but they refuse to resolve this matter and even have a civil conversation. They obviously do not care about the rights of a divorce woman as the facts continue to clearly show. Think they could be incriminated and lose their non-profit status?

Remember, MARK F. HASSMAN is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, received his MBA from Harvard and spearheaded the Jiffy Lube, International, Inc. initial public offering in the 1980’s and since then has made many multi-million dollar agreements and made many millions.
However, he swears he is insolvent but travels and can afford many luxuries as many documents signed “under the penalty of perjury” show.
As the court record reflects, many pay his expenses too, including $37,000 of credit card expenses and $21,500 for his Lexus payment; but MARK F. HASSMAN swears he is insolvent and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, refuses to force him to comply with the discovery requests and show who is paying his expenses.

None of this is legal advice.

Why do you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR wants to allow Mark F. Hassman to conceal the sources of his income?
Do you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR wants to hide these 501(c)(3) agreements and keep depriving the ex-wife Sara Hassman from receiving her property and lawful spousal support award?

***Will the Ponzi scheme fall apart if Sara Hassman receives her property that was concealed from her at the time of divorce?

It is my understanding, not legal advice that JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR must follow the law and the law demands full and accurate disclosure of assets and liabilities and any material changes even after the judgment and until the time they have been distributed to each spouse and the community estate lawfully disposed of.

Do you think MARK F. HASSMAN is using these Religious Organizations and Cate School to help him DEFRAUD the State and Federal Student Loan Organizations?
Then are they along with a Judge, Lawyers, an Accounting Firm, Corporate Executives, his new wife and others part of his INVESTMENTS SCHEMES where he uses the Low Interest Student Loan Money and invests it at much higher rates; making a difference on the spread and selling this interest over and over again?
Are they all part of this too?

MARK F. HASSMAN swore many times in JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’s courtroom on April 2, 2014 and on documents that he became insolvent around January 1, 2014 even though:
1) MARK F. HASSMAN was represented by
NOELLE McCABE of the expensive Newport Beach law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM to argue that because he is insolvent he needs to have his ex-wife’s spousal support reduced to zero; which Judge Claudia Silbar granted even though:

2) State Corporate Records and testimony show MARK F. HASSMAN concealed active Companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California acquired during the marriage where he is listed as an Officer.

3) These Companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California were discovered by a Private Investigator who then MR. HASSMAN filed a complaint with false allegations against him for his honest testimony. The Private Investigator had to go to Sacramento to defend his Investigator’s license and his livelihood and MR. HASSMAN’s false allegations were dismissed. It is my understanding, (not legal advice) that this is OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE.

To make matters worse:

*** In an email around the time of the divorce MARK F. HASSMAN wrote to his ex-wife:

“You are wrong & don’t have a clue as to what the truth is.”***
However, he has refused to disclose what “the truth is.”

As public records and exhibits to documents filed with the court show, MARK F. HASSMAN and his ex-wife, SARA HASSMAN showed on their joint tax returns the last 6 years of their marriage which includes the recession; $2.5 million dollars in INCOME ONLY, not including trust income, retirement plans and many investments which MARK F. HASSMAN took all for himself as the judgment shows and while his ex-wife was suffering from his emotional abuse including Parental Alienation.
***Why didn’t her lawyer ALAN SHIFMAN of the LAW OFFICE of ALAN SHIFMAN diligently represent her and make sure the community estate was disclosed and divided fairly?

Then after the divorce MARK F. HASSMAN’s comment was published in the Harvard Business School alumni magazine:

“…The recession leaves little room to make excuses about lack of time to work out. I’ve got a sprint event on Catalina Island soon….”

To make matters worse again:

After being notified about MARK F. HASSMAN swearing he is “insolvent” MARJI KNITTER and MJ KNITTER have refused to call their loan they have with Mark F. Hassman for approximately $225,000 for an LLC Guaranty.
Also, if Mark F. Hassman is insolvent, what LLC is this for?

There have been many concealed LLCs and other community assets found that have also been listed on court documents but JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has refused to adjudicate these concealed assets and sanction MARK F. HASSMAN and others for concealing them.
She does not even acknowledge they exist; thereby depriving SARA HASSMAN of receiving her property that she should have received at the time of divorce but Mark F. Hassman took all for himself and some his new wife took too.

As KALEEN GONZALEZ of the LAW OFFICE of HARRIS GONZALEZ stated on April 2, 2014 in JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’s courtroom:
“We also—also provided evidence that there were entities under the name of MR. HASSMAN that were not disclosed in previous discovery.”
These are just some of the many concealed assets and loans.

But the important question is:
Why did the Law Firms representing both of the spouses for the divorce process: SEASTROM & SEASTROM for MARK F. HASSMAN and ALAN SHIFMAN of the LAW OFFICE of ALAN SHIFMAN, who is also a Certified Public Accountant and represented the ex-wife SARA HASSMAN; not disclose any of these concealed assets but signed the judgment?
Also, why have they since refused to amend the judgment which is invalid on its face?

Another important question is:
Why did JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR review and then sign the judgment which is invalid on its face?

Another important question is:
Why has JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR refused to adjudicate community assets that were concealed so the ex-wife, Sara Hassman is not deprived of her right to receive her property which the facts show MARK F. HASSMAN, who controlled the community estate has taken them for himself and his new wife has taken some too?

Another important question is:
Why has JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR refused to order that the judgment be amended so it complies with the law and those who concealed assets and income are sanctioned?

Judge Claudia Silbar should know that in a divorce the assets must be completely and accurately disclosed and divided equally and if one spouse takes advantage of the other they are sanctioned. (this is not legal advice, just my understanding)

Another important question is:
Why has the Accounting Firm BORNEMAN and TULSA in NY,
MARK F. HASSMAN and his new wife
MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY all refused to amend their tax returns since the divorce to give SARA HASSMAN the delayed tax refunds amounting to over $100,000 and other delayed benefits attributed to her 23 year marriage which again, as the tax returns show, Mark F. Hassman and his new wife have taken her money and property.

Another important question is:
Why has DALE KIKEN of the LAW OFFICE OF DALE KIKEN refused to explain why he reclassified community assets to Separate Property of Mark F. Hassman and removed them from several Trusts in the community estate without Sara Hassman’s consent?
Were these assets “entrusted” and used in the 501(c)(3) agreements too?

***So why are all of these people trying to help MARK F. HASSMAN conceal assets and income from his ex-wife?
Also, why have many of them who know that the ex-wife has wonderful values and a clean record her entire life of over 50 years, refuse to help her and her Children reunite?

The minor Son shows he was ABUSED at Cate School by being forced to sleep on a bare mattress outside and without any covers and they removed his bed from his room and gave him a filthy sofa. There are more abuses too.

Two of the Children are forced to pay household expenses of MARK F. HASSMAN and his new wife of over $500/month even though they do not live with them according to documents MARK F. HASSMAN signed “under the penalty of perjury.” Is this DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? CHILD ABUSE?

Well, I will continue to bring out the truth in many different forums until these issues are resolved so there is Justice.
If not I, then who?
The Truth will always prevail and Ignorance is not a defense of the Law.

Also, until my Children can be reasonable and not just controlled puppets with angry, disrespectful behaviors, you cannot come back into my life because I will not get sick again.
Choices determine our Destiny so Choose Wisely as I know all of you are very smart and capable. So why not act like it?
But, the choice is yours and I love you.
***I hope with all my love for you that you choose to face the truth so you can learn to love and not just be angry, controlling people who control, harass and intimidate others. That is not a good way to live as there is a much better way with truth, reasonable behavior and compassion.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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