President Obama said “Religious Organizations” are NOT those who harm others like ISIS

After listening to the President’s speech last night he stated that ISIS is not a religion because they condone killing and harming others.

 What do you think all of these “religious” organizations are in the US and elsewhere since they refuse to discuss Parental Alienation and refuse to help millions who are suffering from this and dying emotionally and suffering from many physically injuries too? The bestselling author Stephen Fried wrote about this happening since the 1970’s in the Jewish Community.

 In addition, these “religious” organizations deliberately try to keep the children and the loving Mother (father) alienated from each other so they can keep the community property that they “stole” from the loving Mother (father), knowing the sick, alienating father(mother) “assigned” it to them by using a 501(c)(3) or Vow of Poverty Agreement.

 This way the sick, alienating father (mother) can also claim he is “insolvent” and not pay spousal support because he also “assigned” his income to them.

So these “religious” organizations are hiding the loving Mother’s stolen property and stolen income enabling the sick, alienating father to claim a “charitable” tax deduction.

 Does this sound “charitable” and “religious”?

 These “religious” organizations do not want the loving mother (father) to figure all this out so they form an alliance or coalition to try to keep the loving Mother upset and tormented by helping to keep her alienated from her children; by defaming her character and using other schemes to keep her(him) tormented. They also threaten the children and torment them too in order to force them to alienate their loving Mother (father) who they love dearly.

Does this sound religious?

 Remember, as many psychologists and others have found; these terrorists can’t love and refuse to get the help so they can learn by changing their thought processes which dictates their behaviors. They think they are “entitled” to do this and enjoy it. It is so sick beyond words as millions of us know.  Sound religious?

 *** These “religious” organizations also don’t want to educate their community, write articles and have lectures about parental alienation because they WANT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE of other loving Mothers (fathers) and encourage a parent at the time of divorce to COME TO THEM and use these 501(c)(3) or Vow of Poverty Agreements to hide money and income knowing, as they have for decades, that they are harming both financially and emotionally the loving Mother and her Children. Do you think they could also be ENCOURAGING DIVORCE AND PARENTAL ALIENATION instead of encouraging therapy for a married couple? Does this sound religious and in the best interest of society?

 According to President Obama; these “religious” organizations are not religious because what they are doing is not a religion. They are terrorists in a terrorist group because they are intentionally harming others, especially innocent women and children. I agree; do you?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation .org



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