Professionals & Organizations have become a Serious Part of the Problem of Child Abuse, which includes the Emotional Torture of Parental Alienation

As many psychologists, authors, therapists and other experts have shown; Professionals & Organizations have become a serious part of the problem of child abuse, which includes the emotional torture of Parental Alienation.

Professionals & Organizations have refused to change the ABUSIVE POLICIES of the ORGANIZATIONS THEY LEAD and also their INDIVIDUAL acts of abuse.
Many videos and other information on my website Parental Alienation Solutions discuss this along with information elsewhere. [].
For example; one video and an abundance of information not just on my website but elsewhere discusses how many divorced Mothers, including me,  and too Children have had UNREASONABLE restraining orders and other HARMFUL and UNPRECEDENTED motions and judgments granted against them by judges and in favor of the ABUSIVE father.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR in Orange County, California has granted many unreasonable and UNPRECEDENTED motions and judgments as the transcripts and other records show along with the stipulated judgment she signed and reviewed where frauds appear on the face of the document.

(This is not legal advice)
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has the judicial responsibility to promote justice for all members of the public by upholding the law and the legal processes not showing a clear pattern of violating or circumventing the law and the legal processes as the records show she has and continues to do.

For just one example: JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR ignored a letter sent from the Newport Beach Family Law Firm my ex-husband hired to represent and guide him through the divorce process to the Family Law Firm I hired to represent and guide me through the divorce process where my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN was copied-in, which discusses: 1)Unadjudicated assets,
2) Purposefully Concealed and 3) the risk of Punitive Damages.

Not only was this letter discussed at the hearing before JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR on June 11, 2014; it was also an exhibit in my Notice of Motion for Adjudication of Omitted Assets, Reinstatement of Spousal Support and to Set Aside the Judgment due to Fraud Upon the Court.
Why do you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has been ignoring evidence and ignoring the law?
Do you think she is being paid or profiting in some other way since my ex- husband has concealed MILLIONS of dollars of community assets and has refused to provide an accounting and other material information he is legally required to provide?

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR doesn’t order that my ex-husband follow the law and provide the accounting requested of the community estate worth MILLIONS under his control.
Instead ,
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR ignores the law herself by granting my ex-husband’s motion to eliminate his obligation to pay my spousal support based on her SUBJECTIVE standard of “his credibility” and his “current income” ONLY; and not following the law which requires specific factors to be evaluated.
If JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR did try to follow the law she would realize it is LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE to evaluate the other required factors because they were never established because the stipulated judgment is invalid.
Why doesn’t JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR want to follow the law and set aside an invalid judgment so then the net worth of the community estate can be established and the other legal processes followed as they should have been?

Is JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR being paid to violate the law?

My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN has not explained how MANY MILLIONS of dollars have been disposed of.

Some of the millions seem to be with the Jews at SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES and with PASTOR RICK WARREN at SADDLEBACK CHURCH in Southern California in the form of 501(c)(3) and other similar agreements.

Did JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR get some of the millions of dollars of concealed assets too?

********Aside from the money, I am more concerned about the wellbeing of my Children: My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and his new wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY forced my Son who was a minor at the time to live outside on a bare mattress without any sheets or blankets on a cement floor under a rusted pipe, near a sewage drain and electric wires as I have posted some of these photos.
Every time I think of this I cry.
My wonderful and brave Son has a HEART CONDITION TOO.

The California College Prep Boarding High School called
CATE SCHOOL in Carpenteria, California (near Santa Barbara) approved of these abusive conditions and intentionally and willingly moved my minor Son’s bed out of his room and refused to listen to all my reasonable requests as many emails and other documents show.

My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and his new wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY and the boarding high school CATE SCHOOL, all refused to listen to me since I was not the custodial parent and forced my son to live outside like this for several years until he graduated.
Many I contacted to help me refused like RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES and agencies who are supposed to stop abuse and domestic violence.
CATE SCHOOL even forced my son to return the computer and printer I bought him and forced him to work on an old, used, small notebook computer without a printer. He was not being provided his BASIC NECESSITIES.

***How can CATE SCHOOL a boarding school not provide a child a bed as one email says they removed it from his room? (PRISONERS IN JAIL are provided beds).

For this “privileged education,” my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN who swears he is “insolvent” used community assets to pay approximately $50,000/year to CATE SCHOOL.
At the time my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN obtained student loans from CATE SCHOOL he also obtained some Federal and other student loans for college too even though we have MILLIONS OF DOLLARS saved for our children’s educations he refuses to account for.

My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN obviously was not concerned about money since at the time he obtained these Federal and other student loans; he stated in a Harvard Business School magazine: that despite the recession he was off to Catalina Island for sprint events.

In addition, since swearing he is “insolvent” whereby JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR eliminated his obligation to pay my spousal support; my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN has been off to Boston for his Harvard Business School reunion, off to New York for a vacation and has many luxury monthly expenses of over $12,000/ month (unverified and is probably more) and is not concerned at all about our minor Son and any of our other Children and refuses to stop with the Parental Alienation even though he knows this is not in the best interest of our children as many experts have proven. []

As the facts show; my ex-husband, like millions of alienating fathers (mothers) could CARE LESS about the wellbeing of our Children.

Money and his own interests are his concerns.
USING THE CHILDREN and others to obtain money and things for himself is what he does; not being concerned about the Children’s wellbeing.

***MY EX-HUSBAND NEEDED TO GET ME OUT OF THE WAY knowing I did not agree to take out student loans because we had millions of dollars saved and also because I would never approve of other things he forced and still forces our Children to do which I have discovered and I am sure there are many abusive acts I don’t know about.
It is such HORROR so it is no wonder many children, teens and young adults who should be having fun and learning many positive things are killing themselves and others and doing other harmful things since they are being used and abused and threatened to deprive themselves of LOVE and SUPPORT FROM THEIR LOVING MOTHER.

***MY WONDERFUL, STRONG CAPABLE SON has outstanding values, a great sense of humor and everyone just loves to be around him. He is a great athlete as well as a very smart and capable person.
I miss him and my other children dearly and I will never give up helping them and bringing out the TRUTH about the form of abuse called Parental Alienation where children of all ages are intentionally and maliciously told lies and manipulated to believe their loving Mother (father) is no longer loving or caring and they should FORGET THEY EVER EXISTED and go on with their life like they too are getting divorced.

Parental Alienation and other forms of abuse are evil and created by psychologically and emotionally sick parents and those who go along with them for the money or other benefits.

Many parents create parental alienation so they do not have to PAY CHILD SUPPORT and can CONTROL the children and FORCE them to do horrible things as a plethora of evidence shows my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN with the cooperation and assistance of:            CATE SCHOOL; JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR; RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE; SINAI TEMPLE and many other JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS; PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH; several LAW FIRMS; COMPANY EXECUTIVES; JOINT VENTURE PARTNERS; his new wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY and many others.

It appears my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN has some tax and other scams going on besides some obtaining Federal student loans when they are not needed but “showing need” is a requirement as well as the abusive and unsafe conditions he forced our minor Son to live in at CATE SCHOOL in Carpenteria, California.

***FORENSIC ACCOUNTS DETERMINED that my ex-husband’s lifestyle and other monies received appear to suggest that additional funds were received over and above the amount he reported on his 2010 tax return. (This is all part of public records and said letter has even been an exhibit).

Did I tell you my-ex husband MARK F. HASSMAN has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1979 and Company website where he was employed for many years listed him as their Chief Financial Officer with more than 25 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience in finance, accounting and general management, who earned his MBA degree from Harvard Business School and is referred to as a Principal.

Since all of us have FREEWILL: Do not wait to make positive changes for yourself which includes ending you association with those with influential titles who show they lie and cheat others; because time is a luxury and is precious.
Also, it is reasonable to start making positive improvements immediately. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see and feel wonderful results.

When you think things will improve while you keep doing the same negative things and associating with the same people who have destructive and negative thoughts and behaviors; this is insanity.

Instead, take an honest look at yourself and make some positive changes and then you will have more self-esteem, happiness, empathy, kindness and a desire to help others in an honest manner which is in their best interest.

Ignore those who try to hold you back by telling you things like “take one step at a time;” instead of being encouraging. You know your capabilities so “GIVE IT YOUR ALL” and associate with those who are supportive.
At the same time, stop associating with those who aren’t supportive. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME trying to figure out why they aren’t supportive; just know they are not the type of people you want to spend your precious time with.

People who respect what you are doing and you RESPECT THEIR OPINIONS, ask them for constructive criticism and feedback if you want to. Stay away from those who make general, blanket statements trying to hold you back like you work too hard need to come and get drunk with us. Reasonable people know better than to believe this.
***Exercise and do other healthy things with your free time.

***Life for those who are WISE is a constant effort of trying to learn new things, enriching ourselves and making ourselves the best person we can be. When you do this you will be proud of yourself, have self-esteem and understand that you do not need to listen to those who do destructive, corrupt things because YOU HAVE FREE WILL TO DO WHAT YOU WANT.

***So have fun this week exercising your own free will by doing positive, REASONABLE things for YOURSELF.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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