Profiting from Divorce at the EXPENSE of a Loving Mother and her Children is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE

Food for thought in time for lunch for those in California who are working with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN in PROFITING from my divorce at the expense of myself and my Children…

There are criminal charges and penalties for offering and preparing false evidence and aiding and abetting in such acts which is a guilty charge of felony.(regardless of the seriousness of the false evidence). In California it can be three (3) years in prison.

Don’t you REASONABLY think it will be difficult for Law Firms, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, Religious Leaders and others working together with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN to claim they did not know they repeatedly OFFERED or PREPARED and/or aided and abetted in such acts and SIGNED false documents, clearly false on their face, like JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR did too…ESPECIALLY when I questioned these acts on public records as testimony and on written motions and on the nationally broadcasted DR. PHIL show. Also, false tax returns are included in this too.

Specifically, I mentioned and so did Dr. Phil, PASTOR RICK WARREN along with a synagogue in west Los Angeles and that my ex-husband and his current wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY have my money and assets. Remember I called her the “high priced call-girl,” which others told me was too nice because she is a criminal. Well, it looks like they were right.

Think their acts clearly show many incidences of the VERY SERIOUS CRIME of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE? Any reasonable person knows the answer.

As always, none of this is legal advice or any other advice. It is based on my knowledge and fortunately I have a lot of it and expect it to keep coming right at you, until you change your ways and policies or I change them.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;





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