Promoting Divorce and Parental Alienation is a CORPORATE REVENUE STREAM for ALL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS, their LEADERS and MEMBERS as well as the Jewish MEDIA. They disgracefully call this “Politics” and “Judaism” as proven by the baseless and outrageous lead story with grandstanding by these evil hypocrites, not Jews by any stretch of the imagination, appearing in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles this week. They have the audacity to classify their behavior and thoughts as part of the sacred Jewish practice of Tikkun Olam.

To begin, Tikkun Olam means doing deeds or mitzvahs throughout your ENTIRE LIFE to help make GOD’s kingdom or world a better place for mankind. This means as children, then as young adults and then as adults; you do as you are able with your age appropriate knowledge and skills; even just saying “good morning” or “thank you” to a cafeteria or maintenance worker or helping someone learn to throw a lacrosse ball or feel comfortable in the dorm.

ALL OF US deserve to be treated with CIVILITY even by those who have deep pockets, large bank accounts and prestigious titles. It is better to be humble and spread kindness which is how I live my life while also being reasonable, objective and independent. I have REFUSED to follow the hateful and criminal collective group or gang which creates problems for themselves and others which is contrary to Tikkun Olam.

This is how I raised my children as their stay-at-home Mother with the chosen career of MOTHERHOOD for many years. We always did things to help each other in our immediate family and also used our academic, athletic, cooking and other skills to help ourselves and others with PRIDE. My children were leaders in their schools due to their TIKKUN OLAM VALUES I taught them and instilled and practiced daily MYSELF. 
***OUR INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM was cherished and we were proud to STAND APART from those who acted in unkind, immoral, unreasonable and criminal ways. This is why my children THRIVED when I was part of their life, before the Parental Alienation began.

Second, the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles and its crooked, evil and disgraceful Publisher and Editor-in-Chief DAVID SUISSA and those on his staff have refused for about ten (10) years now to write about the Epidemic problem of Parental Alienation. 
To make matters more incriminating, DAVID SUISSA has blocked my emails, never even having the professionalism to explain why the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles which he controls has been refusing to address this important and epidemic problem which is ripping Jewish families apart when his Journal promotes itself as a factual, honest resource of Jewish current events and thoughts.

DEMAGOGUE is how I would describe DAVID SUISSA and his Jewish Journal; he publishes those articles which promote the crooked, evil Jewish party line. 
Further, he tries to shame and discredit anyone who expresses their reasonable, objective and independent thoughts on any important matter including Ending the Epidemic Problem of Parental Alienation in the Jewish Community where it has been alive and well for many decades as the author Stephen Fried explains in his book The New Rabbi which is on my website; Parental Alienation Solutions.
The same is true for the Jewish Times in Baltimore, Maryland and ALL other Jewish Journals throughout the United States and many newspapers operated and/or financed by Jews including the biased and hypocritical Los Angeles Times and the Baltimore Sun.

Third, I want to specifically prove what I have just stated. This disgraceful article in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles opens with the following idiotic statements by the rabbi who I saw for therapy about coping with Parental Alienation from the Jewish perspective. I only later found out that his synagogue SINAI TEMPLE started working with my evil, crooked still legal husband MARK HASSMAN.
As the facts prove, this synagogue is a Jewish nonprofit which: 1) refused to help me reunite with my alienated children; 2) hid and 3) stole my community property and my still legal husband’s income so he could swear in court he was “insolvent” and could not afford to pay my court-ordered spousal support but made “contributions” because he was such a good Jew. 
This is not what SINAI TEMPLE’S nonprofit status permits nor is it Judaism; it is CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND RACKETEERING as any reasonable person knows.
Plus, it only take two people/entity to have a CONSPIRACY and my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN along with SINAI TEMPLE have proven they have an ongoing conspiracy to deprive me of my Civil, Constitutional and other Legal Rights as a law-abiding divorcing Wife and Mother. 
Thus they can both be held liable under the very serious criminal law called RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act). 
This conspiracy is ongoing because my damages have not been rectified and get worse daily.
Now this is what SINAI TEMPLE’S senior rabbi,
RABBI DAVID WOLPE said in pertinent part to open this pathetic article which falsely described him as “principled” and “brave:”
‘This past spring RABBI DAVID WOLPE dared to banish politics from his pulpit…[due to] his principled stand. He proclaimed: “What you call Politics, We call Torah” and “A ‘Politics Free’ Pulpit is an empty Pulpit.” ’ 
To make matters worse; then this very delusional rabbi in this disgraceful article: “made it clear that there’s only one form of kosher Jewish ‘politics’ in America: worshipping at the altar of tikkun olam.” 
This is such evil nonsense because PARENTAL ALIENATION which experts have proven along with ADOLPH HITLER destroys lives, family and also love which is what the Torah forbids and this is not politics; it is malicious and criminal behavior. Promoting Parental Alienation is not “tikkun olam,” it is destroying God’s kingdom and humanity.

But the article gets more incriminating and shows more malice and hypocrisy. It goes on to say that this evil, delusional rabbi “bravely suggested that it’s arrogant to decide ‘the Torah points in only one political direction. More practically, its counterproductive in a Jewish community that loves paying homage to “diversity” to then hate those who dare deviate from American liberal groupthink.’ 
Well, then why have I been BANNED from SINAI TEMPLE since I questioned why they refused and still refuse to discuss Parental Alienation and help reunite loving, law-abiding Mothers and Fathers with their alienated children? 
Why do ALL JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS REFUSE to help me understand why I was banned, help me end this ban and also help me end Parental Alienation in the Jewish Community?
Is Rabbi David Wolpe AFRAID of the some Jewish leaders who he takes orders from and is trying to use me and this article to POSITION HIMSELF so he can JOIN OUR REVOLUTION?
What about RABBI DAVID SAPERSTEIN and British writer JONATHAN NEUMANN both mentioned in this article; why haven’t they come out against Parental Alienation? Neumann’s new book about Healing the World is even mentioned. What about GIL TROY as the article states is a “distinguished” scholar and author and RABBI JONATHAN D. KLEIN who supposedly supports “building a just and sacred society;” why haven’t they written about the Epidemic Problem plaguing the Jews called  PARENTAL ALIENATION ? 
Well, I will contact them this week and let you know the response I receive. 
Also, this post will be sent to the law firm representing SINAI TEMPLE because it is one of my defendants since its leaders and its members keep intentionally, maliciously and criminally denying me of my Civil, Constitutional and other Legal Rights which is disgraceful and what Judaism forbids. Men and women have equal rights in Judaism as the Torah specifically states in Exodus in Parashas Bo where it is stated that All Commandments are Equally Binding on Everyone.

Attached is a very appropriate song for not only these evil, hypocritical so-called Jews but for others who are promoting Parental Alienation and all the crimes which commonly accompany this terror.

Well, I am thrilled so much is being exposed including all those involved in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to promote Parental Alienation and all the crimes commonly associated with this terror.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
:: Parental Alienation Solutions ::
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children)

This song is from movie musical Chicago. Lyrics: VELMA: Whatever happened to fair dealing? And pure ethics And nice manners? Why is it everyone…



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