PROOF that there are Business Policies and Agreements to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE, USING PARENTAL ALIENATION

For those of you who want to see some PROOF that there are Business Policies and Agreements to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE, USING PARENTAL ALIENATION to make the loving, law-abiding Mother(father) and the children so distressed and tortured that they can’t figure out the lies and corruption and are intentionally taken advantage of……see the attached letter from the law firms both my ex-husband and I used for our divorce where my ex-husband ONLY was copied-in. This letter is part of public records from several documents including the Superior Court in Los Angeles county, case # BC580980 I recently filed to rectify this corruption and abuse.

The letter is entitled “offer to compromise,” but it is illegal and immoral to make an offer to compromise which is against the law by having “purposefully concealed” and “unadjudicated assets.” They know it is illegal because the letter discusses punitive damages. This is an “offer to compromise” between the law firms and my ex-husband at my expense and at my Children’s expense.

This letter shows there was an agreement between my law firm, my ex-husband’s law firm and my ex-husband to CHEAT ME by having “purposefully concealed” and “unadjudicated assets.” (this is on page 2 at the 4th highlight from the bottom of the list).
Then the next sentence discusses visitation is at the DISCRETION of my minor Son. A person truly interested in doing what is in the minor Son’s best interested would have a very specific schedule planned so he is sure to spend time with and receive love and care from BOTH of his parents and not allow one to CONTROL HIM so he does not want to exercise his discretion to see his loving, caring, law-abiding Mother who he had a wonderful companionship with until the divorce.

This letter made me so sick when I found it as any reasonable person can imagine. What do you think a judge and a jury will think? Think the lawyers would just risk losing their legal licenses and face other very serious sanctions if they weren’t profiting or benefiting in someway? 
***Think the law firms received or plan to receive some of my community property which they helped to “purposefully conceal?” You don’t need to be a lawyer to know that “purposefully concealing” assets is against the law in a divorce proceeding. The law demands that the assets must be disclosed accurately and completely so they can be divided 50/50.

This letter not only shows the conspiracy to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE at the expense of the other spouse; it also shows the intent to create a PARENTAL ALIENATION SITUATION.

With truth comes understanding and with understanding comes much needed changes so there is JUSTICE FOR ALL; not just a father, law firms and others who were part of the conspiracy to make it happen, like the judge who signed the stipulated judgment without the net worth being established due to the “purposefully concealed assets, ” that were “unadjudicated.”
Women and Children deserve JUSTICE too; we are not to be used and abused as this letter clearly shows that intent.

As always, none of this is legal advice, just based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

So for my Children, still believe you should alienate me and not even have a civil discussion as to why you suddenly started to alienate me at the time of the divorce. ARE YOU TOO BEING PAID TO ALIENATE ME FROM YOUR LIFE? Are you being ABUSED if you don’t as those photos at Cate School show along with other documents? You have rights!!! You do not have to allow yourselves to be abused. Why are you doing this?

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