RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD has the ignorance and audacity to tell Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu that she finds HIM “unacceptable” when SHE HAS FOR YEARS Promoted Parental Alienation which is Abuse for a Profit

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD has the ignorance and audacity to tell Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu that she finds HIM “unacceptable” when SHE HAS FOR YEARS ALONG WITH HER FATHER; 
1) as an individual;
2) as Executive Vice President of The Rabbinical Assembly;
3) as a member on PRESIDENT OBAMA’S White House Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

clearly SUPPORTED and PROMOTED the DESTRUCTION of the COMPANIONSHIP OF LOVING MOTHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN at the time of divorce called Parental Alienation; so she and other Jewish Organizations of the Conservative movement in the United States UNDER HER LEADERSHIP and authority can PROFIT. This is so horrific beyond words and definitely against Jewish beliefs and teachings.

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD and others at The Rabbinical Assembly are a disgrace to Judaism and also very sick and need help so you can stop thinking it is “acceptable” to use and ABUSE WOMEN and CHILDREN for a PROFIT. There is something very, very wrong with you and your organization is a menace to our Society and you know I have the facts to prove this.

Can you guess what synagogue is under the authority and leadership of corrupt, immoral, uncaring and abusive RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD???

SINAI TEMPLE of Los Angeles and all of their Executives and Employees who have helped keep me alienated from my precious Children and have stolen my money, property and other assets due to the 501c3 and other agreements they made with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, without my knowledge and consent so all of them could PROFIT FROM MY DIVORCE as they WATCH my Children and  me suffer from parental alienation which includes all of our psychological, emotional, physical and other problems. 
Our suffering is characteristic of Mothers and their Children when their companionship and bond are destroyed at the time of divorce and RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD knows this because I HAVE EMAILED HER and CALLED HER OFFICE many times to tell her PERSONALLY.

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD refuses to respond and rectify the situation of Parental Alienation in the Jewish Community but is telling compassionate, honest and moral leader Benjamin Netanyahu who would NEVER DESTROY THE COMPANIONSHIP OF MOTHERS AND CHILDREN; that she finds what HE is doing “unacceptable.”

***RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD has lost her mind along with her heart and soul.

***Before you go telling a leader who promotes PROGRESS FOR ALL and not just an elite group of leaders at the EXPENSE of Loving Mothers and their Children; go take care of yourself by getting the proper therapy and help YOU need so you willfully END the SECRET POLICY of PROMOTING Parental Alienation.

RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD you are the LEADER managing and controlling the policies of many Jewish Organizations. 
You are very sick and a DISGRACE to Judaism so why not end your horrific ways by ending the secret policy of Parental Alienation that has been going on for decades in the Jewish Community. 
Why not practice Teshuva as an honest, moral Jew would do? Face and rectify all the abuse you have created along with that of your father.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU I applaud what you are doing and don’t listen to Rabbi Julie Schonfeld of The Rabbinical Assembly or any other corrupt leaders who have corrupt and immoral policies.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU you know better so SHOW THEM how to lead. Many of us in the UNITED STATES support you BIBI. It is refreshing to see a leader like you since many leaders in the US today are profiting at the expense of Women and Children and vulnerable people.

I have been trying to deal with these terrorists who cause and encourage Parental Alienation for over 7 years so they can PROFIT while destroying wonderful Children and their Loving Mother. 
As the facts show, they think this is a GAME and that they are ENTITLED to abuse us. So, don’t listen to them Bibi. I just wanted you to know this Bibi and I hope you see this post.


Expect me to hold you accountable. If you kill me since I received that death threat the other day; others will pick up my WORTHY FIGHT where I left off.

I will never turn my head to abuse of women and children because I AM a Jew and a Jew would never, ever do that.

TO MY CHILDREN and OTHERS: Do not worry, God and truth always prevail. They know I have the facts to prove their abuse and corruption that has been going on for decades.

As always, none of this is legal advice or any other advice.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solution, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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