Rabbis and Law Firms work together with the sick, abusive Parent so they can share the concealed assets.

Here are some more examples showing how Rabbis and Law Firms work together with the sick, abusive alienating Father by aiding and abetting in the Parental Alienation. They do this because they use the 501c3 and other agreements to hide the Loving Mother’s assets which all of them plan to share at the end of some statute of limitations period.The first 2 attachments show the beautiful relationships I had with my Children before the divorce which abruptly ended. This is quite typical in situations of Parental Alienation.

The 3rd attachment shows how after my ex-husband made agreements with RABBI DAVID WOLPE and SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles, the Jewish leaders LIED and tried to make it seem like I had done something wrong. 

The 4th email shows that even a leading Rabbi who is a woman, refused to acknowledge my concerns and reasonably help me UNDERSTAND what I could have possibly done to be banned from going to the Temple. Rabbi David Wolpe goes by the alias of Gary Bertnick who the email was also sent to. I have proof that he hacks computers too.

The 5th email shows how the Newport Beach Law Firm my ex-husband hired to guide and represent him during the divorce and for post judgment spousal support modifications goes along with the parental alienation. 

Anyone can get a civil restraining order against someone without any rational basis. My ex-husband and his new wife did not want to help me resolve the abuse they were causing my minor Son as the photographs from the prior post show so they complained that I was harassing THEM by sending them emails to try to resolve this abuse. 
People with psychological and emotional problems try and make the honest and kind person seem wrong and delusional while making themselves seem like the honest ones as my ex-husband does constantly. 

THE FACTS SHOW MY EX-HUSBAND AND HIS NEW WIFE ARE ABUSING MY CHILDREN AND CHEATING ME, the Loving Mother, by hiding assets I should have received at the time of divorce. As prior emails I posted show, my ex-husband uses shaming and bullying techniques to try to cause more emotional abuse by making me, the honest Mother and my wonderful but abused Children obey them out of fear and intimidation. 
My ex-husband falls back on his prestigious titles which is why it is so important to QUESTION AUTHORITY because so many are corrupt and immoral.

As you can tell from the few emails and photographs I have posted; the abuse and corruption speaks for itself and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have an abundance of incriminating evidence which is coming out so I can end the emotional abuse of Parental Alienation and the other forms of abuse that go along with it that my Children and millions like them, and their loving Mother (father) are enduring. 

If not I, then who?

As always, none of this is advice of any kind; it is based on my knowledge and experiences.

Also, for all those who are subscribers to my posts; if you are not receiving them as of yesterday, you will need to just click the subscribe link and add your name and email address again. I am sorry for this inconvenience but this is what the hackers do; they try to silence the TRUTH. It doesn’t silence me, it EMPOWERS me even more.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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