Real Housewife star sent to Prison, many similarities to my Divorce and many others; unfortunately.

Real Housewife of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe were sent to prison for bank and mortgage fraud, mail and wire fraud and a fraudulent bankruptcy. Unfortunately, similarities to my situation with my ex-husband and his new wife. (a born again Christian too).

Judge Salas admonished the couple for “glaring omissions” and perjury in their FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE FORMS because of their failure to disclose ASSETS including purchases of cars, furniture, construction equipment, and recreational vehicles.

 My ex-husband and his new wife are MUCH WORSE; he failed to disclose COMPANIES in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California where his is listed as an Officer; has also failed to disclose 401k Profit Sharing Plans, a Health Savings Account, Homes, Trusts, Insurance Policies and many other assets and TOGETHER, my ex-husband and his new wife took all of these undisclosed assets for themselves including over several hundred thousand dollars of DELAYED tax refunds and other DELAYED tax benefits attributed to my 23 year marriage and undisclosed assets which they instructed IRS to wire into their bank account as the tax returns show. (wire fraud along with the other frauds???)

  The delayed tax benefits and other delayed tax interests are called “inchoate property interests” which have not vested at the time of divorce but must be disclosed as I understand and is also common sense.

 My ex-husband and his new wife will probably REALLY be sanctioned because my ex-husband is a Certified Public Accountant and Chief Financial Officer who received his MBA from Harvard and was being guided and represented by a Newport Beach Family Law Firm during the divorce and also for post judgment spousal support modification requests he made because he was “struggling,” was “unable” to pay my spousal support and is “insolvent.”

  BOTH my ex-husband and his new wife were also being guided by the same Accounting Firm who filed all of my joint tax returns during my marriage of over 20 years and as I understand owe ME a fiduciary duty with regards to these “inchoate property interests” shown on the tax returns they signed giving ALL OF THEM to my ex-husband and his new wife.

My ex-husband also owes me a fiduciary duty to a complete and accurate disclosure and to deal fairly and honestly and his New Wife and the Accounting Firm appear to be AIDING and ABETTING my ex-husband in breaching this fiduciary duties of disclosure and to deal fairly he owes to me too. Think they will be liable???

Nondisclosure and dealing dishonestly are very serious offenses  as many cases have shown and so is aiding and abetting someone in breaching their fiduciary duties of disclosure and dealing honestly and fairly.

 My ex-husband’s new wife was a corporate owner per my ex-husband’s sworn testimony but now all of a sudden lost her job and is collecting unemployment. In the meantime, he has been approved for 2, not 1, Lexus Leases from Lexus Financial that HE IS PAYING FOR; but he is “struggling”, “insolvent” and “unable” to pay my spousal support and Judge Claudia Silbar “thinks” he is “credible” and there is no “current income available for spousal support.” This is all part of the record from the April 2, 2014, June 11, 2014 and December 31, 2014 public hearings in Judge Claudia Silbar’s courtroom.

 ***Think my ex-husband, his new wife and others will be falling off their throne of lies and into jail cells like real housewife star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe? 

 Judge Salas even said that getting financial information from Teresa and Joe was like pulling teeth which sounds familiar.

But, in my case, unlike Judge Salas;  Judge Claudia Silbar has NOT ordered my ex-husband to obey discovery requests to disclose the SOURCES OF PAYMENT of all his expenses he listed on his income and expense declarations including his loan payments; has NOT ordered a payroll assistant to obey her subpoena; has ALLOWED unadjudicated assets like concealed companies to remain unadjudicated which another Judge like Judge Salas will reasonably QUESTION because the law requires relevant discovery requests and subpoenas be obeyed, unadjudicated assets to be adjudicated and complete and accurate DISCLOSURE of all assets and SOURCES of income otherwise it is my understanding this is Obstruction Of Justice, Fraud, Aiding and Abetting my ex-husband in breaching his fiduciary duties of complete and accurate disclosure and to deal honestly and fairly and committing some other offenses.

 Real housewife star Teresa and her husband Joe pleaded guilty to conspiring to FALSIFY LOAN APPLICATIONS, CONCEALING INCOME and CONCEALING ASSETS.

 My ex-husband’s new wife and my ex-husband appear to be in a similar situation along WITH OTHERS TOO.

First, as the IRS confirmed, they have signed several tax returns where they took all the delayed tax refunds of approximately $100,000 and also other delayed benefits when they should have given me my interest.

Second, the invalid stipulated judgment speaks for itself and was drafted, reviewed and signed by the Law Firms both my ex-husband and I hired to guide and represent us during the divorce and also advised each of us to sign. Also, Judge Claudia Silbar reviewed, signed and then filed the invalid stipulated judgment which is invalid on its face.

Third, when you start tracing the money and see $21,500 “gifted” from a Corporate Owner as my ex-husband swore, what is believed to be bogus loans from his mother for $55,000, Business Partners and Joint Venture Partners one in the amount of approximately $225,000 and from others who have been paying his expenses since around October 15, 2012; THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

 Fourth, just like Real Housewife star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe’s FRAUDULENT BANKRUPTCY SCHEME; my ex-husband and our Joint Venture Partners tried to lie and EXTORT $112,500 from me for Moote Pointe Properties, LLC which was a concealed asset during the divorce but appeared on our joint tax returns during our marriage. Like in Teresa and Joe’s case this also appears to be a bankruptcy scam because now this LLC has a “cancellation of indebtedness” AFTER THE BANKRUPTCY around the time of the divorce of over $60,000 which the tax returns show my ex-husband and his new wife took ALL FOR THEMSELVES.

IRS is aware of this too.

So let the facts speak for themselves which includes the money trails and all those involved. My ex-husband NEEDED to be aided and abetted in removing trust assets and reclassifying them from community property to separate property. (all of this is part of the court record). Also, he disposed of concealed community property without my consent, guess where? Would you believe with Jewish organizations, Sinai Temple of Los Angeles and a Church, Saddleback Church? Think they could be liable especially since they have been contacted about being in receipt of stolen property?

 As many cases show, BREACHING your fiduciary duties of full disclosure and to deal honestly and fairly during a divorce and AIDING AND ABETTING a husband in breaching his fiduciary duties of full disclosure and to deal honestly and fairly are SERIOUS offenses with severe penalties; especially when the ex-husband controlled the community estate and the wife (me) was recovering from seizures and emotional abuse he caused. Not only is this immoral and unlawful, this is evil.

  Add a fraudulent bankruptcy, fraudulent tax returns, aiding and abetting young adults and parental alienation, conversion and other offenses and it looks like jail time as myself and others believe, just like Judge Salas handed down to Teresa and Joe.

Who will be next?

Btw, my ex-husband should have received his “notice to consumer” regarding the subpoenas to Bank of America and Lexus Financial for all his vehicle loans for himself, his new wife and adult children he obtained while “insolvent” “struggling” and “unable” to pay my spousal support.

 What do you think the credit applications will show and the payment history? Do you think they will show he is “struggling,” “unable” to pay my spousal support due to his “insolvency” and that he is “credible” and there is “no current income for spousal support” as Judge Claudia Silbar “thinks” and as a result reduced my spousal support from my 23 year marriage to zero?

 Well, I will keep you posted but many think there will be quite a lot of people who will be falling off their throne of lies and right into jail cells. This is what happened to Teresa and Joe and others like them as many cases have shown.

 Truth and Justice will prevail as will God and Love; the love of a Loving Mother and Strong Moral Woman.

 As always, none of this is advice of any kind, it is just based on my experiences and knowledge.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;




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