Reasonable People OR Psychologically and Emotionally Sick and Corrupt People?

Are these the actions of reasonable people or psychologically and emotionally sick and corrupt people?
Documents show that while the divorce proceedings where going on, MARK F. HASSMAN a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, who received his MBA from Harvard and spearheaded the Jiffy Lube International, Inc. initial public offering in the 1980’s and since then has negotiated many multi-million dollar agreements and has made Millions of Dollars; secretly HE TOOK for HIMSELF almost
$2 MILLION DOLLARS from the community estate with the cooperation of:
1- SEASTROM & SEASTROM Family Law Firm guiding and representing him and
2- ALAN SHIFMAN of THE LAW OFFICES of ALAN SHIFMAN guiding and representing his ex-wife (yes, his ex-wife) This is just the tip of the iceberg because more are involved in concealing millions of dollars of community property from the ex-wife SARA HASSMAN who was suffering from the emotional abuse of MARK F. HASSMAN at the time of the divorce and is very well documented.
As a result, MARK F. HASSMAN these law firms,
JAMES BORNEMAN of the Accounting Firm BORENMAN & TULSA in NY;
STEVE MUROW a managing partner in many joint ventures,
PAUL MOOTE II and others have taken advantage of the ex-wife and Loving Mother Sara Hassman AS MANY DOCUMENTS SHOW.
Reasonable, kind and honest people do not take advantage of a Loving Mother and her Children. They want to HELP THEM adjust to the divorce and enrich the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship; not try to destroy it.
Do you think they have taken for THEMSELVES the Loving Mother’s concealed and undistributed assets and other interests WORTH MILLIONS?
Are they going to receive the Loving Mother’s concealed and undistributed assets and other interests worth millions when some statute of limitations period ends based on an AGREEMENT they made?
Depriving Sara Hassman, the Loving Mother and ex-wife from receiving her property from the divorce amounting to MILLIONS of dollars is in addition to causing her and her Children to suffer from the Parental Alienation; the destruction of their wonderful and enriching Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son bond as their accomplishments and other information show.
Can you believe, with all of the ex-husband’s negotiating skills that the Loving Mother (ex-wife), who is known for her good character, her clean record her entire life of over 50 years and how she BEAUTIFULLY NURTURED her Children and PROMOTED her ex-husband’s career while putting her’s on hold; and even though the ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN TOLD DR. PHIL ON NATIONAL TELEVISION that he will encourage his Children and their Loving Mother (his ex-wife) to have a relationship; she has not even received a telephone call from ANY of her Children and this is holiday time too. This appears to be just another one of his lies; no surprise.
Do you think he thinks this is funny?
What about his new wife who also told Dr. Phil she was in favor of their reunification.
Does she think this is funny too?
******They all refuse to have a civil conversation and EXPLAIN THE REASON for the alienation and TRY TO REASONABLY RESOLVE IT. A
As many experts have shown, those who create Parental Alienation and those who help destroy the loving Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son bond at the time of divorce commonly have characteristics of lying, cheating, manipulating, intimidating and many narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies and have many control issues.
Do you think the Children are being threatened? Do you think there is a rational reason for their alienation of their Loving Mother or do you think the Children are being told more lies about her and want to alienate her based on those lies?
*****The Children are VERY SMART but do you think they are BEING DECEIVED?
Despite Sara Hassman’s clean record her entire life of over 50 years,
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR granted MARK F. HASSMAN’s request for a restraining order against her; restraining her from going to places where MARK F. HASSMAN is present and restraining her from using MARK F. HASSMAN’s business email address.
Think this was a SET-UP which is so disgraceful beyond words as the facts show………………
MARK F. HASSMAN intentionally sent SARA HASSMAN the Loving MOTHER and ex-wife 18 emails regarding their Children’s upcoming graduations from his prohibited business email address; making her cruelly think she was going to be able to attend her Children’s High School and College graduations despite the restraining order JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR granted him; even though she has had a perfect record her entire life of over 50 years and is known for her good character.
When Sara Hassman RESPONDED to the graduation emails, UNAWARE that MARK F. HASSMAN sent them from his prohibited email address; he took her emails to the District Attorney and FILED FALSE AND MISLEADING ALLEGATIONS trying to make the District Attorney and the Criminal Judge believe she had done something wrong. ****** MARK F. HASSMAN tried to get the Loving Mother and ex-wife to receive a felony for violating a restraining order for RESPONDING to his 18 emails about their Children’s upcoming graduations that he INTENTIONALLY SENT from his prohibited email address which she did NOT REALIZE.
Sara Hassman, the Loving Mother, was just so excited because she thought she would see her Children who she raised and loves very much, graduate.
This is reasonable as any Loving Parent knows, along with the District Attorney and the Criminal Judge who realized when the facts were explained to them that MARK F. HASSMAN’s allegations were false, misleading and very, very cruel and malicious. [Case #11HM10952, California Harbor-Newport Beach Facility; which was dismissed]
To intentionally and maliciously make a loving MOTHER think she will be able to see her Children graduate from High School and College and then file a criminal law suit against her for unknowingly RESPONDING to emails about the graduations INTENTIONALLY SENT from a prohibited email address is HEART WRENCHING.
It is not only HEART WRENCHING for the Mother but for the Children too since their Mother has missed all of their graduations and other celebrations and has not seen them and spent quality time with them in over 6 years.
Does MARK F. HASSMAN think this is funny?
What about his new wife, MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY?
Does she think this is funny too and she is a mother herself?
Why have they refused to help Sara Hassman and her Children reunite even though they told DR. PHIL they would and wanted them to reunite?
More lies?
Of course, this is what liars and cheaters do; they lie and cheat. Just look at THEIR JOINT TAX RETURNS which show many examples of their lies and how they have cheated not only Sara Hassman but IRS too and possibly others.
IRS, MARK F. HASSMAN and his new wife are all aware of their lies on their joint tax returns as this was discussed in JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’s public courtroom and is on several documents in the case file too.
However, MARK F. HASSMAN and his new wife refuse to rectify their lies and false information which appear on their JOINT tax returns.
Filing false tax returns is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE as they know or should know but even so;
IGNORANCE of the law is not a defense.
(This is not legal advice, just my understanding).
INTENTIONALLY filing false tax returns, from my understanding, is a MORE SEVERE CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Also, remember, MARK F. HASSMAN is a Certified Public Account and Chief Financial Officer too.
Think he should know what determines false information on a tax return, what it means to be “insolvent” as he swore in JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’s public courtroom he became around January 1, 2014?
Think MARK F. HASSMAN  who is a Certified Public Account and Chief Financial Officer should know his joint tax returns show SOPHISTICATED TAX STRATEGIES where he delayed tax refunds, net operating losses, capital gains, carry backs and carry forward tax benefits and other tax benefits until after the divorce?
Do you think he knew or should have known he was depriving his ex-wife, Sara Hassman of receiving her property by doing this?
What about his new wife who signed the joint tax returns and as
MARK F. HASSMAN swore under oath, she has a Company.
As a Corporate owner and also as a reasonable person, do you think his new wife knew or should have known these delayed refunds and other delayed tax benefits could not possibly be attributed to her recent marriage especially since MARK F. HASSMAN has been claiming since the divorce he is “struggling” financially and became “insolvent” around January 1, 2014.
******Experts have determined MARK F. HASSMAN, although he is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer and received his MBA from Harvard, is a very psychologically and emotionally sick man to carry out these horrible, immoral and illegal acts and many other such acts too as the facts and documents clearly show.
******Do you think you have to be an expert to realize MARK F. HASSMAN is a very psychologically and emotionally sick man when you can just look at all the horrible, immoral and illegal acts he has committed and continues to commit, REFUSING to rectify these harms as a reasonable, moral and honest person would do?
******What about the people who HAVE HELPED AND CONTINUE TO HELP MARK F. HASSMAN carry out all these horrible, immoral and illegal acts; do you think they are also psychologically and emotionally sick even if they are a Judge, Lawyer, Rabbi, Pastor, Executive, Business Owner and School Administrator?
They have ALSO REFUSED to rectify these harms as reasonable, moral and honest people would do. It is important to bring out the truth and get MARK F. HASSMAN and those helping him commit horrible, immoral and illegal acts
With effective help, they will no longer be able to harm others in many ways, including Children and their Loving Mother; even if the Loving Mother is now an ex-wife and has uncovered the TRUTH about the horrible, immoral and illegal acts they have tried to conceal and keep secret.
Many facts show, all of them refuse to face the truth and rectify the harms they have caused as reasonable, kind and honest people would do immediately because they would want to end any suffering they have caused others and change their harmful ways too. To make matters worse, they still commit these horrible, immoral and illegal acts and still try to keep them secret even though they know how they are causing others to suffer.
Any reasonable person knows all of them need help because they are a DANGER TO SOCIETY in many ways.
The TRUTH Always Prevails and I will continue to bring it out so myself, my Children and millions like us can reunite and help others understand the harms of Parental Alienation and hold those accountable who cause it and help perpetuate it and get them the help they need.
If not I, then who? -By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solution, Founder, www.



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