Recognize what IS…

Recognize what IS, not the way you imagine it.

As Gandhi said, Love is Truth. Thus, it is only reasonable, rational and sensible to UNDERSTAND that someone who lies to you and misleads you does not love you. Period! No excuses.

If you choose to continue to allow yourself to believe the lies, you are an enabler, enabling yourself to be emotionally abused, which can lead to other abuses too.

***Take control and get those liars out of your life so you can heal. Show the world your beautiful heart and soul and truly have peace of mind and fun too.

Alienated parents, I commend you for eliminating the liar in your life. However, expect the lies to continue and our precious children will have to choose for THEMSELVES whether they want to be liars and abusers too or have a good heart and soul.

We are leading the way for them to choose to have a good heart and soul. Be proud and keep going.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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