RELIGION TODAY in the United States HAS BECOME POISON; A DRUG due to the ALLIANCES religious leaders and organizations have made today and the PAYOFFS they demand

RELIGION TODAY in the United States HAS BECOME POISON; A DRUG due to the ALLIANCES religious leaders and organizations have made today and the PAYOFFS they demand as I will explain. There is INDOCTRINATION too.

First I want to make it known that someone again has hacked my computer because I am not receiving all the emails I am being sent. Think it is RABBI DAVID WOLPE AGAIN??? 
Quite typical of what terrorists try to do, not what religious leaders do. 
Terrorists only know how to initiate violence and harass others; not be reasonable, wise and civil so EXPECT THIS. 
SINAI TEMPLE and many Jewish leaders and organizations have been aware of how RABBI DAVID WOLPE hacks my computer and cellphone for years but continue to do nothing. Think they pay him to do this? 

Second, please realize for your own well-being that ALL religious leaders and organizations in the United States today, Jewish and Christian have changed. 
They have MADE ALLIANCES with others to carry out immoral, illegal and unconscionable acts as my lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court case # BC580980 clearly shows like stealing the Wife/Mother’s assets, savings and other property at the time of divorce using their “charitable” agreements; encouraging the Children to alienate their loving, law-abiding Mother so they can help make her so emotionally tortured and also financially unable to file a lawsuit and reveal the truth which I am doing so I can obtain justice for myself and millions of others like me. 
They picked on the wrong Wife/Mother when they abused and tortured me and still continue to do so.

Jewish and Christian leaders and organizations in the United States today are no longer what they used to be because they have become TERRORISTS as a way to SUSTAIN THEIR POWER AND PROFITS.
JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS LEADERS OF THE PAST in the United States have tried to help everyone in society develop good values, reach their potential and heal from their problems; NOT try to abuse them so their problems become worse and OUR SOCIETY becomes a worse place too. This is TERRORISM, not religion.

My responsibility as a Jew and also an honest, kind, compassionate, reasonable person is to make our world a better place for all; using my skills and knowledge. 
In Judaism this is called tikkun olum.

This responsibility includes EXPOSING THIS CORRUPT and ABUSIVE ALLIANCE of religious leaders and their organizations; judges; law firms; court-appointed therapists; executives, joint venture partners; schools; universities; pension plan administrators; corporations; relatives and others.

As Eli Wiesel and others have stated; remaining silent and ignoring serious problems helps the perpetrator not the victims.

All these above mentioned people and organizations have a real problem; they NEED to be able to MANIPULATE young, vulnerable, healthy people and other vulnerable people like divorced women so they can EXPLOIT them so they can profit. ***They do not create anything to profit but exploit others and take their money.

One method of exploitation they use is convincing people and leaders of organizations and corporations that they need to give THEM charitable contributions so they are considered “good” and also so they can benefit from their networks through job opportunities, business prospects and other benefits.
*** This is like making PAYOFFS.

It is also like a CULT. If you refuse to go along with their corrupt methods and repel their manipulations, lies and schemes as I have; they will try to defame your character and harass you by banning you from their organization, hacking your computer and encouraging others to alienate you. 
They only associate with those who “cooperate” them and agree to help carry out their corruption and abuse.

They don’t care if they alienate children of all ages at the time of divorce from their loving Mother because they know if the children don’t; their Mother who is reasonable will encourage the children to keep their own money for their own needs and also to not agree to go along with acts of lying, cheating and manipulating to carry on business. 
Plus, by alienating children from those who love them; they FORCE the children to become more and more dependent on the RELIGIOUS LEADERS for emotional support.

Word on the street is that RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S wife divorced him because he had many affairs and uses the internet to flirt with women while also trying to get them to become involved in the synagogue and MAKE CONTRIBUTIONS AND GIVE THEM SOME OF THEIR EARNINGS. 
RABBI DAVID WOLPE has done all of this with me as a post as recent as a few weeks ago shows; using the music site Pandora. I have many, many emails showing this too. Think he uses aliases too?

If you look at RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S facebook page you will see he is always doing activities with young adults and teens to manipulate their minds BUT REFUSES to discuss parental alienation, have classes about this epidemic problem or help reunite these children with their loving Mother. 
This is the INDOCTRINATION, very similar to what ISIS and other TERRORIST groups and CULTS do.

***Again, NO RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES, JEWISH OR CHRISTIAN, will acknowledge parental alienation, give sermons, have classes, discussions groups or help reunite children with their Mother.
If you think I am wrong; please give me the name and contact information of just one.
You can’t because NONE EXISTS because they have changed…they are no longer religious organizations but TERRORISTS who have made ALLIANCES with other terrorists.

These “religious” leaders and organizations get young and vulnerable people to become FEARFUL so they think they need to OBEY the religious leaders or they will be harmed, suffer financially and suffer in other ways. Not only is this abuse, this is SLAVERY.

***Thus, RELIGION TODAY in the United States HAS BECOME POISON; A DRUG. These young and vulnerable people think they must have it to survive and do what the leaders and organizations order. 
So they have “sold” their mind and soul to them.

This is also DESTROYING LOVE because these young and vulnerable people now are so stressed about obeying their orders that they will do what is necessary to make a profit and survive even if it entails using illegal and immoral means. So more and more evil is created; EVIL BEGETS EVIL.

Any reasonable person will agree that if these “religious” leaders and organizations and those in their ALLIANCE refuse to change, they must be destroyed; otherwise they will continue to destroy love freedom, and our other rights democracy was founded upon. The U.S. Constitution demands that a Mother has a right to have a companionship with her Children and many cases support this. This is also common sense.

Should we just allow these leaders and organizations to retard the minds of those who innocently look up to them thinking they will ‘HELP’ them when they are abusing them? 
This is not living in a democratic republic with freedom and other equal rights. These Terrorists have said that I am “fearless and bold” but they left out other adjectives: wise, compassionate, reasonable, experienced and possess an iron will for obtaining peace and justice for all, which includes myself.

Wisdom, compassionate and love heal people but they must KNOW THE TRUTH before they can heal. 
***You cannot be healed based upon lies.

Each person must decide if he or she wants to live as an INDIVIDUAL or as part of a COLLECTIVE, TERRORIST GROUP. In the United States, each person has their own FREE WILL to CHOOSE the life they want to live and the values they want to have. They can choose to be honest or lie, give someone what they have a legal right to receive or steal their property hoping they will never be able to get it back.

A person must WANT to change and liberate himself or herself while knowing in his or her heart they will succeed.
I have done this my entire life and therefore have made many important accomplishments which have made our society a better place for all; I helped change the “kiddie trust” laws; medical science regarding a multi-cystic kidney and have helped many people, including my three children develop good values and character and make worthwhile accomplishments.

All of these acts and many more show my wisdom, reasonableness, compassion; love and iron will and also shows that I live by Jewish teachings.

Judaism, Christianity and all other reasonable religions are based upon freedom and justice for all.

What do YOU choose to do to help define what world each of us and future generations will live in; one of justice for all or one of abuse and corruption.

As philosophers have said; choose wisely because your choices determine your destiny and whether you will live with peace of mind or shame and obsessions.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solution, Founder;;

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