Religious Organizations and Non-Profit Schools help Destroy the sacred Mother/Child Bond with their Fraudulent “charitable” Agreements.

DEVOTION is what a loving Mother feels for her Children and for her Husband, especially when they have a long marriage.

Thus, when the Husband starts telling the Wife lies and manipulates the Children to act disrespectfully towards their Mother; she cannot fathom that she is being manipulated and undermined because she reasonably does not think her Husband and Children would do these things to her.

She reasonably does not believe her Husband of many wonderful years would breach the trust they have and lie and deceive her especially USING THEIR CHILDREN. She also does not fathom that a father would manipulate and brainwash his own Children.

*** The Children are also DEVOTED to their parents and would never reasonably think a father would lie to them about their loving Mother, deceive them and also do things to intentionally harm them which he knows will prevent them from growing in many positive ways.

A Wife and Children reasonably would never believe their Husband/Father would try to destroy the wonderful companionship they have with each other.

***The Children would not even fathom their father is telling them lies and using schemes to make their loving Mother seem like she has lost her good values and become a horrible person. Children reasonably do not think this way and neither does a devoted Wife in a wonderful marriage for many years. This is why Parental Alienation is so devastating and causes great psychological, emotional and physical harm to both the Children and their loving Mother (Father).

***This is also why the Children and their loving Mother (Father) should NEVER blame themselves for the parental alienation. However, they do need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY to get therapy, read and do other educational things so they UNDERSTAND why they have alienated their loving parent and RELEASE the buried shame they have.

Granted, no relationship is perfect as good, kind, loving, reasonable parents and children learn and grow together. They have good intentions to help each other in positive ways, not harm them.

***Thus, a loving parent will respectfully collaborate with her Children and others to help resolve this parental alienation, if they are SINCERE AND REASONABLE and not trying to cause the loving parent more emotional torture by controlling her through the children again. (called transference)
For example, it is not reasonable to say, we will only go to therapy if you take down your website on Parental Alienation. This is not rational or reasonable because they should reasonably want others to be helped by this information. Therefore, you know there is some ulterior motive.

***In a sense it is “cruel and unusual punishment” and also very unreasonable for both Child of any age and the loving Mother (Father) to just continue to alienate each other.

***Emotionally mature and reasonable people do not just eliminate loved ones from their life without first diligently trying to resolve the disagreement and also to periodically contact them to see if due to maturity and understanding there can be reconciliation.

*********Furthermore, I know my children are all very reasonable and would never alienate me and refuse to contact me if they weren’t being threatened or coerced. I know millions of other loving parents feel the same way.

To make matters worse, when you have others who help the sick, evil alienating Father (Mother) defame the loving Mother’s character THE CHILDREN FEEL TRAPPED.

These Children have lost their financial independence too; so not only are they emotionally suffering due to a lack of love, support and care from their loving Mother (Father), but now “RELIGIOUS” ORGANIZATIONS, NON-PROFIT SCHOOLS AND OTHER NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS have become involved. ***They have helped deprive the loving Mother from receiving her money and assets from the divorce and also helped deprive her of receiving her spousal support because all of this has been “assigned” or “entrusted” to them through 501(c)(3) agreements, “Vows of Poverty” and other similar “charitable” agreements.

***So now “religious” organizations, non-profit schools and other non-profit organizations have a vested interest in keeping the loving Mother and the Children in their distraught and emotionally tortured states because they want to keep using their money.
If the loving Mother (father) had her money and assets and spousal support, she would use it to help herself and her Children.

However, these “religious” organizations, non-profit schools and other non-profit organizations don’t want that to happen because they want to keep using the money, assets and income to “line their own pockets” and “help” the sick, evil alienating Father who
wants to keep the money, assets and income he STOLE from the loving Mother and also keep cheating IRS too by claiming “charitable” deductions.

***I just want to make it very clear to many as to why parental alienation is difficult to understand because it has many parts.

The sick, alienating parent and these “religious” organizations, non-profit schools and other non-profit organizations are all PROFESSIONAL MANIPULATORS who are in business, yes in business to manipulate loving Mothers and their wonderful Children by depriving them of their companionship which places them in a state of emotional devastation and then they take their money. [Stephen Fried, bestselling author]

This is why parental alienation has become such an epidemic and DIVORCE HAS BECOME A BUSINESS DECISION.

***I know this it so horrible but we must be aware of this TRUTH and spread it in order to end this evil emotional torture called parental alienation that is affecting millions of people in the US and millions, millions more worldwide.

I will NEVER give up on myself, my wonderful, smart, kind and very capable Children and millions like us.

Make no mistake, I stand for truth, justice and love and I ACT like I do and I am not intimidated to show my values and character. I am not only a Devoted Mother but I am a Devoted Person devoted to making our world a better place.
This is the true definition of being charitable.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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