“Religious” Organizations & Non-Profit Schools think Receiving Stolen Money and Destroying the Mother/Child Bond is “Charitable” and it is Game to violate Tax and other Laws

Watching the US Open reminded me of how special it is TO BE ABLE TO LOVE. It also reminded me of my special and wonderful children who are very good tennis players.

Watching the tennis match also reminded me how my ex-husband, religious organizations and a non-profit school are playing with my children’s hearts and my heart like they are tennis balls and OUR LIVES ARE SOME SORT OF GAME TO THEM.

I taught my children how to play tennis and two of them became star players on their school tennis teams. They were even asked to be the ball boy and ball girl for one of the major Ojai tennis tournaments where many players go on to play at Wimbledon. Two of my children also went to major tournaments in Palm Desert and learned many tennis techniques and strategies. They are very smart, athletic and have many hobbies; aside from being honest, kind and caring leaders.

Tennis is a fun game and I hope they are still playing.
My children are also great chess and scrabble players.
My daughter used to beat me in chess with this sophisticated move with her pawn called en passant. She is such a great chess player and so are my sons. I’ll have to brush up on my skills at the chess club here in Los Angeles when this alienation ends and we start to do many of the fun things together like we used to.

***However, my ex-husband with the assistance of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and Saddleback Church where he has 501(c)(3), Vow of Poverty or other similar “charitable” agreements along with the rabbis and pastors and others who try to keep me alienated from my children (and many like us) since they want to continue to keep my money and assets and do other things IRS and others have been trying to crack down on for years.

***These “charitable” agreements are not intended to “hide” community assets and income from an ex-wife; this is “stolen property” which they are in receipt of.
***Receiving stolen property does not qualify as a “charitable purpose” and does not warrant a “charitable” tax benefit.

My ex-husband who swears he is “insolvent” and unable to pay my spousal support is a very successful Financial Executive, Certified Public Accountant and Harvard Business School Executive who negotiates multi-million dollar business deals.
• You know my ex-husband, IF HE WANTED TO, could easily help my children and me reunite.
• You know my ex-husband, IF HE WANTED TO, could reasonably explain to my very smart and rational children the psychological and emotional importance of being loved by BOTH of their divorced parents and not to alienate their loving, kind, honest, caring Mother from their life.
• You know my ex-husband, IF HE WANTED TO, could arrange for my children and me to begin communicating and seeing each other.

Also Rabbi David Wolpe and Pastor Rick Warren who know us are also very successful businessmen, negotiators and “Influential” Religious Leaders:
• they could, IF THEY WANTED TO, work together and help my Children also understand the importance of reuniting with me, their loving caring Mother who has wonderful values and character;
• they could, IF THEY WANTED TO, work together and help my
ex-husband and his Born Again Christian wife understand the psychological and emotional importance of helping me reunite with my Children which is what my ex-husband and his wife told
Dr. Phil they supported but; their words have been empty and not followed up with any behaviors.
• they could, IF THEY WANTED TO, arrange a conference call or meeting with me and my children as Rabbi David Wolpe and Pastor Rick Warren also do consulting and are supposed to help Mothers and their children mend a severed relationship.

Tennis reminds me of love and knowing how special it is to be able to love for another reason. To explain here is a tennis joke:
Q: Why should you never fall in love with a tennis player?
A: To them, “Love” means nothing.

It is pathetic because to my ex-husband, his Born Again Christian wife, Rabbi David Wolpe and Pastor Rick Warren they do not seem to be able to love or as the joke says, to them “Love means nothing.”

For all of them to keep refusing for about 6 years now to help me reunite with my children, especially Rabbi David Wolpe who I consulted for therapy about this parental alienation situation; shows they do not understand, with all of their education and life experiences, how heart wrenching it is for a Mother and her Children to be deprived of each others’ companionship and support they enjoyed since the day they were born which abruptly ended around the time of the divorce.

It is sad that they do not know what love is and do not understand and appreciate the reasonable alternatives they have as they still continue to work together to perpetuate this parental alienation and intentionally keep me alienated from my very special and wonderful children when each of them individually and collectively have the capability to help us reunite.

As the renowned author Fyodor Dostoyevsky said; Hell must be when one doesn’t know how to love.

Maybe if they chose to help me reunite with my Children, they would begin to understand what love is and escape from their living hell by learning how to love.
“You will rise by lifting others.”

Also as C.S Lewis said; “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”
But are you willing?
That is the question; do you want to escape from Hell by learning what love is by beginning to reunite a loving, caring Mother with her wonderful Children?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org