Remember, wicked people will destroy themselves as we keep spreading the TRUTH

I hope today, on my daughter’s birthday that she is having a positive and very productive day spreading the TRUTH as I am.

To begin, my morning picketing outside of Sinai Temple was very fruitful. More photo ops from people who want to share the attached photo of my signs on line. TOGETHER we are bringing awareness to help our Society and bring forth justice. With awareness comes change. I wrote a flyer outlining the important facts which many have been asking about.

I am so grateful Chari walked by and shared her wisdom with me as she is very familiar with the corruption and abuse that goes on at many “religious” organizations and all the hacking and mind games they use to make others think the person exposing the TRUTH is crazy so they can continue their acts of abuse and corruption. They hack their emails and try to tell their contacts to stay away from them so they will be isolated. Remember, corrupt abusers do not have morals. Chari is also sharing the photo and other information on line and I am very grateful.

Honest, compassionate people WANT to help others and we feel we have a RESPONSIBILITY to do so, not to hide the truth. Those who hide the truth become part of the corruption.

Then Elizabeth came by who is doing a project on different types of abuse and domestic violence. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable about parental alienation and how it is a SERIOUS problem in our society today with divorce being so prevalent. She is also knowledgeable about narcissism and the schemes used by abusers. I was very impressed with her knowledge and also enthusiasm to understand more details. Elizabeth also took a photo and a flyer and we plan to continue our conversation. I am very interested to see her finished project which I hope to display on this page and my website so all of us can be enriched.

Several others stopped by and gave me business cards wanting me to contact them and also took a flyer. It was a great morning.

Then when I arrived home, I received very inspirational mail. My Grandfather Ben who was a wise, compassionate and wonderful person and the Judge I clerked for Judge James S. Sfekas both told me that the wicked will destroy themselves. (authors and experts have shown this too).

Well, I truly believe my ex-husband, since he refuses to be reasonable and keeps lying and denying the truth, has lost his mind. First, as the divorce judgment shows, which I posted a few days ago, financial statements and other financial information were never disclosed to establish the net worth of the community estate.You can’t divide and distribute the community estate 50/50 as the law requires UNTIL the net worth is established. This is basic math and common sense too because you cannot divide something 50/50 until you know its value. He is a certified public accountant and received his MBA from Harvard and should know this.
So to take the FOCUS OFF OF THE TRUTH he is trying to BLAME ME that I am litigious since he requested a hearing before the same family law judge who signed the stipulated judgement which is fraudulent and invalid on its face.

This judge, judge Claudia Silbar has presided over many post judgment hearings and has made illegal rulings allowing assets to remain unadjudicated and expenses to remain concealed and committed other unlawful acts. Her reputation is horrible as some on line posts show and she is known to be corrupt and unfair as many comments and cases show including my own before her (09D002792-County of Orange).

Anyway, I guess my ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN has never heard of Due Process of Law. He has requested that this Judge rule that I cannot file any claims in ANY California court. REALLY??? He said his business partners, colleagues and others I sued are humiliated. I guess so… they all thought I would never recover from my emotional abuse and distress due to their acts of parental alienation and other abusive acts and thought they could EASILY take my 50 percent community property interest for themselves. They have a responsibility to allow me to establish the net worth of the community estate by disclosing financial information they refuse to provide. So, I REASONABLY sued them all so I can FOLLOW THE LAW and complete my divorce legally, according to the law by establishing the net worth and dividing it pursuant to the law, not in violation of the law.

REMEMBER, corrupt people are not reasonable. They just bully, harass and try to take the focus off the TRUTH and blame YOU for something that is a lie. This is what many experts and others have proven along with history. 
***I can’t believe my ex-husband thinks this one judge can just order me NEVER to sue to establish the net worth of the community estate and complete and finalize my divorce legally in any California court and address the harms that have resulted due to these and other acts.
Even though the facts show we are still technically married; I am so glad I do not consider him my husband. He was never like this when I married him. 
***Plus, for some reason he has a restraining order against me (I am a law-abiding citizen). So, I can’t contact him but he leaves ME voicemail messages. Ridiculous. I was advised not to listen to them so I don’t because he should not be contacting me. Interesting, they interpret the law to suit them, not objectively because they think they are ENTITLED.

With that said, did you know that last week many banks pleaded guilty and received felony charges and a $5.7-billion fine due to their conduct which showed a “brazen display of COLLUSION.”

Think this bank case is setting a precedent for my case because my ex-husband could not have “purposefully concealed” community assets (as the letter posted a few days ago states); without the COLLUSION of law firms, the judge, trust administrator, 401K defined contribution administrator, joint venture partners, executives, court-appointed therapist who wrote a false report, Sinai Temple, Saddleback Church (Saddleback Valley Community Church), Cate School (which is a non-profit school) and others. 
These non-profit organizations use their “charitable agreements” to hide community assets since they do not have to disclose the source. Then when some statute of limitations has run, all those involved share the wife’s 50 percent community property interest which they “colluded” to conceal and not distribute to her so they can PROFIT FROM THE DIVORCE.

As always, Truth, Love for humanity and of course God will prevail.
The liars, cheaters, abusers and corrupt individuals and organizations will destroy themselves; just watch.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice. Just based on my knowledge and experiences. 
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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