Responding to a comment; yes it clearly appears there is enough EVIDENCE IN PUBLIC RECORDS from the past eleven (11) years and even before then including FRAUDULENT tax returns, trust and corporate documents filed with several states for there to be an INDICTMENT of my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN.

MARK HASSMAN stated in public records referring to his business associates and other professionals in this Parental Alienation conspiracy that “one hand washes the other.” I wonder if “they” will support him now… Especially since there is the issue of HOW HE WILL PAY HIS DEFENSE ATTORNEY once he is indicted; will this be with MY stolen money and assets?

In other words, will MARK HASSMAN try to pay his defense attorney once he is indicted with the FRUITS OF HIS CRIMES?
He could claim he is indigent, but then how is he affording his new condominium mortgage payments, his two Lexus payments, the frequent plastic surgery for his pretend new wife a.k.a. the high priced call-girl from the Dr. Phil Show with the breast implants MY stolen money paid for?

If on the other hand, MARK HASSMAN somehow proves he is indigent, the public defender will take over and MARK HASSMAN will not like that; he needs a fancy defense attorney like his fancy divorce attorneys from Newport Beach, California who helped get him into this mess while he paid them handsomely with MY stolen assets and income. What a guy! But I needed restraining orders issued against me because I am somehow a danger to my children and unfit to see them.
THE PRESS and MOVIE STUDIOS will love this. This terror is front page news especially since MARK HASSMAN’S following comment was published in his HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL ALUMNI MAGAZINE in December 2009; “…The recession leaves little room to make excuses about lack of time to work out. I’ve got a sprint event on Catalina Island soon….

Why even bother with a trial since there is years of uncontroverted evidence already in public records and MARK HASSMAN has already wasted an exorbitant amount of taxpayer money with his Student Loan Fraud Scheme AND his fraudulent corporate scheme of putting all the loses in one corporation and the profits in another to “zero out the taxes” AND with his other financial schemes he secretly concocted as a Harvard Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant with decades of Investment and Tax experience and licenses who has negotiated contracts for initial public offerings, mergers, acquisitions and other financial transactions throughout the United States.
Even right before the divorce proceedings began, MARK HASSMAN concealed a $916,000 distribution to himself, a $455,500 distribution to himself and millions of dollars worth of other COMMUNITY ASSETS discussed in court and on public record on April 2, 2014, June 11, 2014 and at other times too.


I think it will be difficult to find a jury which is sympathetic to his repeated and continuing criminal activities while severely harming his loving, law-abiding Wife and Mother of his three children and while also severely harming his three children. MARK HASSMAN has shown no remorse like many murders and others on death row. Think he should be put on death row too as a deterrent to others who think they can get away with creating and/or promoting the terror of Parental Alienation? His criminal acts clearly show his malicious intent.

All this very credible and uncontroverted evidence from primarily the past eleven years is ALREADY IN PUBLIC RECORDS. This evidence is much more thorough than even weeks of deposition testimony. 
There are many FEDERAL crimes involved too, not just the basic perjury, obstruction of justice, abuse of process and intentional infliction of very severe emotional distress.

MARK HASSMAN should have known better than to try to cheat and outrageously DENY CUSTODY AND VISITATION to a loving, law-abiding Mother who has a reputation of peacefully fighting to obtain justice and change legal precedent. This Mother, SARA HASSMAN is an attorney and clerked for the honest, well-respected Judge James S. Sfekas, whom MARK HASSMAN met at events when he accompanied her, his wife.

Righteous and much respected Judge Sfekas used his position to change the lives of many parties who had the privilege of arguing their case before him and encouraged SARA HASSMAN, this Mother and Wife, to use her legal education and experiences to peacefully enforce Justice and Democracy.
So why bother with a trial when there is already at least eleven years of credible and uncontroverted evidence ALREADY IN PUBLIC RECORDS?

As I have been saying, Trust GOD and know that Truth and Love will prevail.
Shalom and Erev Tov from Israel (Good bye for now and have nice evening).
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As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World. 
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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