Robert Louis Stevenson and his collection of poems explains why those Creating and Perpetuating Parental Alienation will Fall and Loving Parents and their Children will be Reunited and Thrive once again.

ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON wrote many classic novels including “Treasure Island” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” but my favorite was his collection of poems in his book “A Child’s Garden of Verses.”
Robert Louis Stevenson was a very sick child and had to spend a lot of time in bed. However, he had a very positive attitude and used his time wisely to help himself and also millions all over the world with his published works.
When I was married, on one of our family trips to New York we went to the Forbes Museum. The museum had an exhibit of Robert Louis Stevenson propped up in his bed writing.

In “A Child’s Garden of Verses” book of poetry, Robert Louis Stevenson talks about how from his bedroom window, he developed a friendship with Leerie the Lamplighter who came by every night. This poem “The Lamplighter” reminds me very much of many of the works by the renowned author VIKTOR FRANKL who survived many concentration camps and also wrote about his experiences to help himself and others all over the world.
As sick as Robert Louis Stevenson was; he was so grateful he had a lamppost right outside his bedroom window so every night around tea time he took his seat to watch Leerie come by and light the lamppost.
Viktor Frankl was so grateful for the tree he could see in one of the concentration camps as he watched it change through the seasons.

Both of these amazing people showed the world how they coped with their horrible situations; Robert Louis Stevenson’s was one OUT OF HIS CONTROL TO STOP because he was born with a sickness.

However, Viktor Frankl’s could have been stopped by men and women with a MORAL CONSCIENCE and COURAGE standing up to Hitler and those who aligned themselves with his cause.

I also love Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem; “The Land of Counterpane” as even the title and the first line is very meaningful: “When I was sick a lay a-bed” and for an hour or so he would play with his leaden toy soldiers to counter his pain as he was the great “giant” leading his army.
However, his aspirations were quite clear; as he wrote in
“The Lamplighter.”
When he became stronger and can “choose what I’m to do;” not restricted by his illness; he did not want to be like his father who was “banker and as rich as he can be.”
He wanted to go with Leerie and light the lampposts.

***You know if Robert Louis Stevenson as a sick child could understand morality, peace of mind, freedom and TRUTH; so can millions of alienated Children of all ages as they WATCH COMMONLY IN FEAR their alienating father (mother), financially and emotionally devastate their Loving Mother, themselves and their siblings with the help of Religious Leaders, Schools, Judges, Lawyers, Accountants, Executives and others with prestigious titles.

Just be patient with your Children because they are TRYING to find their voice and figure out a way to escape from this form of slavery they are living in. Remember a “climate of fear” is a form of slavery because a person living in fear has lost their freedom.
Millions of Children of all ages are even afraid to reasonably DISCUSS why they chose to alienate their loving parent and why they chose not to have a civil discussion to try to resolve it. None of this is reasonable and shows they are living in a “climate of fear.”

My very favorite poem written by Robert Louis Stevenson explains why all these immoral and psychologically and emotionally sick parents and those who willingly help them destroy the Loving Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship at the time of divorce and thereafter will fall and Truth and Love will prevail.

***Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem “My Shadow” explains why truth will always override what a corrupt Judge “thinks” or a lying, cheating, manipulative father “believes” and the “power and influence” of those who help this alienating, lying, cheating and manipulative father; including the Judge.

The TRUTH shows how this alienating father has a

CLEAR PATTERN of deceiving and harming:
1) his ex-wife who nurtured their Children, promoted his career while selflessly putting her career, her hobbies and other interests on hold for many, many years and

2) his Children who were nurtured beautifully, made many accomplishments and were happy, moral, respectful and well adjusted young people with a desire and many skills to face their challenges in life as their Loving Mother taught and encouraged them who was the full time caregiver for many years.

The beginning of Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem “My Shadow” explains that whether people like it or not; their actions or lack thereof have spoken for them and is their character:
“I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head;”

Then Robert Louis Stevenson continues in his poem “My Shadow” by describing the different dichotomies of the soul which many psychologically and emotionally sick people have as he wrote about in great detail in his classic novel “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”
He briefly touched on this subject in his poem “My Shadow” when he described his shadow as:

“For he sometimes shoots up taller like an india-rubber ball,
And he sometimes gets so little that there’s none of him at all.”

Thus, when you have the facts to show the documents people have signed and the testimony they have made in court and the false allegations they made which were dismissed and the restraining orders they requested and where granted without any rational basis, and emails they sent or emails they refused to respond to; all this shows a CLEAR PATTERN of their INTENT which defines their CHARACTER, and is just like their shadow.

***A shadow does not lie and neither do all these documents and their responses or lack thereof.
Honest, moral people do what is right even when others are not looking as their shadows clearly show.

Every time you make a decision or choice or if you act irresponsibly and do not choose anything and just remain silent; you are taking a chance.
This is life.
***Life is comprised of many decisions, choices and chances.

WISE PEOPLE learn from their decisions and choices and their resulting experiences. The good choices wise people want to repeat and the not so good ones they want to understand and learn how to not repeat them; often going to therapy, classes, discussion groups, lectures and reading.
This is how wise people grow all through life.

The foundation of a person’s decisions and choices is their MORAL CONSCIENCE and if they value integrity, respect, kindness, compassion and helping others; not pretending to help others while harming them.
*** If a wise person has made a mistake, he does not repeat the mistake. Instead, he learns how to change his behavior which changes his moral conscience and also his thoughts. He thinks in more positive ways and how to honestly help people and be kind; letting go of an ego and becoming collaborative; not being afraid to stand up for his own rights and the rights of those he loves.

Sometimes when your heart has been hurting for such a long time, you stop listening to it and even forget you have a heart and how to use it.
This causes you to keep making the same poor choices because you don’t realize you are not completely and accurately evaluating all of your choices because you are not using your heart.
This doesn’t mean to lead with your heart and not your head; it just means that your feelings should be part of your decisions; otherwise you will remain unhappy and just be existing and not living life to its fullest.
When you are happy and have self esteem and are working toward positive goals; your life has beautiful meaning and allows you to be proud of yourself; not having the need for any secrets or pretend to be someone you are not. You enjoy being YOU and love how your SHADOW reflects what you are doing and you welcome transparency.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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