Save Your Soul, don’t Sell it or Let others Take it !

If you SAVE your Soul and do Not Sell your Soul you will be so much happier and have peace of mind as this beautiful poem below explains.

Don’t let those who create parental alienation and those who help them take your soul and your love like they try to. They want to control you but to do that you have to give up your character and allow them. This means giving up love and your soul because you become their robot and stop thinking and doing what YOU want to do. So you just exist, maybe comfortably numb.

I had a wonderful conversation tonight with a friend of mine; my friend who gave me a beautiful silver bracelet with angels because she wants me to remember that I am her angel and the angel of others for standing up against all this corruption. 
Below is a beautiful poem written by her boyfriend Josef.

Also, for those who can still love and have peace of mind; have you noticed all of the beautiful trees in bloom and all the colorful flowers? Downtown Los Angeles is just beautiful this time of year with all the trees with purple blossoms in the gardens and lining the streets. The baby ducklings are learning to walk and swim in this other beautiful garden I go to in Los Angeles. Many wonderful things are happening so do not sell you soul and do not give up your love for power or money. It is not worth it. Just look at them; none of them are happy. Well, here is the poem:

All, I wanted was your love, your acceptance,
But, all I got was your anger.
So, I became angry.
All I got was the Devil.
So, I became the Devil and turned my world into Hell.
Chaos became my middle Earth with no longitude, no laditude.
So I gave no latitude to others.
I filled the void with my own math by small degrees.
Because I did not have the strength to be alone, to be merciful.
So, I became the Judge and showed no mercy.
I had a hanging jury in my eyes which made me the criminal, proud and vain.
I thought, I could never lose an argument.
So, I took my pride, polished my vanity and wore them like a crown.
I did not understand, then, that the man who thinks he has his head screwed on straight and can never lose it, has already lost it.
I found that out when I was led by my Ego to the mirror, expecting admiration, only to see that I had hung my soul.
-By Josef

Hope you find this poem enriching as I think it says so much.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.



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