See these fun photos of how I shared the road in Israel with these very cute camels.

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We got very close to them and they were very friendly as they typically are at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace. See them walking down the road all in a row as we were driving right next to them. I love how the one camel just stood there looking so majestic.

If you choose, you too can come to Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace and share the road with these cute and friendly camels. Plus, as I did today, in less than 30 minutes you can be down at the Dead Sea taking a relaxing swim. On the way you can stop at Masada which overlooks the Dead Sea and see the famous ruins. I have found that the sunrise at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace is nicer than at Masada because by the time the sun gets to Masada it has turned white; it is no longer bright red. You also do not see it slowly coming over the desert mountains as you do at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace. There is so much to see right in this desert area.

I am having a great time here and I think all of you would too.
We can also share the road with each other bringing peace to many people in our world including ourselves.
There are some more amazing photos on the website for you to enjoy:

Well, tomorrow is a new day. I believe I will have time to go to one of the camel crossings which I just love. The grape trees outside my desert home are starting to turn red and the pomegranate trees are filled with baby pomegranates. I love taking care of the vegetation here and using the herbs in the delicious meals.
Enjoy the photos

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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