Selling Your Soul, Cyrus the Great, Rainbows and Parental Alienation

Sometimes people want to be loved and accepted so badly that they will do almost “anything.”
Anything can mean forgetting about the positive and healthy hobbies and habits or positive friends they enjoy. It can also mean telling lies, like saying they do not like doing something when they know they do or they do not like someone who they love very much; like their Mother.

Sometimes the “anything” can mean doing immoral, harmful or corrupt things; knowing it is wrong; especially if they can profit from being immoral and corrupt.
People like this are often very delusional because they believe their own lies and get confused as to what is reality and what is a lie.
They don’t know what world they are living in and are truly dysfunctional.
They also often harm people because they do not hold themselves accountable for all the harms they have caused because they are so delusional.

Any reasonable, psychologically and emotionally healthy person knows that if they have become so vulnerable that they will allow others to talk them into doing immoral, harmful or corrupt things; they should seek help with the a qualified counselor at school or elsewhere who will keep your sessions confidential so you will feel comfortable expressing your true feelings.

If you refuse to get help and continue to do immoral, harmful or corrupt things than you will lose your beautiful character and also develop shame.
Deep down you know that you should be ashamed of yourself and all through your life you will become moody, angry and try to harm others and will never have peace of mind unless you address and change your harmful ways.

I have found in my experiences, which I know many other women share this opinion; many men today only take 2 things seriously; themselves and their career.
They are not interested in developing an honest, positive, fun relationship unless it helps their career. Then they often expect you to adapt to their business philosophies even if what they are doing is harmful or immoral. (which should be a clear warning that you do not want to get involved with a person like this who does harmful and immoral things).

Women have freewill just like men and if a woman chooses to give up her values and character and adapt harmful and immoral ways to please a man; she will LOSE HERSELF and her own beautiful values, character and talents. The same applies for a man.

This is called “selling your soul,” and undoubtedly it is very unreasonable and irrational. When a person gives up his or her positive hobbies and habits he or she enjoys in order please another; they are also giving up their INDIVIDUALITY. This usually causes them to also disconnect from their thoughts and feelings and become a robot. This is no way to live.

Yes, there are always compromises to be made when in a personal or business relationship but; transforming your entire positive and healthy value system and character is not a compromise; it is selling your soul. Then you will also begin to feel badly about yourself too. This is the shame developing.

This is when a reasonable, rational and sensible person will realize that the relationship; whether business or personal is not meant to be and they should move on and find one more suitable where they can MAINTAIN THEIR INDIVIDUALITY with someone who ENCOURAGES THIS.
A person who encourages your individuality would be appalled if you even tried to sell your soul so you could be “accepted” because this is not being truthful to yourself or anyone else and will cause harm.
So, be truthful with yourself and if you are in one of these relationships; realize you have so many better opportunities and have fun finding them.
That is part of the fun and the journey.

Now, with that said; I also want to mention that before you decide to end a business or personal relationship; make sure you try to reconcile your differences.
Today we seem to live in a “disposal” society where if something breaks we just throw it away and get a new one. I grew up in the generation where if something broke you tried to fix it first before replacing it.
Often working through the process of fixing a relationship is very rewarding and brings a lot of positive growth and wisdom. However, BOTH people must be diligently interested in trying to mend their differences and develop a PLAN together to do this.
If only one person in the relationship is interested in making positive changes; then the relationship is futile and you should move on. It is never worth selling your soul.

Cyrus the Great created one of the largest empires in the world.
He ruled Persia, Babylon and many other Kingdoms; influencing the world and leaving a powerful, respected legacy.
What made Cyrus the Great such a well respected leader was that he encouraged INDIVIDUALISM because he respected the customs, religions and beliefs of those in the lands he conquered.

Cyrus the Great was also very successful due to his model for establishing a government which benefited its subjects, NOT ONLY THE LEADERS.

The philosophies and accomplishments of Cyrus the Great left a great impression and legacy on the Jews. Cyrus liberated the Jews from slavery in Babylon and helped them return to Jerusalem and rebuild it.
He encouraged the Jews to establish a government where the people profited, not just the leaders. This is the type of government he established in all the empires he captured.
Cyrus was not compensated for helping the Jews but did this out of the goodness of his heart and due to his sense of justice, freedom and morality. This is the character of a remarkable legendary leader who shows he is interested in the well being of mankind and humanity and determined to make our world a better place for all.

Cyrus the Great was a brilliant warrior, leader and politician who had a beautiful heart, soul and mind filled with compassion and love for people. Those Cyrus captured who became his subjects were treated with respect as if they were his own children. The subjects in his vast kingdom called him their “Father” as they admired and respected him greatly. They all learned from each other and enriched the world together.
Cyrus helped the subjects in his kingdom realize their potential by teaching them how to improve their way of life, not by initiating violence. Cyrus taught them how to collaborate with each other, respect each other, have compassion, and be honest and moral.
The leaders under Cyrus were responsible to insure that these lessons were taught and enforced and they were not permitted to abuse their power.

Cyrus the Great had a general policy of religious tolerance and tolerance of other positive and healthy beliefs that improved the general welfare of the subjects of his vast kingdom.
Cyrus the Great was highly regarded by the Jews; so much so that in the Tanakh, which is the oral Jewish Torah that was passed down from generation to generation; Cyrus is the only non-Jew who was referred to as the Messiah.
Cyrus the Great was also a personal hero of David Ben-Gurion who was the founder and first Prime Minister of Israel.

I as a Jew am so ashamed at how the Jewish leaders of today have strayed so far from our heritage and Jewish morals and teachings. Since the 1970’s they have had their “secret” policy of destroying the sacred Mother/Child bond at the time of divorce and by depriving the loving Mother of her lawful community assets due to their fraudulent agreements they have been making with the shameful Father.

Jewish Leaders and Jewish Organizations since the 1970’s agree to help the shameful Fathers at the time of divorce cheat the loving Mother. They also agree to help the shameful Fathers ruin the beautiful companionship the loving Mother shared with her children as a wonderful, responsible Jewish Mother.
Instead of following our Jewish beliefs; the Jewish Leaders and Organizations since the 1970’s have been following their own terrorist ways. They hide behind the “Jewish” façade; destroying the emotional and physical well being of millions of children who have been torn from the arms of their loving Jewish Mother at the time of divorce; also harming the loving Jewish Mother.
Even worse; since these “Jewish” Leaders secretly have the assets and money which belong to the loving Mother; she is unable to help her wonderful children escape from their abusive situations.

You know the photographs I have posted of how my youngest son was forced to live outside on a bare mattress but; the Jewish Leaders refused and still refuse to get involved since they have “agreements” with the shameful Father encouraging this behavior. They also have “agreements” to defame the loving Mother’s character by telling lies about her and prohibiting her from attending services and other events.

The Jewish Leaders of today are more like the Roman leaders of the Roman Empire who were dictators, had slaves and people did not have equal rights but were exploited. In the Roman Empire, individualism was prohibited and only the Leader’s collective thoughts and beliefs were permitted.

The Roman elite studied Greek philosophy and were influenced by Socrates and his student Plato who believed in elitism and entitlement. They believed that only people who have climbed out of the cave and cast their eyes on a vision of goodness are “fit” to rule. They also believed that reality is unavailable to those who use their senses. This means reality is subjective.
That is not reasonable and leads to an authoritative government not “for the people” but for the leaders and however they want to subjectively interpret the law.

This subjective philosophy is no different than how the Jewish Leaders of today are enforcing what they call “Judaism” by destroying the sacred Mother/Child relationship at the time or divorce. ***They know this practice is not part of any Jewish teachings or as President Obama said is his ISIS speech; it is “not a religion” to harm women and children.

My very smart and wonderful Daughter loves rainbows and even had a beautiful and delicious rainbow cake for her Bat Mitzvah.
The rainbow signifies to me INDIVIDUALITY. It has all the colors of the spectrum which appears only when the light shines in a special way. It shows how each of us has our own special character and talents and when we work together we create a beautiful rainbow.
It also shows that if someone is unreasonable and harming others, their beautiful light is covered so the rainbow is not complete.

As a Jew, we believe in making this world a better place for all which means trying to uncover the light so we can see the rainbow with all its beautiful colors; signifying that we are working together as INDIVIDUALS to make our world a better place for all; this includes ending Parental Alienation and reuniting loving Mothers (fathers) with their Children of all ages.

As we are in the midst of celebrating our Jewish High Holidays; I am working diligently to end Parental Alienation making our world a better place for all.
I hope the Jewish Leaders join me but regardless; I am a loving Jewish Mother who follows Jewish teachings.
Thus, I will never forget my Children, millions like them and will never stop trying to end Parental Alienation regardless of what these so called “Jewish” Leaders do. I am an Individual and I act like one.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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