Should Americans and others be concerned and upset that Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” is going to be Republished next week?

This is a book of Hitler’s anti-Semitic, race-based manifesto and systematic extermination of 6 million Jews and others and his other sick ideas and propaganda. 
There are many books with photographs and documentaries SHOWING THE HORRORS the Holocaust caused many millions of innocent people which clearly illustrate Hitler’s sick and evil philosophies. 
Why not republish and advertise those books instead?

***Who is behind the republication of this evil propaganda who obviously expects to PROFIT in many ways? ***

Where are all the JEWISH LEADERS and JEWS who have FAILED to express their outrage of this republication?

***If JEWISH LEADERS and JEWS and OTHERS are not outraged, then please explain why this HATE AND EVIL SHOULD be reproduced instead of TEACHING philosophies of LOVE, PEACE, RESPECT and JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Schools and individuals have LIMITED time and resources to devote to reading and learning so why not spend it on reading books and learning about people who have

It is more rational and reasonable to:
— GIVE PEOPLE THE TOOLS necessary to make our world a better place for all;
— NOT TEACH how to create another Holocaust but to avoid one instead.

Thus, should the world be “comfortably numb” and IGNORE this republication? What about JEWISH LEADERS AND JEWS in particular?

People have free will and can choose WHAT to do with their time and WHO to spend it with. 
Do reasonable, kind, honest people fervently spend time teaching Hitler’s sick evil or instead teach good character and values and how to help others reach their beautiful potential and make positive accomplishments in life?

Aren’t respected leaders those who PROTECT others from harms like those of Hitler’s Holocaust and teach them how to AVOID becoming victims again? This is also REASONABLE BEHAVIOR and also making our world a better place.

I hope this post brings awareness so we will immediately see acts of outrage regarding this republication.
I am very busy fervently fighting the evil of those who continue to perpetuate Parental Alienation and use it as a method to deprive LOVING MOTHERS from obtaining a legal, valid divorce and their other legal rights. However, in the process, I do not ignore the evil going on around me.

On another note, those who are sending “spies” to approach me at the bus stops who act like my “friends” as they try to gather information from me, please note; I plan to civilly tell them next time I see them that I am not interested in talking with them and to leave me alone. If they refuse; I plan to take legal action to defend my individual rights.

I was in an automobile accident and am grateful to be alive. Since all the defendants in my $70 million dollar civil lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court case ‪#‎BC580980‬ refuse to help me ESTABLISH the net worth of my community estate and RECEIVE my 50% interest of many millions of dollars; I cannot afford to buy a car. 

I just love Los Angeles for many reasons one being that their public transportation is very good and is getting better and better with the new train system opening soon. 
So, please do not send “spies” to pretend to be a new friend including but not limited to David. I know you hack my cell phone and computer so you know my whereabouts. Well, this shows your disgraceful and sad existence and how low you will stoop to perpetuate evil and corruption.

I am giving you fair warning as I will email this post to the defendants I have email addresses and those who do not have unlawful restraining orders against me that were issued without any legal or rational basis but with the intent to try to fraudulently alienate me from my Children and make me look like I am anything but an honest, law-abiding citizen which the facts show for my entire life of over 50 years.

If those “spies” refuse to stop approaching me and asking me questions, I will take legal action against them. 
As you should know; I am not afraid of the truth and using the legal system to expose it. As my lawsuit against my parents, sister and their lawyer showed and other experiences in my life; the Truth will prevail and so will Love and of course God.

Have a wonderful 2016 as we happily expose more and more of the truth to make our world a better place and not allowing liars and cheaters who obviously have mental illnesses and emotional illnesses to take advantage of the vulnerable and less educated which is disgraceful and sick beyond words.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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