Should I be Praised for my advocacy work regarding ending Parental Alienation or considered a dangerous Dissident and Silenced?

Should I be a woman who is lauded and praised or considered a dangerous dissident who individuals, corporations and other organizations have a LEGAL RIGHT to lie to, abuse, harass, file false allegations against and then should be able to get away unpunished?

Do our Courts in the United States “turn a blind eye” to their corrupt acts to SILENCE ME because we no longer live in a DEMOCRACY, but live in a Dictatorship under their control and private laws which do not promote Truth and Justice but show a FLAGRANT DISREGARD for our laws?

Am I a brave advocate fighting for EQUAL RIGHTS for a woman to be able to have a LEGAL DIVORCE or should our laws in the United States allow me to be silenced for my reasonable and compassionate views of abhorrence to the common and very frequent use of the form of abuse called Parental Alienation so that those I mentioned below and millions like them can PROFIT from DIVORCE?

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR her court-appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN; the law firms: SEASTROM & SEASTROM; The law offices of ALAN SHIFMAN; The law office of HARRIS GONZALEZ; THE KIKEN GROUP; The law office of GABRIEL DORMAN; RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others at SINAI TEMPLE; PASTOR RICK WARREN and others at SADDLEBACK CHURCH; CATE SCHOOL, STEVE MUROW and other joint venture partners; MARJI KNITTER and MJ KNITTER; The MOOTE COMPANIES and my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and his current wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY…… do all of them and others have a legal right to deprive me of my property, custody and visitation rights, spousal support and also my right to ACT LIKE THE MOTHER THAT I AM by attending my Children’s graduations, sports events, birthdays and other celebrations even though I have been a fit, loving, responsible, law-abiding citizen for my entire life of over 50 years by having fraudulent CIVIL restraining orders granted against me?

My FACTS which consist of many documents signed “under the penalty of perjury” show all of those mentioned above have helped create and/or enforce acts of Parental Alienation so they can PROFIT from my divorce and receive benefits from depriving me of receiving my LEGAL RIGHTS, which includes millions of dollars from my marriage of over 20 years; my alimony, and a companionship with my Children free from THEIR lies, schemes and brainwashing.

But, in order to receive their “promised benefits;” all those mentioned and others too must KEEP ME alienated from my Children because if they don’t then:
• their lies and schemes will be apparent because IF my Children associated with me they WOULD NO LONGER BE brainwashed, intimidated, forced and abused so that they LIE TOO, even against their own loving, honesty Mother who showered them with a tremendous amount of love and care since the day they were born up until the time of divorce when they were teenagers and young adults.

As a Woman; am I not allowed to protect Children of all ages and Adults too who cannot speak for themselves by using MY knowledge, skills and experience to expose the truth so we can change the laws to DEFEND our legal rights and prevent this abuse and corruption from reoccurring?

Are those I mentioned above and millions like them just allowed to keep brainwashing, seducing, abusing and betraying Children and others who trust them without having an ADVOCATE ARMED WITH THE TRUTH to help defend these Children and Adults who cannot speak for themselves?

Are those I mentioned above and millions like them just allowed to keep doing anything illegal and immoral as long as they get what they want which helps their “entitled corrupt group of insiders” while harming millions and our way of life in the United States which is based upon the US Constitution which mandates JUSTICE FOR ALL, not some. 
Is this Democracy?

Their very apparent scheme of parental alienation is beyond the bounds of human decency and outrageous conduct which no man or woman in a civilized society should endure as any reasonable person with a sound mind should KNOW.

Do I, as the loving, law-abiding ex-wife and Mother NOT have any legal rights and should be silenced because these FACTS involve an illegal practice which has been going on in our Society for many decades? Is this Democracy?

Are my lawsuits 90 percent about POLITICS and only 10 percent about LEGAL RIGHTS and MORALITY? Is it all about their APPEARANCES? If not, then any one of you whom I have sued; show me “The Real You.”

Am I not allowed to put this false, dishonest, corrupt “Camelot” government out of business and restore democracy so a Woman can receive a LEGAL DIVORCE which is also FREE from PARENTAL ALIENATION?

Based upon my FACTS which many are part of public records; those mentioned above will not receive a Pyrrhic Victory against me but instead will suffer a defeat with staggering losses including financial, emotional, and harm to their legacy and coveted false appearances due to their continued CRIMINAL acts.

One hand does not wash the other at the EXPENSE of harming a Mother and her Children at the time of divorce and thereafter. 

***INDIVIDUALS who affect the course of MANKIND in a positive way are those who are prepared for their destiny. 
Love is a very important part of finding your destiny WITHOUT the need to hide behind false appearances.

Most people never find love and therefore never find peace even with all of their money and power because they never learned how to TRUST OTHERS. To trust others you cannot control them and those who are power-crazy cannot trust anyone and often keep many secrets to themselves and have a lack of friends too.

***INDIVIDUALS who affect the course of MANKIND in a positive way are those who WILLINGLY FACE INJUSTICES by trying to expose the Truth and change the laws so others are NOT harmed by these same Injustices over and over again.

Remember, some people are only friendly when they have something to gain. Some people like RABBI DAVID WOLPE of Sinai Temple play both sides so they act like they are your advocate but are really helping those committing the corruption (including himself as my facts show). This way, Rabbi David Wolpe feels like he has an “escape route” however the chips may fall. Sick people like this think it is fun and a game to play with people’s lives and emotions.

***IF YOU DOUBT MY WORDS, ask RABBI DAVID WOLPE or PASTOR RICK WARREN why they refuse and have refused for years to give sermons on Parental Alienation, have discussion groups, classes, lectures and help reunite Me with my Children and other alienated Mothers like me.

Don’t ever expect me to make a Faustian bargain either. It is the whole truth and nothing but the truth so I can change the laws and help make our world a better place for ALL.
In Judaism this is called “tikkun olum” and is a commandment, not an option. 
We are to use our knowledge, skills and experiences to do our part to make our world a better place for ALL. This is living to your potential with your own special knowledge, skills and experiences.

I guess from a philosophical viewpoint one could view “making our world a better place” as a Manichaean philosophy. Either you do and you are considered a good, kind worthwhile person or you don’t and are considered evil, corrupt, abusive, greedy and the like.
Well, this post is getting long so tomorrow I will write about poverty, control, repression and how activities in my neighborhood in Los Angeles all relate to Parental Alienation.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences of which I have a diverse and vast amount.

I had a wonderful dinner at this great French, Korean restaurant with a special friend of mine to celebrate my recently filed court documents. I will include this in my post tomorrow. We had so much fun and the evening ended with a very special surprise.

Hope you have a nice weekend too IF you are a kind, honest and respectful person; if not Change ASAP.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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  • Parental Alienation Solutions Lacking a soul or something else? Many I have sued have very special gifts but have refused to use them to bring themselves peace and help others too. Instead many are arrogant and have an inability to work TOGETHER with others because they believe they must always control. They also have an unbelievable ability to keep lying and misleading women while refusing to substantiate their lies with actions. They must have a “woman problem” thinking they have a right to treat women as they please regardless of how this harms them. My lawsuit LASC case # BC580980 and their unfounded responses shows this “woman problem” each of them have.

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Parental Alienation Solutions Thanks Tina and everyone. Those I sued must be very nervous as they should be for many reasons: 1) The many FACTS expose their lies and I have them and I am very, very organized; 2) PHIL SEASTROM of the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM, badly incriminatedhimself with his declaration and also incriminated the others. This is one of my smoking guns. Oh well. The corrupt always destroy themselves but this is happening very early and very seriously. I am thrilled. Also 3) Judge White erred in releasing JUDGE SILBAR and her court-appointed therapist from my civil lawsuit. It is getting very exciting and I have a hearing on Friday. Thanks again.

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Parental Alienation Solutions Forgot to mention, if someone is interested in “unconditional” love; beware. That is just another phrase for cheating and not respecting you and also not wanting love but sex only with no strings attached. As a couple who wants a relationship filled wi…See More

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Parental Alienation Solutions Show your strength and don’t act like an incapable baby. Even if it honestly feels “foreign” to you, just make the call and put your positive plans in place and then work to undo the things you want to be forgiven for. Show how capable and “influential” you are as you say.

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Parental Alienation Solutions Regarding forgiveness; be clear and state what forgiveness is needed and how you expect to change so the situation never occurs again. Do this in person with a glass of wine and maybe a gift of flowers etc. Do not text about this. You need eye contact and to see body language.

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Parental Alienation Solutions But, you must be kind and respectful in the process. You don’t always have to lead and should be open to others leading too who know more than you in certain areas and have different experiences. LEARN TO RESPECT THEM AND DON’T TRY TO CONTROL THEM. Relax and learn to Trust by being collaborative.

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Parental Alienation Solutions Also, NEVER be afraid to be truthful and honest. Just do it and you will feel great. This is the beginning of learning how to trust so you can love and not just control.

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Parental Alienation Solutions Setting your boundaries will also help you call their bluff. Are they showing you with their actions not words that they are truthful and want to help you too?

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Parental Alienation Solutions Don’t forget the Love part. You don’t want a political relationship like Hillary and Bill; at least I don’t. Love is so important. heart emoticon

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Parental Alienation Solutions Want to clarify based on my knowledge and experience (not legal knowledge); narcissists commonly act like it is all about them. For example, they may say “Rescue Me” and at the same time try to get you to believe when they say; “I am your Vehicle.” 1st…See More

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Tina Fitzsimmons-Hinton ♡

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