Should legal technicalities trump Justice, Love, Morality and the Law? Also, our Alienated Children will be fine if they WANT to be.

Like the Wall Street Journal’s “Notables and Quotables;” I have one today from my husband’s mistress. 
My husband’s mistress stated in a document she filed with the court:


Her document and her quote are part of my Court of Appeal lawsuit 
case ‪#‎B267984‬
(Remember, I am still married due to the fraudulent, invalid and unlawful divorce contract and my husband and his mistress are committing MARRIAGE FRAUD as the judges, law firms and all the other defendants know or should know including them).

Legal Technicalities??? 
• Mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY along with
• Lawyer PHIL SEASTROM who founded the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM;
are leading ALL the other defendants with their STRATEGIC PLAN to derail Justice by:


2. BUT instead filing FRIVOLOUS and IRRELEVANT MOTIONS lacking any legal or rational basis (like the demurrers based upon the frivolous and irrelevant anti-SLAPP, Litigation Privilege and other laws which clearly do not apply but delay Justice. They are “baseless.”);

3. AND also continuously trying to intentionally inflict me with severe emotional distress, torture, terror and abuse by:

• TRYING TO KEEP ME ALIENATED FROM MY CHILDREN by refusing to even help us begin communicating as any reasonable, compassionate person should do;

• HACKING my phone and computer and sexually harassing me on-line and stalking me and;

• REFUSING to help me establish the net worth (value) of the community estate so I can receive at least my 50 percent interest and my legally calculated support so I will no longer suffer financial hardships.

My husband MARK HASSMAN and his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY obviously LIED AGAIN when they told DR. PHIL on national television they would try to help me reunite with my Children.

***Do you reasonably think that with all my husband’s business and negotiation skills he couldn’t help me reunite with our Children if he wanted to? 
Should I ask his Harvard business school classmates, 
OUR business partners or
OUR joint venture partners 
about his negotiation skills since my husband has negotiated agreements of many millions of dollars on both coasts during our marriage;
INCLUDING hiding OUR Limited Liability Companies and their profits;
MANY other community assets and;
SUBSTANTIAL income in 501(c) (3) agreements with religious organizations, non-profit schools, in off shore accounts and in other places so they were not disclosed in the divorce contract and he took them all for himself.

Once these HIDDEN, UNDISCLOSED community assets AND income were discovered and disclosed in court; all the defendants refused to acknowledge their existence and judges dismissed my case without any legal or rational basis as the court records and transcripts show. They did NOT try to rectify the fraudulent, unlawful and invalid divorce contract.

More abuse by judges, lawyers and other defendants is shown in court transcripts when I was told I was a “vexatious litigant” and if I continued to try to defend my legal and constitutional rights in this judge’s court I would be penalized.

Thus, I filed another case in another court so I can be legally compensated for being deprived of my legal and constitutional rights as I make our world a better place for millions of us suffering from Parental Alienation and Fraudulent, Invalid Divorce Contracts.

Threats don’t intimidate me; they only incriminate the judge making them. I know the law and know I have a legal right to have a legal, valid, and not fraudulent divorce contract so I can be divorced and receive other legal and constitutional rights I was denied.

***Accordingly, do you think my husband MARK HASSMAN negotiated agreements with all the defendants to HIDE THE TRUTH and at the same time KEEP ME IN A STATE OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS and TORTURE as he hides and steals MY MONEY AND ASSETS under his control, WITH THEIR HELP?

Do you think all the defendants are refusing to help me establish the net worth (value) of the community estate and its disposal and refusing to help me reunite with my children because they want to:
• Risk their professional licenses,
• Risk going to jail;
• Risk having penalties to pay and; 
• Risk destroying their image and legacy;
OR do you think my husband MARK HASSMAN has NEGOTIATED A SECRET AGREEMENT with them?

Only very sick, evil people would lie, manipulate and brainwash teens and young adults to get them to alienate their very compassionate, honest, law-abiding Mother at the time of divorce and even eight (8) years since and hide or steal the Wife/Mother’s community property so she suffers psychologically, emotionally and financially as reasonably expected.

No CONFLICTING evidence has been presented in my lawsuit by any of the judges, law firms, the non-profit religious organizations, the court-appointed therapist, executives, joint venture partners, non-profit schools my husband who is a certified public accountant, graduated of Harvard business school Chief Financial Officer or his mistress or any other defendants.

My lawsuit is now in the Court of Appeal and will probably go to the US Supreme Court because all these corrupt and immoral defendants appear to be following the corrupt and immoral Mistress, lawyer PHIL SEASTROM, RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE and many other Religious Organizations Nationwide who have a CONSPIRACY to try to DELAY JUSTICE BASED UPON LEGAL TECHNICALITIES.

***Yes, they have a Conspiracy to Delay Justice based upon made-up Legal Technicalities as I had one recently DISMISSED which the Court of Appeal records show. Even if legal technicalities actually exist;
***Should legal technicalities trump Justice, Love, Morality and the Law?

The truth becomes clear and clear every day.
Remember, Truth and Love trumps Corruption, Abuse, Lies, Manipulations, Theft and other Criminal and Immoral behavior.

With regards to MY CHILDREN and also for other ALIENATED MOTHERS (fathers):

***Our children will be fine IF THEY WANT to be fine by being REASONABLE. They know they can reach out to us but if they choose to be lured by money and other things and just disregard the love and kindness of their Mother then we are better off without them. 
If our children think they have more wisdom and can “raise themselves” better without Motherly guidance and love from a wise, kind, honest and responsible Mother; well, they have to mature to understand what they have CHOSEN to give up.

As you know, some adults never mature but don’t let them bring you down to their standards. Set your boundaries and only allow them to associate with you if they are kind, respectful and civil as you are.

I have seen parents raise these BRATS yes BRATS who have NO APPRECIATION for what their Mother has done and her good values and only care about themselves and what their Mother can do for THEM. 
Unreasonable, and unthinking alienated children, teens and young adults WANT to believe the lies about their alienated Mother because they wrongfully think that is easier for them. However, in the short run and especially the long run it is not because they will be wrought with so much shame and psychological problems as experts have proven. (

But, like I have done and still do, they too can have professional therapy with a very qualified and honest therapist but THEY have to WANT TO DO THIS.

***I am very happy living my life with my honest, reasonable, compassionate and appreciative friends and do not have my seizures anymore because I am away from my husband and children, who abused, tortured and terrorized me. 
***It is my Children’s loss, not mine because I REASONABLY refuse to subject myself to their abusive behavior so my seizure will return.

See the truth and accept it and have new experiences in YOUR life so you have a new life with meaningful friends while doing meaningful things. Your children will do what they want and think what they want. Just BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE so you have no regrets.

Remember, truth and love will prevail and the others will just continue to destroy themselves as my facts continue to show. All the money, control and influence of these sick defendants cannot make them happy or healthy as they keep incriminating themselves more and more as they become angrier and angrier. Oh well. 
When a person refuses to make reasonable and important changes and instead associates with sick, corrupt people; this is what they become as experts have proven and so has history.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.-Carl Jung

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences. 
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;


Here is an insightful comment I received from Mary Jane Pederson:

… if hers and my husband were held accountable, they would have no more use for the women (pawns) they are with to hide behind and do their dirty work like the “mistresses” they both are. No woman with self esteem would want men like these once they showed their true colors. But then no decent woman would help alienate a loving mom’s child, help steal her assets and lie. There is a name for women like them.

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:





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