Should the United States Government force Religious Organizations, Schools and other non-profit groups to make DISCLOSURES to protect Women, Mothers and Wives?

Should the United States Government force Religious Organizations, Schools and other non-profit groups to DISCLOSE those who made donations to their “charitable” agreements to protect the interests of a Wife/Mother whose husband controlled the marital finances and SECRETLY WITHOUT the Wife/Mother’s knowledge and consent:

1. made donations with her community property and income to these “charitable” agreements.

The husband MARK HASSMAN, a certified public accountant, graduate of the Harvard business school and a very successful Chief Financial Officer for about thirty (30) years now; knew or should have known 50 percent of those donations should have been distributed to me, the Wife/Mother at the time of the divorce;

2. and also my husband, MARK HASSMAN is SECRETLY receiving a monthly stipend for the donations he made to these “charitable” agreements which include my 50 percent interest of the community property and income which I did not receive and should have as the Wife of over 20 years.

To make matters worse the Temple which is SINAI TEMPLE;
the Church which is SADDLEBACK CHURCH (Saddleback Valley Community Church);
the School which is CATE SCHOOL
and other non-profit organizations like CORNELL UNIVERSITY refuse to disclose the donations even though tax return and many of my husband MARK HASSMAN’S income and expense declarations show that charitable donations were made and tax deductions taken but that the source of the funds is a mystery.

Note, these income and expense declarations were prepared and also signed by the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM. Also, only my husband took the tax deductions and none of this was passed on to me the Wife/Mother even though these donations involved my 50 percent interest in the community estate involving my property, assets and income from the community estate under my husband’s control.

(Please note, because of my husband’s accounting and financial education and experience, he was the logical spousal to control the marital finances and I was reasonable in trusting him because a marriage is based upon trust; at least it used to be.)

Further, a forensic accountant’s report states that the lifestyle of my husband and his mistress does not support the amount of income he is claiming; both from earnings, investments and other sources even though my husband MARK HASSMAN is a certified public accountant and received his MBA from Harvard business school and has been a successful Chief Financial Officer for about 30 years now.

It appears that not only is my husband hiding income in a 401K profit sharing plan with a health service account attached; Limited Liability Corporations, other Corporations, Partnerships and entities, annuities; “charitable” agreements and in other places; but he is also transferring some of his income to his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY.

As a result, MARK HASSMAN swore in court that he had to reduce my spousal support from $4,300 a month to $350 twice a month because this is all he can afford even though he was approved for two(2) Lexus vehicles and other luxuries as his many income as expense declarations show which were signed by him and SEASTROM & SEASTROM under the penalty of perjury.

Think MARK HASSMAN is also hiding his income in these “charitable” agreements? His tax returns show he made many charitable donations of significant amounts.

Please note by “charitable” agreements I am referring to 501(c) (3), vow of poverty and other such agreements.

Organizations which the GOVERNMENT has designated as having non-profit status receive tax benefits and other benefits. 
One of these benefits the GOVERNMENT provides for these non-profit Organizations is that they are able to receive donations and in return can issue “charitable” agreements where the donors can WRITE OFF the donations and receive a TAX DEDUCTION. 

However, the GOVERNMENT thus far, has allowed these Organizations which they designated as having non-profit status to KEEP THE DONORS’ IDENTITY A SECRET. 
But, as my divorce contract shows, the net worth (value) of the community estate and its disposal were never established even though the law requires these steps before a divorce contract can be deemed lawful and valid.

Think some of my community property and income was disposed in these “charitable” agreements without my knowledge and consent?
I AM STILL MARRIED because my divorce contract is fraudulent even though:
1. I was represented by THE LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN and Alan Shifman is a lawyer and a certified public accountant who signed the divorce contract;

2. my husband MARK HASSMAN, a certified public accountant himself and a graduate of the Harvard business school and was represented by SEASTROM & SEASTROM which advertises as an experienced and honest divorce law firm;

3. and experienced JUDGE CLAUDIA SIBAR sanctioned the fraudulent divorce contract by signing it and then filing it even though the net worth and its disposal were never established and there were other frauds too. 
One example is that the names of the assets lacked the legally required specific particularity so that informed consent was lacking for all the parties which signed this divorce contract.

(Note; JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has since been removed from her post as a Judge at the Orange County Lamoreaux Justice Courthouse).

However, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, SEASTROM & SEASTROM, THE LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN, and other law firms, SINAI TEMPLE, SADDLEBACK CHURCH, schools, executives, and others involved in my lawsuit (LASC ‪#‎BC580980‬), EVEN MY HUSBAND:

1) establish the net worth of the community estate and its disposal so I can obtain a legal and valid divorce and

2) reunite with my Children or even UNDERSTAND the reason for their sudden alienation eight (8) years ago.

This is not reasonable and as I will prove, is criminal too especially since many owe me a fiduciary duty to treat me honestly and fairly AND not to help my husband MARK HASSMAN breach his fiduciary duty he owes me regarding matters involving the community estate and our divorce which includes custody and visitation rights and perpetuating the form of abuse, torture and terror called parental alienation.

Do you think these Organizations which the GOVERNMENT has designated as having non-profit status only hide community property and income of Wives and Mothers? 
Do you REASONABLY think they are also:
1. hiding and laundering drug money;
2. hiding and laundering money from other criminal activities;
3. hiding and laundering money from terrorist organizations and terrorist governments?

***The PUBLIC INTEREST of knowing who is hiding and laundering money in these so called “charitable” agreements and receiving tax benefits from the US GOVERNMENT for making these donations, CLEARLY OUTWEIGHS the case for keeping the donors’ identity confidential.

As these facts and others show; RELIGION has become a way of life to have money and control through illegal acts of theft, abuse and violence against WOMEN, MOTHERS AND WIVES and their children.

This is not what Judaism teaches or any other civil and reasonable religion. Religions and their leaders who are supposed to be reasonable, moral, honest and compassionate have the common belief that a person must:
1) treat others as you want to be treated yourself;
2) and use your special skills and knowledge to make our world a better place for all honest, moral, reasonable and compassionate people.

DO YOU THINK THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD FORCE RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS to help law-abiding Mothers (fathers) reunite with their children and give sermons, write articles, have classes and other events to help end the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation?
Acts of violence, abuse, torture and terror are not part of these religious teachings as any reasonable person knows.

Thus, as many reasonable and civil religions teach which include Judaism: 
***Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing but deep down in their heart, mind and soul are ravening or very greedy wolves who commit immoral, abusive criminal acts like stealing a Wife/Mother’s property and income and keeping her alienated from her children using lies, schemes and other deceiving acts characteristic of those who perpetuate the abuse and terror called Parental Alienation.

It is our RIGHT and also our OBLIGATION to confront these sick, greedy, controlling abusers and thieves who act like religious leaders or false prophets and hold them accountable for their “secret” criminal and abusive acts.

These sick, greedy, controlling abusers and thieves who act like religious leaders or false prophets are THREATENING OUR DEMOCRATIC WAY OF LIFE which is based upon peace, love, trust, reasonableness and collaboration; not lies, abuse, torture, terror and violence. 
This is understated too not exaggerated because these sick, greedy, controlling abusers and thieves who act like religious leaders or false prophets are working TOGETHER with judges, law firms, therapists, executives and others and are therefore affecting more than Theology.
They are also affecting our Establishment which includes our Legal System, Wall Street and other Businesses, the Media, the Family Structure, Values and our Moral standards.

Unless we stand up to these sick, greedy, moral weaklings who act like religious leaders or false prophets; we will lose our Democratic way of life where the laws are applied EQUALLY to all, including Women, Mothers and Wives.

These sick, greedy, controlling abusers and thieves who act like religious leaders or false prophets have intentionally replaced the moral beliefs of religion with their own abusive, immoral and corrupt theology so that they can profit and at the same time satisfy the religious demands of society. 
They are not trying to “help” or “save” mankind through God’s teachings. 
Instead they are intentionally and maliciously using acts of violence which include intimidation and abuse so that they can control others and use them so they can profit by perpetuating parental alienation, using their “charitable” agreements and in other despicable ways.

These sick, greedy, controlling abusers and thieves who act like religious leaders or false prophets see themselves as God and thus, many of them do not even believe in God. If they did they would willingly and fervently help end Parental Alienation and also help Wives/Mothers obtain a legal divorce contract.

Not believing in God is characteristic of those who are narcissists. Narcissists believe they are omniscient and omnipotent and have a right to control others. They also believe they are entitled and the laws do not apply to them. 
***This is why they unreasonably and very ruthlessly refuse to help me rectify my fraudulent divorce contract and reunite with my children. They do not want to give up MY money and property they have in their “charitable” agreements.

As the famous author Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote: If a person becomes an atheist whereby he or she does not believe in God; then he or she has no moral foundation and becomes the God deciding what is moral and what is justice without applying the law equally to all. Instead, he or she applies the law based upon capricious whims. A clear example of this is when very well educated and wealthy people got involved in the brutal religion of flagellantism which was eventually reasonably deemed illegal and immoral.

Can you imagine if the Establishment was no longer abusive, corrupt and immoral and how this would renew our courts, schools, family, businesses, religious organizations, the media and other professions and organizations? Do you think TRUTH, LOVE AND JUSTICE would become common again and expected as the standard.

Unless we stand up to these sick, greedy, moral weaklings who act like religious leaders or false prophets; they will continue to enjoy their life of entitlement, power, and abuse through their acts of violence as we become their victims and slaves.

We must force them to change because as the facts of my case clearly show; they repeatedly refuse to be reasonable, honest, compassionate and lawful because they think they can rule with acts of violence because they are entitled. 
In reality, they are weak and very unhappy, insecure cowards. They are walking dead souls with empty hearts, dried-up talent and empty heads. They refuse to humble themselves and set an honest, positive example for our society to follow.

I am forcing them to change and will hold them responsible for their acts of violence as my lawsuit is now in the court of appeals.
If not I, then who?

Remember, truth, love and God will prevail. Just watch.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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