Should you be PROUD and NOT AFRAID to “BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU” because every day they take away more and more of your beautiful and special character trying to CONTROL YOU

Should you be PROUD and NOT AFRAID to “BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU” because every day they take away more and more of your beautiful and special character trying to CONTROL YOU so you live with them in their WORLD OF CORRUPTION suffering and depriving YOURSELF OF LOVE and FREEDOM?

Has YOUR FAMILY become their own COMMUNIST group where Children and Others who disagree with the patriarch or matriarch should only “be seen and not heard,” despite the fact that in the US this is illegal because we live with DEMOCRATIC LAWS, not Communist laws and EVERYONE, even children and their Mother have EQUAL RIGHTS?

Remember, Manipulators and Abusers are smooth talkers and BLAME YOU for THEIR MISTAKES SO YOU FEEL ASHAMED when you should feel PROUD for standing up to them, expressing YOUR feelings and enforcing YOUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH and other rights.



But is important to HELP YOURSELF by REALIZING these Manipulators and Abusers have:
• BUILT THEIR LIVELIHOOD around PREYING UPON and ABUSING others and will fight to PRESERVE their corrupt way of life even though this is illegal and very, very unreasonable.
• They want to CONTROL OTHERS because they,
• So they can FEEL SPECIAL and IMPORTANT even if this is based upon lies and fraud.

They are so SICK and CRIMINAL because:
• so they can LEARN TO STOP behaving in these abusive and criminal ways.

In Communist countries the leaders believe Children and those who disagree with their abusive beliefs (as any reasonable person would); should only “be seen and not heard.”

Many Jews emigrated to the US from Russia and Germany to ESCAPE COMMUNISM but; my facts show many JEWISH LEADERS and JEWS have disgracefully and unconscionably created their own little COMMUNIST COUNTRY here in the US by:

• Using the CHARITABLE AGREEMENTS of their Synagogues to HIDE property which should have been distributed to a Wife at the time of divorce, amounting to millions of dollars because they WORK WITH the Husband in exchange for donations and contributions.[ Stephen Fried, bestselling author;…/]

• Becoming a MONEY LAUNDERING MACHINE to deprive a Wife of receiving her money and property from her divorce. 
Concurrently, they enforce Parental Alienation so the Wife and her Children are so distraught and emotionally tortured that they are much easier to control.

Commonly, the Wife and her Children develop such severe problems of EMOTIONAL TORTURE AND DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COPE so they develop many bad habits and OBSESSIONS, often becoming very sick, some commit suicide and some die long before they would have otherwise as experts have proven. []

• But the Jewish leaders and others keep REFUSING to acknowledge the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in our society by giving sermons, writing articles and books, having classes, discussion groups and other events about Parental Alienation to help our society which Jews are commanded to do; make our society a better place for ALL; not only the greedy, wealthy, influential people at the expense of others.

Christian leaders like Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Valley Community Church do this too as my facts show and you can see too by watching what he and other Christian leaders do and DO NOT DO DAILY.

Why do you think Pastor Rick Warren’s Son committed suicide when his own father is a Pastor who is supposedly trained to address serious issues so they never lead to suicide? 
***DO YOU THINK PASTOR RICK WARREN’S SON DISCOVERED MANY OF THE TRUTHS I HAVE regarding how corrupt his father and other religious leaders are BUT at such a young and tender age; he did not know how to cope?

Why does Pastor Rick Warren STILL refuse to help fit, law-abiding Mothers reunite with their Children? It does not make sense and is not reasonable.

Do you think Rabbi David Wolpe developed cancer and got divorced due to his alcohol problem or other obsessions since my facts clearly show he: 

1) helps perpetuates parental alienation and

2) fraudulently deprives a Wife of her legal rights of receiving her savings, retirement and other property from her divorce and other legal rights? 

Does Rabbi David Wolpe still have an alcohol, control, anger or other problems? 
What about the others at Sinai Temple and others I sued in LASC case‪#‎BC580980‬

Why do they ALSO refuse to help fit, law-abiding Mothers reunite with their Children and rectify her FRAUDULENT DIVORCE so she, not them, can receive her 50% of the marital property? It does not make sense and is not reasonable UNLESS you accept the fact that they have been and continue to carry out criminal activity.

• Manipulators to try to MANIPULATE YOU when you DISAGREE WITH THEM which you have a right to do and is probably VERY REASONABLE TO DO instead of being manipulated into to believing lies or doing corrupt or immoral acts.

They want you THINK:
1. You are involved in their corruption so you won’t turn them in by telling others what you know. THIS IS WRONG. They have used and abused you so this is a MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCE and THEY will be MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY HELD ACCOUNTABLE DUE TO WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO YOU.

2. They want you to think You need to honor them since they are this king or queen you upset… how dare you. Many have prestigious titles in their profession and are graduates of prestigious schools and they remind of you this too and how you are NOTHING COMPARED TO THEM.

But, don’t believe a word they say and INSTEAD WATCH WHAT THEY DO AND HAVE DONE.

*** The facts speak for themselves if you dare to look. Do look, enrich yourself, face the TRUTH.

LASTLY, Manipulators and Abusers may PRETEND they are changing when you question them but don’t believe that either UNLESS you clearly SEE acts of change like ADMITTING THEIR MISTAKES and RECTIFYING the harms they have caused.

For example, all those I have sued can submit a document to the court admitting their culpable acts and their plan of how to compensate those who they have harmed. 
Also, they can write an article and disclose this information publicly in the press, on line etc. 
They have many Choices.
It is their prerogative to choose what THEY want to do and it is YOUR PREROGATIVE, whether you accept the lies or choose to look at the facts shown by their past and current actions.
*** If this means “biting the hand that feed you,” then by all means do it because this is the reasonable thing to do.

It is not reasonable to ignore or go along with the corruption because you lose your beautiful character more and more each day and sacrifice your freedom too.

This is no way for someone in the United States to live because we have legal rights to protect our freedom which I am enforcing once AGAIN as I did against my parents, sister and their attorney when I was 27 years old.
Now, there are just different people and different methods of corruption but their sick thoughts and motivations are the same.

Evil begets evil so bite the hand that feeds you so you are not part of this evil and instead live in the world of love and are PROUD of yourself and what you stand for.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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