Should you call me a Jewish anti-Semitic Woman and Mother or a brave, reasonable, compassionate Jewish Woman and Mother who is exposing the truth about the POLICIES OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM of ALL Jewish leaders in the United States including RABBI MARVIN HEIR and his CROOKED NONPROFIT the Simon Wiesenthal Center, All Jewish Organizations, All Jewish Clergy and many Jewish people who follow along profiting from this terrorism too called Parental Alienation which involves the illegal use of Jewish Charitable Nonprofits?

Because I am Jewish, do you think I have an obligation to remain silent about the JEWISH POLICIES OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM involving Parental Alienation; which my facts prove, so these so-called Jews can continue to destroy love and make our world a worse place for loving people and future generations? 

Does a TRUE JEWISH WOMAN AND MOTHER stand up peacefully using our legal system to hold these so-called Jews who have the gall to profess to be Jews while desecrating Jewish teachings and destroying the loving companionship of Jewish Mothers’ and their Jewish children, which includes teen and adult Jewish children, at the time of divorce and thereafter so they can profit, yes profit?

Who do you think is perpetrating the slave trade? 
Who do you think has been promoting divorce for the last several decades? 
Why do you think Jewish leaders can’t utter the words “Parental Alienation” and Jewish journalists refuse to write about this epidemic problem? 
They think Jewish Mothers and their Jewish children must be “sacrificed” for the greater good of Jewish leaders and those wealthy, influential Jews who also profit from the Jewish Charitable Nonprofits.

JEWISH SUPREME COURT JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG who is a defendant in my lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit; claims she is for equal rights but refuses to utter the words Parental Alienation and help loving Mothers and their alienated children reunite.
Instead she has CHOSEN to use her position of influence, her education and skills to harm loving Mothers and their Children. Sounds like a terrorist to me; it is definitely not acting like a Jew or like a reasonable, compassionate person as she professes to be. 
As wise and compassionate Holocaust survivor and author ELIE WIESEL said; silence helps the perpetrator not the victims. The Holocaust clearly taught the Jews this lesson too. 
Don’t you think Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other Jewish leaders know this?

RABBI MARVIN HEIR and his CHARITABLE NONPROFIT THE SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER are also both defendants in my lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit. Terrorist Rabbi Marvin Heir who is such disgrace, claims to be a righteous Jew but also refuses to utter the words Parental Alienation and help loving Mothers and their alienated Children reunite.

HOWEVER, this disgraceful rabbi claims to challenge everyone to do more in the fight AGAINST HATE in support of President Trump’s heroic leadership. Well, what does this evil so-call Rabbi think Parental Alienation is? Love?
Rabbi Marvin Heir definitely knows Parental Alienation is TERRORISM AND HATE because the legal documents I served him and his nonprofit The Simon Wiesenthal Center explain this form of domestic terrorism quite clearly with authorities cited too. JEWISH SUPREME COURT JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG received the same documents. 
Several Jewish synagogues and Jewish Organizations are also defendants in my lawsuits because they too refuse to utter the words Parental Alienation, refuse to help reunite loving Mothers and their Children and refuse to help the loving Mother obtain a legal divorce judgment by exposing how they have helped conceal, steal and launder her assets through their CHARITABLE NONPROFITS. This is what Judaism repudiates as any reasonable person knows.

Thus, I am proud of myself for using MY education, skills and experiences to stand up to TERRORISM and HATE which is exactly what Parental Alienation is and
***** I challenge anyone to refute this.

Thus, I look forward to questioning these so-called Jewish leaders in court about their POLICIES OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM AND HATE. 
Think they will use their corrupt influence to deny me my constitutional right to due process?

Regardless, I will continue to persevere and prevail. I see this as a wonderful OPPORTUNITY to keep showing the world what JUDAISM TRUTHFULLY STANDS FOR and what it means to be a TRUE JEWISH WOMAN AND MOTHER who brings about positive changes. 
If you think this means I am anti-Semitic for exposing the truth and bringing about positive changes then you have a misunderstanding about Justice, Democracy, Love and Judaism as well as being a proud individual supporting these very important ideas and way of life.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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