Showing how Religious Leaders PRETEND to be helping others when they are secretly destroying their life and harming their children.

I was very distraught having been alienated from my children at the time of divorce without being given any rational reason. I began therapy with a professional who specializes in situations involving the sudden destruction of the parent/child relationship at the time of divorce called Parental Alienation. This includes children of all ages who have alienated their kind, respectful, loving, law-abiding parent without any rational basis.

I also consulted Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles for several sessions beginning 11/5/09 at 8:30am to understand the Jewish perspective of parental alienation.

Rabbi David Wolpe has been an employee of Sinai Temple for many years, was named the most influential rabbi in America by Newsweek Magazine in 2012, is the author of several books, writes for many publications, teaches religious classes, appears on television talk shows and communicates daily with many through the internet.

Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple is an educated, experienced Rabbi who holds himself out to the public as being capable of guiding people through emotional issues from the perspective of Jewish teachings and philosophies.

Rabbi David Wolpe recommended to me during our counseling sessions that I move on with my life, find new meanings, let my children come to me but let them know I am available for them.

Rabbi David Wolpe rejected my suggestion to use his skills and expertise to help me reunite with my children.

Rabbi David Wolpe would not tell me why he refused to help me and my children reunite.
Rabbi David Wolpe knew or should have known I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life of over 50 years and that my children made many worthwhile accomplishments when I was part of their life before the divorce and the parental alienation began.

Rabbi David Wolpe suggested to me that I begin emailing him with my thoughts and concerns and he will help me and also suggested I start coming to services; which I did.

Rabbi David Wolpe and I emailed each other for about four(4) years, discussing Jewish topics, current events, books, philosophy, events around Los Angeles, jokes, ethics, morals and of course parental alienation.

Rabbi David Wolpe is a captivating speaker and writer and I regularly heard his sermons and read his publications.

Rabbi David Wolpe also suggested to me that I begin coming to events at Sinai Temple since I was new to the Los Angeles area in 2009 and I would meet some people and begin making a new life for myself.

I did attend events at Sinai Temple on a regular basis, volunteered my time and made a contribution.

At one of our counseling sessions, I showed Rabbi David Wolpe the photographs of the abusive conditions my minor son was forced to endure at Cate School; while my ex-husband and his new wife approved of this abuse.

I pleaded with Rabbi David Wolpe to call Cate School and my ex-husband to help remove my son from these abusive conditions but he refused without giving any rational basis or sound reason.

In Judaism, there a commandment that Jews help make our world a better place by helping others, called tikkun olam.

As the bestselling author Stephen Fried wrote in his book “The New Rabbi,” about situations going on in the 1970’s involving Rabbi David Wolpe’s father who was also a rabbi; when David approached his father saying he wanted to become a rabbi; Fried wrote his father responded; “you’ve decided to go into the retail business,”  “the retail business of selling religion.”

Rabbi David Wolpe was manipulating me into believing that he could help me by getting me involved in the Sinai Temple “cult” or organization at a time when he knew I was very vulnerable; while at the same time he or others at Sinai Temple were secretly working with my ex-husband hiding community property using “charitable” agreements.

Rabbi David Wolpe and/or others at Sinai Temple made an agreement(s) with my ex-husband or someone on his behalf to hide community property which should have been distributed to me.

Rabbi David Wolpe and/or others at Sinai Temple made an agreement(s) with my ex-husband or someone on his behalf to defame, humiliate and degrade me and make vicious, reckless, irresponsible accusations without any evidence of their truth and veracity.

On Saturday morning October 27, 2012 when I was all dressed-up in a crowd with many others waiting to enter Sinai Temple for services, the LAPD Officer approached me and said I could not enter to pray and he was ordered to tell me that I have been banned from coming to Sinai Temple ever again for public and private events, even services and must leave immediately. He said he did not know why but was following orders from Sinai Temple, no one in particular.

Since October 27, 2012, no one at Sinai Temple has given me a reasonable explanation to help me understand what I could have possibly done to be banned.

Since October 27, 2012, many at Sinai Temple have blocked my email address and refuse to return my voicemail messages to help me resolve this situation of being banned.

Since October 27, 2012, Jewish organizations in Los Angeles, Jewish journalists and National Jewish organizations have all refused to help me resolve the situation of being banned from Sinai Temple and many have also blocked my email address, refuse to return my voicemail messages and have asked me not to contact them again.

***Rabbi David Wolpe, others at Sinai Temple, other Jewish organizations both in Los Angeles and Nationally, refuse to give sermons, write articles and books, have classes, discussion groups and other events about the epidemic problem of parental alienation which is the intentional sudden destruction at the time of divorce of the bond a loving parent shares with her child of any age.

Stephen Fried’s book “The New Rabbi” explains how parental alienation has been an epidemic problem in the Jewish community for decades because Rabbis and other Jewish leaders help the wealthy, influential husband/father hide community property and ignore the parental alienation in exchange for donations or contributions whereby divorce has become a profitable business.

Preventing my routine interactions with Sinai Temple has made it more difficult for me to reunite with my children because I no longer have their support or the support of any other Jewish organization and my character has been defamed.

Dr. Phil even asked me on his nationally televised show which aired November 1, 2013 and has been rerun, why I have been banned from a Temple in Los Angeles.

Since 10/27/12, I have requested the information from Sinai Temple regarding contributions and donations made by my ex-husband or anyone on his behalf to establish the net worth of the community estate and complete my divorce so that it complies with California and consistent and compatible Federal Laws.

Sinai Temple has refused to provide me with the requested contribution and donation information.

As a direct and proximate result of said intentional, deliberate and outrageous acts of Sinai Temple and their repeated refusal to rectify said acts by helping me and my children reunite and restore my beautiful character by rescinding their ban; I have been inflicted with severe emotional distress, oppression and physical and financial harms which currently persist.

Sinai Temple intended to deprive me of my right to have a companionship with my children.
Sinai Temple intended to deprive me of my right to receive my 50 percent interest in the community estate.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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