Silencing those who refuse to accept Immorality or Corruption

A Mother or Father should not be alienated by their Child at the time of divorce because they rebelled and refused to go along with doing immoral and illegal things.

To try to SILENCE all those who refuse to accept immorality or corruption is turning yourself into an immoral person who will have to SPEND HIS OR HER LIFE silencing those who refuse to accept his or her ideas. This is what narcissists do and others with psychological and personality disorders.

This Mother or Father should be PRAISED not for merely demonstrating the shortcomings of those who agree to go along with the immorality and harming others but; also for showing the epitome of love, goodness and sustainable, positive, enriching and flourishing GROWTH.

You always have a CHOICE. You can choose to see the truth and hold yourself to high standards of love, morality and truth or accept immorality and corruption. Sometimes you have to FORCE YOURSELF to ACCEPT WHAT YOUR EYES HAVE SEEN. (not the lies you have been told, but what you have SEEN).

Remaining loyal to a parent who causes harm to others is NOT being LOYAL but destroying your OWN morality and positive values of love, honesty, kindness and compassion and those of others who you harm and they harm. 
Why would someone do this? 
Usually out of ANGER and being unwilling to be introspective and evaluate issues in their life which have brought them concerns or discomfort. This is important growth where books, therapists and other credible resources can be valuable.

A person is NOT EVIL because they REBEL against immorality and corruption. Such a person is WISE because they have turned a very tragic situation into one of POSITIVE CHANGE and POSITIVE GROWTH showing the catastrophic error in judgment and the failure of BELIEF, even in their own family members who have alienated their loving, nurturing law-abiding Mother or Father without even having a civil, respectful conversation.

A person is NOT EVIL because they REBEL against immorality and corruption because they are showing the catastrophic error in judgment and the failure of BELIEF of those who signed a divorce judgment knowing the loving Mother reasonably relied on them not to cheat her because they had financial, accounting or legal skills she does not but; believing she will never figure out the TRUTH. Others helped cheat the loving Mother too as part of the corruption.

If she does figure out the TRUTH, they try to silence her with lies and other immoral and corrupt behavior and the cycle continues until someone REBELS against them and their immoral, corrupt behaviors.

These types of people, who try to silence those who DISAGREE WITH THEM AND REFUSE TO GO ALONG WITH THE CORRUPTION; give birth to a new protest because they have so much ANGER inside. 
They are angry because they refuse to ACCEPT what their eyes have seen and they know in their heart is TRUE; that their loving, kind, nurturing Mother or Father they alienated or cheated is and has always been loving, kind and nurturing but not perfect as people are not. They want to believe lies. Many alienated Children of all ages have this problem because they refuse to SEE THE TRUTH.

People like this cannot prevail because they have so much anger which they can’t control especially when those they try to silence, refuse to be silenced out of love, morality and truth. Without these values you have nothing; only lies, immorality and corruption. 
The opposite ends of the spectrum are quite clear.

Unless the person filled with love, morality and truth rebels against those who do immoral and corrupt acts; they have not  SEPARATED themselves from them and have become part of them. This is what is called GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.

As always, none of this is advice of any kind, just based on my knowledge.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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