Since being in the Holy Land of Israel for almost two weeks now I have: 1) a New perspective on FORGIVENESS especially regarding my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and; 2) have sent a New email to BOTH Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg and the general Beth Tfiloh email address regarding his letter and my birth certificate with the attached apostille required by THE STATE OF ISRAEL for the my Aliyah process.

To begin, since being in the Holy Land of Israel for about two weeks now; I have celebrated two Sabbaths. Sabbath is the sacred day of rest, reflection and prayer for Jews as the Torah and other Jewish teachings explain. It is very easy to celebrate the Sabbath in Israel because almost everything is closed and public transportation stops. I celebrated one Sabbath in Tel Aviv and its nearby city of Jaffa and the more recent one in international city of Tiberias by the Seas of Galilee.

On Sabbath in Tiberias, I went walking along the Sea of Galilee about a block from where I am staying, turned uphill and found a simple but beautiful synagogue which I attached for you to see. I continued up the cobblestone road and to my great surprise found the grave of the Jewish Patriarch Rachel. When I continued up this Tiberias mountain as the photo attached shows; I passed a goat farm which reminded me of when my children, most often my daughter, and I fed the goats in Laguna Beach, California. These goats were placed in Laguna Beach from Catalina Island so that they would eat the grass thereby reducing the great propensity of fires.
As I continued this amazing Sabbath walk; I met an old Jewish man and his son who live in Tiberias and were going to a synagogue in this mountain to say the prayers at the end of the Sabbath. They invited me to come so we continued walking up this Tiberias mountain on a now dirt path. Attached is the photograph of this very simple outdoor synagogue with the view of the beautiful Sea of Galilee in one direction and the beautiful Tiberias mountain in the other. It reminded me of my youngest son’s Bar Mitzvah which was held outside around the beautiful lake near his school as the photos on a prior post show. Just the three of us sang a few prayers and then I continued down the mountain to where I am staying.
But there is more which took place on my Sabbath walk. First I want to mention that Israel, except the West Bank from what I am told, is very safe and also in the small town of Tiberias it is very easy to find your way because from most places you can see the Sea of Galilee and use that as a guide. You can also see the tower of the Tomb of Rambam; the famous Jewish philosopher also known as Maimonides. I was at his famous tomb when I came down the mountain. Israel is sacred and so rich in history and I feel very renewed to be here.

Soon I will be traveling to Safed which is the home of many Jewish artists and also of Jewish mysticism called Kabbalah. I find Kabbalah’s beliefs of numerology very interesting and I find it always interesting and important to KEEP LEARNING new positive perspectives on many topics because as wise people have said; if a person stops learning then he or she will stop growing too. As Rabbi Akiva, the husband of Patriarch Rachel proved; as an old man he could still learn the ways of the Torah and teach others to do the same. This is also TIKKUN OLAM; the Jewish commandment of Healing the World. 
Since my decision to make Aliyah, being in Israel and celebrating Sabbath in this sacred country; I have had the opportunity to reflect on my life, my future and the choices I have made.

As I went through an overwhelming amount of FAMILY MEMORABILIA of photographs, notes, gifts and other memories I cherished in preparation for leaving many behind in American for making Aliyah; I began thinking about FORGIVENESS. I know the ESSENCE of my three children’s character is one with the values of the Torah because I raised them in this way and also I have and continue to set the Jewish example myself for my entire life for them to follow. 
***AS DIFFICULT AS IT IS FOR ME TO WRITE THIS NEXT SENTENCE with all I have been through regarding the very well documented Parental Alienation; I know my still legal Jewish husband MARK HASSMAN was for many years a kind, caring and compassionate person who lived his life using his very impressive education, skills and experiences to help not only our family and himself but others too. He lived a life of Tikkun Olam; healing the world. A Jew is commanded live this way according to the Torah by using his or her own special skills, education and experiences God has given each one of us. Thus, MARK HASSMAN lived as a wonderful Jewish man. THIS IS WHY I FELL MORE AND MORE IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL THE TIME and was very happily married for about twenty years. THIS IS ALSO WHY I BECAME SO EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY DISTRAUGHT from the Parental Alienation; ***I couldn’t believe my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN would do this to me AND also our children.

Now I wonder, since we have been living with the Parental Alienation for over ten years now; if there is any love in his heart as there used to be for over twenty years, so that he would be willing to “begin again” in renewing our marriage and our vowels in the Holy Land of Israel. *** I never, ever thought I could feel this way again but; Israel is a very sacred and holy place.

The MARK HASSMAN I fell in love with and married is an incredibly smart man who has made many business and financial accomplishments since he was a young child. Thus, I KNOW MARK HASSMAN UNDERSTANDS the basic, reasonable, rational and clearly explicit divorce laws which repeatedly explain that a couple is not deemed legally divorced until the value of the community estate is: established; agreed upon with informed consent by both spouses; divided 50/50; and then distributed 50/50 between the spouses. I also know that with all his Chief Financial Officer experiences including taking companies public, negotiating mergers, acquisitions and many corporate, partnership, nonprofit and other arrangements throughout the United States for decades that he also can read our divorce decree.

Thus, since MARK HASSMAN is really so smart and capable; I know he truthfully UNDERSTANDS that pursuant to the United States and California Constitutions and other laws; we are not legally divorced and are still legally married; despite the fact that lawyers, judges, justices and others in prestigious positions have claimed we are legally divorced.

As I remember MARK HASSMAN from my twenty wonderful years of marriage before the Parental Alienation began; he was NOT ONLY a brilliant man. He also had a beautiful, caring heart and reasonable, rational and objective mind as the twenty years of our married life irrefutably proves to any reasonable person.

I also couldn’t help thinking about two friends and colleagues of mine whom I worked with at the famous Los Angeles bakery Hansen’s Cakes. We had many discussions on FORGIVENESS and they repeatedly insisted that until I learn to forgive that I will not be able to really have peace of mind. 
Also, Friday evening soon after Sabbath began; I was walking back from the Tiberias hot springs on the Sea of Galilee near where I am staying. A man sitting a café loved the knitted sweater and matching scarf and hat I was wearing which I knitted before the Parental Alienation began when I was happily married. This man and I started talking, shared a bottle of wine and it turned out that he too is an artist; a jeweler. This man was also divorced and understood Parental Alienation but also warned me as my Hansen’s Cakes friends did too that a person has to LEARN TO FORGIVE if he or she really wants to live in peace. I came to Israel to make Aliyah so I can live in peace.

As I continue to reflect; I wonder if my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN would be willing to try to “begin again,” and pick up where we left off while viewing these past ten years as a time filled with important lessons both of us needed to learn so we could RETURN STRONGER TO EACH OTHER AND ALSO FOR OUR CHILDREN. It is very, very regretful that I am unable to contact him to see if there is still any love in his heart and a willingness to begin again due to the fact that he has a restraining order against me until 2032 whereby I cannot contact him. Somehow, I have hope.

Here is an updated email I sent Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg regarding my Jewish Birthright of making Aliyah.
from: Sara Hassman<>
to: mitchell wohlberg <>,
date: Feb 3, 2019, 7:07 AM

Shalom Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg,
I hope you had a nice and reflective Sabbath. Since my last email to you; I have contacted several apostille agencies in Baltimore, Maryland and each one told me, which makes sense, that it is less expensive to have two documents affixed with an apostille than to just have one. 
Thus, I was wondering if along with your letter which needs an apostille; you would also order my birth certificate as I was born in Baltimore, Maryland at Johns Hopkins Hospital downtown and send that document along with your letter to have an apostille affixed on both. Then the apostille agency can send BOTH of these required documents to me in Israel. This will also expedite my Aliyah process. Again, you will be REIMBURSED for any expenses you incur as I am sure you know. As the Senior Rabbi at such an influential synagogue in the United States; I am sure you are familiar with the Aliyah process.
Please respond to me soon because I do not want to delay this process and neither does the STATE OF ISRAEL. It is a mitzvah and my Jewish Birthright to return home to Israel.
Sincerely and Sim Shalom,

Also, to see the photos please go to my facebook page. Just click the “f” in the circle at the top of this page or google Parental Alienation Solutions Facebook. Sorry for this inconvenience.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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