Since this is my last routine post; I want to explain especially for MY CHILDREN WHY, YES WHY their father, my husband Mark Fredrik(sp) Hassman born April 24, 1954; a graduate of Harvard business school; a Certified Public Accountant and a Chief Financial Officer of many years; CREATED OUR PARENTAL ALIENATION around 2008 AND STILL ENCOURAGES IT.

For over thirty (30) years now; Mark Hassman views himself as a financial failure since he repeatedly has failed to hit the “big money” beginning in 1984 as accurately depicted by actor Michael Douglas in the brilliant movie “Wall Street” where acquiring lots of money REGARDLESS OF WHOM YOU HARM is more valuable than Love, Family, Truth, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice for All.

Mark Hassman and I both grew up in the Jewish area of Baltimore, Maryland and attended the same public schools. He was known as a very smart student. When we started dating in 1984; I had already graduated from law school, passed the bar exam and was working in my family’s automobile business and he was working for a start-up company called “Jiffy Lube.”

The years 1984 and 1985 were very prosperous years for many who invested in the American stock market and companies like Sony and IBM which were marketing and selling personal computers, game boy, Walkman and video games like Pacman and Tetris. Thousands of people who didn’t have Mark Hassman’s impressive education and experiences had made millions of dollars and were leading a life of luxury; often reckless and senseless too.

Accordingly, Mark Hassman never got over the fact that he missed this “opportunity” to make it rich when many of his Harvard business school classmates and his other colleagues and friends had earned huge amounts of money from this stock market boom.

When we dated and then married in 1985; I was very impressed with Mark Hassman’s position as Treasurer of an unheard of start-up company named Jiffy Lube and how he was very instrumental in taking the company public.

ALSO, I came from a very wealthy family and saw how huge amounts of money can destroy the values and lives of those who disregard Love, Family, Truth, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice for All and believe that GREED is wonderful and that it is IMPORTANT to have the biggest house, state-of-the-art car, the wildest and most expensive party and be seen in the most fashionable clothes REGARDLESS OF WHOM YOU HARM TO GET THESE THINGS. I have also found that people like this love to BLAME OTHERS for their failures and inadequacies.

Mark Hassman has and continues to unreasonably and irresponsibly BLAME ME for his problems and financial failures instead of being honest and responsible by changing his dishonest ways which will change his unsuccessful, unsatisfying and shameful behavior.

Mark Hassman is also angry that he couldn’t “sell me” his fraudulent and illegal schemes around year twenty (20) of our marriage. Since I had already given him three (3) children and refused to OBEY HIM, what good was I to him now? Thus, he created the Parental Alienated so I would be alienated from OUR CHILDREN AND HE COULD USE AND ABUSE THEM to help him succeed financially as he did with his illegal Student Loan Fraud Scheme.

As history and life has proven; MONEY COMES AND GOES but TRUE LOVE DOES NOT, this includes being honest and truthful with yourself.

Thus, although I really loved my husband Mark Hassman (until he began the well-documented Parental Alienation) and was a faithful, devoted, loving, honest Wife and Mother; I have now come to realize that HE NEVER REALLY LOVED ME OR OUR CHILDREN and just saw us and STILL SEES US as toys or puppets to help him “hit the big money.” IF I AM WRONG and Mark Hassman does love Me or OUR CHILDREN; he would IMMEDIATELY end our very well-documented Parental Alienation going on for about twelve (12) years now as therapists, doctors and other Parental Alienation experts and reasonable, compassionate people will confirm. In other words, IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN; you do not destroy the sacred Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionships; you try to enhance them and make them even stronger. As court records prove; Mark Hassman even referred to me, Sara Hassman the full-time, stay-at-home Mother as an “integral part of the positive upbringing of our children.”          Accordingly, Mark Hassman should reasonably and responsibly want to IMMEDIATELY END the Parental Alienation if he loves OUR CHILDREN and also me. Do you think Mark Hassman is trying to PUNISH ME since I refused to go along with his student loan fraud scheme in 2008 when the real estate market and stock market plunged and he wanted to illegally “protect” his investments so he could make the “big money?”

It appears that Mark Hassman had an idea that his real estate investments were going to be destroyed because before 2008; he began encouraging OUR CHILDREN to be disrespectful to me and he also began being disrespectful and very unreasonable.

Mark Hassman knows I am honest since I would not go along with the corruption my wealthy Jewish parents, sister and their Jewish attorneys wanted when I was a young adult. My lawsuit against them helped abolish the “kiddie trust tax laws” so parents and others could no longer take advantage of their children and other relatives to “profit” by illegally using their social security number to pay fewer taxes.

Was Mark Hassman’s disrespect towards me and encouraging OUR CHILDREN to also treat me with disrespect HIS SCHEME of making sure OUR CHILDREN were on his side? Then, if I refused to go along with his student loan fraud scheme, which I did as he anticipated; he could easily create the Parental Alienation and use OUR CHILDREN to “profit” by getting them to take out at least twenty-seven (27) student loans which I know about even though we had college fund accounts set up for them and did not need any student loans.

In addition, as my divorce lawsuits prove beginning with California Superior Court case #09D002792, Mark Hassman, (who controlled our marital finances/community estate due to all of his financial education and experiences), received 1.5 million dollars while the divorce proceedings where going on. What happened to this 1.5 million dollars? Why did OUR CHILDREN have to take out at least twenty-seven (27) student loans when this 1.5 million dollars could have been used to pay for their college education? Also, what happened to the money in the college fund accounts we had established?

Love makes a house a home and I brought love to my husband Mark Hassman and OUR CHILDREN. I was very happy with our lifestyle since I could afford to stay home and raise our children as the full-time stay-at-home Mother. I read to OUR CHILDREN many important books and taught them many important lessons along with showering them with a lot of love and compassion. I made many delicious meals, some TOGETHER WITH OUR CHILDREN like homemade challah for Shabbat, sushi, apple sauce which we put over ice cream and many others. We could also afford to take fun and educational family trips and send OUR CHILDREN to enriching academic schools which encouraged sports and other activities and taught them important lessons and perspectives.

Professionally, I was happy clerking for very honest, wise and responsible Judge James S. Sfekas during the hours OUR CHILDREN were in school. I WAS NOT INTERESTED in having a fancy car with the latest gadgets, the biggest party, the most stylish clothes and things like that. I believe this is why I just love MY NEW LIFE IN ISRAEL among those who have similar values.

We often took fun family hikes or long walks in Crystal Cove National Park near our home in Newport Beach, California and also in Laguna Beach, California. Around 2008 when the Parental Alienation began; I believe Mark Hassman used this time to try to “indoctrinate” me and also OUR CHILDREN. But, I am SO GRATEFUL for all these beautiful family times and NOW I WANT TO FOCUS ON MY NEW LIFE IN ISRAEL.

I have exposed the facts regarding the well-documented Parental Alienation: in my divorce Lawsuits; on my Website; my Facebook page and; elsewhere which includes the involvement of many JEWISH and other Leaders; their Organizations; their Schools; their Supporters; Judges; Lawyers; the court-appointed Therapist; Philanthropists and others involved in promoting the well-documented INTERNATIONAL problem of Terror and Oppression called Parental Alienation.

Hopefully, some of these people and organizations in this generation or if not, in the future generation, will pick up where I have left off and diligently, morally and responsibly END the INTERNATIONAL TERROR and OPPRESSION OF PARENTAL ALIENATION.

It is without any reasonable doubt that my Lawsuits, Website and Facebook page clearly explain THE FACTS AND THE TRUTH and ALL THOSE INVOLVED in promoting this terror and oppression called Parental Alienation otherwise; I would have been sued years ago for defamation. However to sue for defamation, the facts must be exposed which would incriminate all those promoting this terror and oppression going on now for twelve (12) years and even shamefully during this Coronavirus when reuniting Children with their Alienated loving, honest and law-abiding Mother or Father would be very beneficial as any reasonable person knows.

I WELCOME anyone who has loving, honest, reasonable and responsible behavior to: 1) contact me and 2) become part of my life, ESPECIALLY MY CHILDREN. Those who STILL WANT TO PROMOTE the Terror and Oppression called PARENTAL ALIENATION I cannot welcome you because I reasonably do not want my seizures to return.

NOW, MOVING FORWARD, I have many wonderful and fun opportunities in Israel which I want to focus on especially now that many of the Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted in Israel. I love my new life here among many kind, caring, wise and enriching people. I love living by the beautiful Red Sea too. A friend, who has all the equipment for me, wants to take me scuba diving to see some beautiful reefs and more varieties of fish and dolphins that I see when I snorkel.

Thus, I will post to my Website and Facebook page to wish MY CHILDREN “Happy Birthday” and on other special occasions and when I want to make an important point which I haven’t already addressed.

Remember, GOD is walking by MY SIDE and I also believe by MY CHILDREN’S SIDE because otherwise we would have never been able to survive all of this terror and oppression for twelve (12) years now.

Thus, MY CHILDREN and OTHERS TOO do not fear these terrorists/oppressors. Instead, do what you know is honest, compassionate, reasonable and responsible including contacting your alienated Mother or Father so you will help end this INTERNATIONAL TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION which will bring Love, Peace and Happiness to millions in this world, including yourself.

With much love.

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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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