So what do you think this attorney will do…promote justice or promote corruption?

Below is an email I sent my criminal attorney today. Why not guess if you think he will respond to me soon so I can ADVANCE my criminal case by replacing him, being assigned a public defender and finally since October 30, 2014, when I hired him almost 1 year ago; I will know what I did to be accused of violating some restraining order. 
This way, there will not be a criminal case pending on September 18, 2015 when my hearing for the civil lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles is scheduled.

Think the defendants in this civil case in Los Angeles are trying to say I am a felon, with their false and misleading allegations as I understand AND will try to say I do not deserve my millions of dollars from my community estate that is my 50 percent; and that I also don’t deserve my spousal support or a companionship with my children. THEY DESERVE to keep my millions of dollars and my support too and keep alienating me from my children based on these lies. This criminal lawsuit is for some misdemeanor.

***So they steal my money and abuse me and my children but try to claim they deserve my money and property and that I don’t have any property, contract or civil rights due to some alleged restraining order violations.

Only a horrible person would request and grant restraining orders to keep a law-abiding Mother from seeing her children or communicating with them to help the children in many ways as parents should.

Getting very interesting. 
So guess? 

Do you think my criminal attorney will contact me and provide me with this very relevant and material information or keep trying to stall and deprive me of my rights.
Here is the email I sent him which I am choosing to share to help others understand the schemes of those who PROFIT FROM DIVORCE using acts of PARENTAL ALIENATION:

from: Sara Hassman <[email protected]>
to: Gabriel Dorman <[email protected]>
date: Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 5:03 PM
subject: need you to forward me the signed release of attorney document
Dear Gabriel,
As per my text messages today and voice mail messages amounting to about 6 total messages so far; please return them and let me know when we can talk and you can send me the police report and I need my file. You have an office in Los Angeles. You know I have no money to pay you, I borrowed the $2500 to pay you from my credit card as the documents show. I still owe this money. Your purpose was to get rid of this riduculous case w/out merit so it was dismissed like you did with the other cases.

You need to talk to me to go over this and you need to sign the form releasing you as my attorney which is required by the court AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Since I can’t pay you to represent me and you obligated me to a criminal trial today without my consent I need this done as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

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