Solutions to help end the child abuse & emotional torture of Parental Alienation

Have You Ever Loved Me? This is a good question we should ask our alienated children to help them sort out their feelings. This was also the powerful title of a painting in an art show yesterday.

It is only REASONABLE, that we discuss in a civil, polite manner with our children why they have chosen to eliminate us from their life. What have we done that is so terrible? Have we not done ANYTHING good at all? Of course we have, so why are they so unreasonable and unkind to us? What brought about this sudden change? They should be able to articulate this, especially if they are teens or adults.

Ask them:

Isn’t it reasonable to research parental alienation and also see a therapist so we can determine if your behaviors, mine, your father’s (mother’s) and your step-mother’s (step-father’s) fit the pattern of those described by parental alienation experts?

Why are you refusing to even ACKNOWLEDGE your feelings and behaviors as this is very harmful as many experts have shown? (1). Would you please try to tell me in a polite manner; why you keep ignoring me? Why don’t you want to spend time with me or even talk to me on the telephone?

 ***Do you think it is because your father (mother), and step-mother (step-father) want you to alienate me so they can tell you a DIFFERENT STORY which is not the truth?  

***Don’t you think they know I would tell you the truth so they are trying to keep you away from me?

Let’s start to resolve this by telling me what I have done that is so terrible that you want to eliminate me from your life. Maybe what you are believing is not true or is only part of the story. It is reasonable to discuss this so we can resolve this alienation in an adult manner and you can freely love both of your divorced parents.

We must discuss if your father (mother) is playing a role in this alienation.

***If not, why are YOU behaving this way?

***If yes, why is your parent trying to alienate me from you as I am your loving, caring mother (father)?

If our children are restricted from communicating with us, they don’t have a choice but to believe the lies they are being told by their evil, sick, abusive parent and those aiding them. Pure evil.

This abuse is getting worse and worse affecting millions of children and families. Someone asked me what we can do. Aside from spreading awareness about this form of child abuse and emotional torture called parental alienation here are some other suggestions:

  • Ask your local religious leaders to start giving sermons and writing about this abuse. I and many others have found them to be unwilling and even abusive themselves. (2) However, it is still worth a try as we cannot give up on our children and freedom, which democracy stands for. Also, our children are our future.
  • Ask your local schools to have assemblies, discussions and other events to educate and empower children and families.
  • Ask boy scout, girl scout and brownie groups to do the same
  • Ask some sports teams to do the same, maybe while they are taking a break or after a practice.
  • Let me know how you succeed so others can follow your lead. Also, maybe these clergy, schools and others who are caring, compassionate, kind and represent freedom and democracy will lead the way for others to follow.
  • We need to empower our children and loving, caring parents so they do not fall prey to the emotional torture and emotional abuse of these sick, evil, alienating parents and those who aid them.

So, as the painting stated, “Have You Ever Loved Me?” Of course our precious children have and now they are being emotionally tortured and brainwashed as they were ripped from our loving arms.

We will stand strong and continue to bring awareness and with perseverance, will end this emotional abuse.

If not I, then who?


(1)- Parental Alienation Solutions Background page

(2)- Parental Alienation Solution, Jewish Child Abuse page

– By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solution, Founder,



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