Some important updates and clarifications showing truth, justice and love are prevailing.

FIRST, many things are in progress which I will report on later this week.

Remember; many just lie, tell more lies and TRY TO PLANT FALSE EVIDENCE while ignoring the truth. 

As a result they become very confused and delusional and continue to criminally and politically incriminate themselves and each other more and more each day as my overwhelming facts show in my lawsuits. This includes many facts involving corrupt and immoral judges; religious organizations and their leaders; schools and other nonprofit organizations and their leaders; executives, the court-appointed therapist, banks and others.

SECOND, they are so immoral, unethical, ruthless and evil that they often:

1- USE THE CHILDREN, TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS SUFFERING FROM PARENTAL ALIENATION to plant false evidence and tell lies like they did with my daughter on the                         DR. PHIL show.

2- Then they THREATEN THEM telling them if they do not go along with the corruption they will disclose their corrupt acts so they will go to jail and face other abuses…but this is ANOTHER LIE because:
ABUSED, TERRORIZED AND TORTURED CHILDREN OF ALL AGES INCLUDING THOSE SUFFERING FROM PARENTAL ALIENATION will NOT be held liable due to mitigating circumstances but they must come forward with the truth.

Don’t be afraid because truth, love and justice will prevail as I proved in 1985 when I sued my corrupt, immoral and greedy parents, sister and their attorney for illegally using my social security number with a grantor trust so they could profit and I am proving again now. Many in history have proven this too.


Children and People must be loved, not used, abused and tormented. This is not Democracy or Ethical and is not what our laws in the United States promote. But these corrupt, immoral and greedy people think they are above the law; but I am proving otherwise.

THIRD, I want to correct the spelling of the name my old friend I mentioned in yesterday’s post regarding my question of whether he is laundering money from his casinos with the nonprofit religious organization BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE in Baltimore. His name is GLENN WEINBERG.
I am appalled that he refuses to help end the illegal use of             501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements and refuses to help end Parental Alienation with all the millions of dollars he inherited.

I understand GLENN WEINBERG’s children went to BETH TFILOH school as did some of my relatives’ children who also INHERITED a lot of money including my sister and her husband

Unfortunately, these people have become greedy, lost souls because they also refuse to do what is moral and just but claim to be “very Jewish” and righteous. 
My Mother HELEN PENN DORF is like this too and I am so glad I got away from her and the rest of my corrupt, immoral and greedy family who claim to be righteous Jews while harming others so they can PROFIT.

Judaism repudiates having a BUSINESS POLICY of ripping Children of any age from their honest, law-abiding Mother at the time of divorce so both the Mother and her Children as expected become very sick emotionally and physically too. Adolph Hitler did this. All those mentioned above know this is terrorism and is not an ethical, legal and moral way to profit.

They have put money above love, truth and justice.
How greedy and corrupt can these people get?

We are finding out since none of them will even admit their mistakes, compensate those they have harmed and make the changes necessary so this abuse, terror and torture doesn’t reoccur for anyone in our society.
This is what our laws in the US promote and also what Judaism promotes which is called “teshuva.”

Also our laws in the United States and Judaism both mandate that those who harm others must be held accountable because:

1-One cannot profit from his or her own corruption and immoral acts;

2- Others in society must be deterred from repeating their corrupt and immoral acts and;

3-Our laws must apply equally to everyone.

HOWEVER, as noted above abused, terrorized and tortured Children of all ages including those suffering from Parental Alienation, will NOT be held liable due to mitigating circumstances but they must come forward with the truth.

Don’t be afraid because truth, love and justice will prevail as I proved in 1985 when I sued my corrupt, immoral and greedy parents, sister and their attorney for illegally using my social security number with a grantor trust so they could profit and I am proving again now.

Maybe I made a Freudian slip by dropping the “n” in my old friend GLENN WEINBERG’s name because he has proven he is no longer Nice,
But has become Nasty, Nefarious, Narrow-minded, Numb and Nonchalant to the truth and what constitutes justice and Nauseating.


FOURTH, I received some comments regarding my objective, factual statements about how sickly and/or overweight           RABBI DAVID WOLPE, his brother PAUL WOLPE, my husband MARK [F] HASSMAN, his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR looked. They asked me to be objective and state how I look so I will.

Let me preface this by saying almost every day I do some type of very physical work out: whether it is at a gym doing aerobics, weight training or swimming; taking very long walks to get my errands done in the beautiful, sunny Los Angeles weather or doing other exercises in my apartment consisting of resistance training with elastic bands, ab exercises and using the my GRANDFATHER BEN’S weights he used when he had his leg amputated.

Sometimes I also walk with his weight around my arms too. I also have a neck pump to keep the curve in my neck in place and my spine straight. 
Also at my gym, there is an automated spa where I sit in different massage chairs and on vibrating beds and platforms surrounded by infra-red lights which help stop aging and heal cells. I just love Los Angeles and all its resources which are reasonably priced too. I have also made some honest, kind and wonderful friends.

I also cook very healthy meals and do not eat out often. Cooking is a wonderful art. I often grill chicken, lean meats, fish, steam vegetables and put them in salads for my lunches. Los Angeles has many fresh fruit and vegetable varieties. I just made a fig and sweet onion sauce and I am now making some of my homemade lox for the upcoming Jewish holidays. It is curing in the refrigerator which I will enjoy with my friends.

Thus, as expected, I have very little body fat and my muscles are toned. People often tell me how great I look especially for someone in their late 50’s who has had three children. (who by the way I have no idea where they are and what they are doing and have not spent time with them since the time of the divorce over 8 years ago. Ethical?)

I also surround myself with things l love, like my own paintings and other artwork; my Benjamin Garden with birdfeeders, my own special cooking and many books and other things I enjoy.

***Therefore, I feel great and I am able to cope with all this corruption with the help of some professionals and others.
I also look great because I am living a life of truth, kindness and love because I have CHOSEN to surround myself with others who have also CHOSEN to live in the world of truth, kindness and love and also keep themselves in great shape both physically and mentally. We go to shows, concerts, dinners and do other worthwhile and fun things together; this includes having wonderful conversations. All this is part of reason, justice and love.

Well, I will have more specific updates as the week progresses and the truth along with all those involved in this horrible conspiracy who have colluded to promote Parental Alienation and the illegal use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements becomes clearer and clearer.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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