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How an email to my mother relates to the TAX EVASION SCHEMES like the Panama Papers, Shell Corporations and 501(c)(3) agreements of non-profits used TODAY and Fraudulent Grantor Trusts Schemes of YESTERDAY.

The Panama Papers, Shell Corporation and 501(c)(3) agreements of non-profits Tax Evasion Scheme of TODAY and the Fraudulent Grantor Trust Tax Evasion Scheme of YESTERDAY; both set up so wealthy clients could avoid paying taxes while using and abusing others.

This email below is to my mother whom I have been estranged from for over 30 years now. I am estranged from her since I sued her and my father for illegally and immorally using my social security number and setting up a fraudulent grantor trust with the legal assistance of their attorney whom I also sued in 1985 when I was 27 years old.

I refused to go along with their tax evasion scheme and they refused to end their scheme and compensate me for the damages they caused me.

***Accordingly, if I was going to maintain my independence, good morals and character; I had no choice but to sue to enforce my legal rights to have total control over my own social security number and relinquish their fraudulent control of it.

One intended purpose of the fraudulent grantor trust tax evasion scheme was for my parents, who were very wealthy, to be able to fraudulently and immorally pay taxes at my lower tax rate; not at their much higher tax rate.

Another intended purpose of the fraudulent grantor trust tax evasion scheme was for my parents and their attorney and also my sister, who was a trustee of my trust, whom I also sued, could all benefit at my expense while trying to CONTROL me. IRS thought I owed all the taxes due as a result of this fraudulent grantor trust which I knew nothing about for many years.

There were forged tax returns and other forged documents by my parents and others which disgusted and abhorred me beyond words as you can imagine.

But at least I discovered the horrible values and character of my parents and sister and reasonably and rationally chose to stay away from them because they refused and still refuse to change. My case helped change the fraudulent grantor trust laws also called the “Kiddie Trust” laws.

***I am so grateful I realized the truth and got away from them so they could not continue to harm me.

*** I don’t care what lies any of them or others like them tell about me or what they think of me because I do not respect liars, cheaters and abusers and EXPECT them to lie, cheat and make up stories about others, including me. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO. They will lie whenever they think it is beneficial. I have been told professionally that they are very sick people.

NOW, I AM DEALING WITH my husband who with the cooperation of judges, law firms, religious organizations, executives, joint venture partners, the court-appointed therapist, non-profit schools, my husband’s mistress, MY OWN CHILDREN and others; have hidden MY millions of dollars of assets from the community estate and income too which should have been distributed to me at the time of the divorce in 2008. (we are still married because my divorce contract is invalid and unlawful).

***REDISTRIBUTING income and other assets of those who are legally entitled to receive it is not only illegal but is also very evil.

***As ANY REASONABLE PERSON knows; a person is entitled to the fruits of his or her labor which includes a MOTHER who puts her career on hold and raises her children; taking care of the home and daily responsibilities too while providing a lot of love. This is all part of a marriage and sharing family responsibilities.

As my lawsuit clearly shows; corrupt, evil people, many with prestigious titles, have stolen from me since the time of my divorce the fruits of my labor and other assets. They are very sick people who will be held accountable. This is justice.

They are typically very angry people since they have sold their mind, heart and soul to the CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT and now have immoral values and despicable character and have stopped thinking. They just GO ALONG with the crowd even if they know this is wrong and will harm others, even themselves. They are also very angry people because they are living in a world without love. (Please note, having sex is not living in a world of love).

Think the millions of dollars of MY assets and income are hidden in active shell corporations owned by the community estate AND in 501(c)(3) agreements of SINAI TEMPLE, SADDLEBACK CHURCH and OTHER NON-PROFITS all which were illegally not disclosed during the divorce proceedings or thereafter?

When hidden active limited liability corporations (LLCs) owned by the community estate were disclosed by a private investigator who also presented the corporate records showing my husband as an officer of these LLCs; judges, law firms, my husband, the joint venture partners, executives, religious organizations, non-profit schools and others ignored their concealment.

Think the judges, law firms and the joint venture partners of these LLCs are involved in the corruption of hiding my assets and income as court transcripts clearly show they ignored repeatedly that they were omitted from the divorce contract? 
As court transcripts show;
I was even called a VEXATIOUS LITIGANT because I was trying to disclose these facts and rectify my fraudulent divorce contract so I can be legally divorced and receive my legal interest in the community estate.

The private investigator, who disclosed these active hidden corporations in Delaware, Pennsylvania and California was harassed and abused by my husband with acts of malicious prosecution. 
Malicious prosecution is a serious crime as any reasonable person knows because it undermines truth, justice and democracy.

***NOW, ONCE AGAIN I am fervently fighting to change the tax evasion laws along with legally designating Parental Alienation as a very serious crime of abuse as experts and any reasonable person know it should be denoted as such.

***Why do you think my now adult Children have refused to contact me for about 8 years even though I helped them thrive in many important ways, develop good values and character and we shared many fun times together as documents show. 
Think my Children are being abused and threatened or have they become corrupt?

Well, here is the email I sent today to my mother whom I have had minimal contact with over the past 30 years:

It’s a sad state of affairs when you do not even have a photo of your own wonderful Father. I have one of my father and you too even though both of you have shown by your actions your horrible morals, values and character and how you used me for your own corrupt benefits. I bet it is catching up with you because I could tell by your voicemail how full of anger you are, even with all of your money and your “titles.” I guess you never learned from your wonderful father that without your good values and character you have NOTHING.

By the way, my Benjamin Garden is really blooming, more than in the photo.

Think all of the defendants in my lawsuit will be part of the PANAMA PAPERS or some other TAX EVASION SCHEME for hiding money and assets in offshore accounts or elsewhere to defraud me? Time will tell but I am sure I will prevail because I have truth on my side along with love in my heart.

It’s a shame you never learned to have love in your heart.


As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences and also my very reasonable behavior.

Learn from people what to do as well as what NOT to do. Others can teach you valuable lessons if you focus your mind and act reasonably and morally and care about the wellbeing of others and not only yourself.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:





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