Sometimes Letting Go of Associating with Unreasonable People is Necessary for Your Own Well Being

Have confidence and do not second guess yourself. If a person truly loves you, they will make positive changes and figure out a way to be reasonable so they help THEMSELVES grow. If they don’t want to do this then don’t waste your time with them. Anyone who does not want to be consistently reasonable is not worth getting to know.

Furthermore, for someone to ignore all the harm they have caused others shows you how uncaring, irresponsible and sick they are.

In other words, they think it is fine for them to initiate violence and cause problems for others. A person like this has psychological and emotional issues because his or her acts are harming society and he doesn’t care.
***This is not normal because a rational, compassionate person with a sound mind would be upset if they harmed another and would want to
repair the harms they caused. So, get this person OUT of your life because they obviously do not care about hurting others and you do not want to be hurt.
Also, do not try to help others if you are going to be hurt in the process.
That does not make sense.
So spend your time wisely with those who appreciate you and will not intentionally hurt you and will help you grow in positive ways; not ruin your self esteem so they can control you.

Remember; don’t worry what others say about you. If they want to make up lies; so what. You know the truth and this is THEIR PROBLEM; not yours. Just take care of what you can control which is YOURSELF.

***Make yourself the best person you can be and be proud of YOURSELF, regardless of what others do.
You can’t control them.

But, by being the best person you can be you may influence them to make positive changes as you grow stronger and wiser.

Just concern yourself with YOUR life and your good character and values. Then wonderful things will happen and you will meet wonderful people.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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