Speaking Strongly in Support of our Precious Children Leads the Way for Change

Speaking strongly in support of our precious children by showing we are neither deterred, impeded or subsumed by the evil and abusive acts of those creating and aiding the Parental Alienation, leads the way for millions of children, even adult children, to do the same.

Once our children and others realize that these abusers are weak cowards who are about to crumble; they will more likely try to escape from the emotional torture by feeling free to begin communicating with their loving parent and understanding parental alienation. This is a beautiful and reasonable start.
However, we must continue to grow stronger and stronger by moving forward doing positive things and bringing out the TRUTH. This will make our children feel more and more comfortable speaking out and escaping the emotional torture.

***Don’t ever let these corrupt and evil people break you, your heart, soul and beautiful mind. Know you have a beautiful potential, have great character and know right from wrong.

***Stand strong ALWAYS against those trying to corrupt you!!!

This is the story of my life as my children and others know. My own horrible and abusive experiences have made me stronger and given me more character.

I am not a victim but a Brave Survivor.

***It is all a matter of PERSPECTIVE AND ATTITUDE. See yourself as a lucky person who has been given a great challenge to build your character and help others too.

BROTHERS and SISTERS going through parental alienation please bond together and help one another. Realize how special you can be for each other as your combine your talents, resources and experiences.

This is beautiful since by doing this you are making our world a better place while feeling good about yourself too. Set the example for others. If not I, then who?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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