Stockholm Syndrome is what many Children, Teens and Young Adults suffering from Parental Alienation have. It is part of the Brainwashing.

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME is the tendency of an abused person or a hostage to SYMPATHIZE with their tormentors and those who abuse them. Those being abused begin to like their abusers and even feel sorry for their abusers as many experts have proven.The tormentors and abusers MANIPULATE the minds of those they abuse so they FEEL SORRY FOR THEM and ALLOW themselves to be CONTROLLED and ABUSED EVEN MORE. 
This is why sometimes Abusers will SEEM nice but it is only to BAIT those they are abusing. 
They act like they are your FRIEND while they are taking your money and abusing you and if you are a Loving Mother (father) while they are also abusing your Children, Teens and Young Adults. They are DEFAMING YOUR CHARACTER with lies and false stories behind your back and doing other harmful acts to you and your Children. 

It is a PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION which is what Parental Alienation is; EMOTIONAL ABUSE AND BRAINWASHING which commonly leads to other abuses as the photos of my Son at Cate Boarding High School show; which I have posted previously. He was FORCED to sleep outside on a bare mattress on a cement floor without any covers and he even has a heart condition.
I feel sick every time I think about this. 
I know my Son, who is so kind, smart, has a great personality and is very funny, would NEVER choose to live this way as many emails from Cate School Administrators, my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, his new wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY state he chose to do.

My Son would NEVER choose to live in an abusive environment and among safety hazards and refuse a gift from his loving Mother (me) of a new computer and printer and instead choose to work on an old used notebook computer and deprive himself of his own printer. Plus, my ex-husband was paying over $50,000 a year for this abuse but of course, took out a student loan for what appears to be part of his student loan fraud scheme.They all tried to get me to believe the story that my Son wanted to live this way. Really, think a jury will believe that one too? 
Even RABBI DAVID WOLPE who I consulted for therapy regarding this abusive situation, refused to make a phone call to Cate School to try to help me resolve this abusive situation and told me to let my son act out and to go on with my life. A loving Mother can’t “go on with her life” and forget about her Son being abused as any Loving Mother (father) knows. 

I had no idea at that time that RABBI DAVID WOLPE was part of my ex-husband’s “team” to perpetuate the Parental Alienation as the Jews have been doing for decades. Their secret policy includes stealing the Loving Mother’s property from the divorce using 501c3 and other agreements. Bestselling author Stephen Fried explains this sophisticated divorce plan has been going on among the JEWISH LEADERS and JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS for decades, since the emancipation of their relatives from Auschwitz Concentration Camp. 

My ex-husband had many relatives who died in Concentration Camps but has no problem acting like Hitler himself by separating his Children from their loving Mother and enlisting Henchmen to help him steal her property and income that they plan to share at the end of the statute of limitations period; putting the Children and their loving Mother in a state of emotional torture called parental alienation and also financial devastation.]

One of my ex-husband’s Henchmen is STEVE MUROW, President and Founder of the company “DIRTONU” in Orange County, California.

STEVE MUROW, is also the managing partner of JOINT VENTURES my ex-husband and I have from our marriage. He is one of the partners who tired to extort $112,500 from me and also still refuses to distribute to me my community property interest in these joint ventures. 

STEVE MUROW’s father was very active in the Jewish Community but Steve Murow has a FAKE IMAGE of trying to be a good, honest, Jew when the facts clearly show he has stolen property and other interests that should have been distributed to me at the time of the divorce which he has been notified about. STEVE MUROW’s threatening email told me never to contact him again. Think he too could be headed to jail with my ex-husband and others?
It is sick and evil beyond words but this is what Tormentors, Abusers and Predators do so EXPECT IT. 

I personally know RABBI DAVID WOLPE uses psychological manipulation and intimidation techniques on those he abuses both on and off line as the facts clearly show; and I have many as he and others know which is why they try to silence and defame me. 

RABBI DAVID WOLPE has many different aliases and loves to tell the story how he is a victim of sexual abuse and that you should feel sorry for HIM. Really now??? He uses this story to BAIT others so he can control them better and cause them to have Stockholm Syndrome. 

I have told Rabbi David Wolpe that he shows how sick he is since he is in his 50’s and STILL has not resolved his childhood issues in a responsible manner because he still has not come to terms with this abuse; if it is even true. Any reasonable person would have taken themselves to therapy already and addressed their childhood abuse so they no longer feel victimized and instead feel EMPOWERED, like I feel about Parental Alienation and also how my parents, sister and their lawyer used my social security number.
I not only resolved this childhood issue, my case helped change the “kiddie trust” laws. Not only am I empowered, but I have PROTECTED other children, teens and young adults from being abused the way I was and am I planning to do the same with Parental Alienation. 

RABBI DAVID WOLPE, who told me and articles state he is one of the most “influential” Jews in the US; obviously has trouble treating women fairly and with respect which is why he can perpetuate acts of Parental Alienation against Women and Children, Teens and Young Adults JUST LIKE HIS FATHER did as bestselling author Stephen Fried explains. 
Stephen Fried also explains that Rabbi David Wolpe’s sick, evil and immoral late father Rabbi Gerald Wolpe was his mentor
THIS SICK DYSFUNCTIONAL FATHER AND NOW HIS SON have continued the cycle of abuse in the Jewish Community as author Stephen Fried explains and my facts show. []

Like father, like son. Rabbi David Wolpe, like his late father who was his mentor, is too weak and has a big ego and a SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT and ALLOWS himself to believe that he is “special” and does not need to address his challenges by embracing the truth and learning new positive thought processes and behaviors. 

***Thus, like his sick, late father Rabbi GERALD Wolpe; Rabbi DAVID Wolpe keeps making 501c3 and other agreements to harm and abuse Women and Children and could care less; he just PRETENDS to care. It is all an ACT which is very obvious from his actions. 

RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others at Sinai Temple helped arrange the 501c3 agreement with my ex- husband using MY concealed assets and other interests and the agreement to ban me from Sinai Temple (which Dr. Phil mentioned) to help defame my character. I have never been given a reason for being treated in this uncivil way and I have had a clean record my entire life. 

RABBI DAVID WOLPE and other Jewish leaders REFUSE to help me reunite with my Children even though he is known as one of the most “influential” Jews in the US. He and other Rabbis and Jewish leaders refuse to talk about the harms of Parental Alienation. 
This is not reasonable; this is AIDING AND ABETTING in abuse and in helping my ex-husband (and millions like him), breach his fiduciary duties he owes to me, the ex-wife, to treat me fairly and honestly with regards to community property and other divorce issues. 

It is all part of the JEWISH “game” of parental alienation and to make the Children FALSELY think their Loving Jewish Mother has changed when she is being tormented just like they are as many facts show.

But RABBI DAVID WOLPE acts like he is my friend and CONCERNED about my situation of parental alienation which I consulted him for therapy regarding my role as a Jewish Mother. 
He just ACTS one way to one person and then acts the complete opposite way to another. Think he has some psychological illnesses he needs to address or do you think his behaviors are reasonable and moral? 

So, look at how Tormentors, Abusers and Predators (and people in general) treat others over a long period of time and you will get the true picture; not the DISTORTED IMAGE a Tormentor, Abuser and Predator WANTS you to have. 
***Look at what they DO, not what they say. 

Also, remember there is GUILT BY ASSOCIATION. So do not associate with those who act in immoral ways; get a new roommate and make some new friends. IF MY CHILDREN ARE READING THIS, remember I taught you this lesson? Well here it is in action and the rationale behind this philosophy. Want to be held ACCOUNTABLE for AIDING AND ABETTING your father and others in unlawful acts? If not, get away from him and his Henchmen and if you do not believe me, look up case law regarding aiding and abetting another in breaching his fiduciary duties; especially when there is emotional torture and millions of dollars of concealed property, income and other interests involved.

There is no rational reason my ex-husband, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and several LAW FIRMS on his “team” reviewed and signed or based post judgment support motions and awards on our fraudulent stipulated judgment. There is no rational reason they along with others helped conceal millions of dollars of community assets and have refused to help me reunite with my Children. I have had a clean record my entire life and I have made many positive accomplishments. 
To refuse to arrange a civil conversation with my Children and myself; with all of their professional negotiation skills and to refuse to set aside the fraudulent judgment; adjudicate the concealed assets; amend fraudulent tax returns and other documents is unreasonable and also shows an underlying, clandestine motivation; to keep my money and property for themselves and control my Children with it. 

But as a “team,” their acts have all shown they are Guilty by Association. A lot of the evidence is already part of public records; I have just put it all together showing this horrific conspiracy to destroy the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship and steal the Mother’s property and money, leaving her in a poor financial situation as well and emotionally devastated, along with her Children.

The Solution for Alienated Children including my own:

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is the mental anxiety a person experiences when they are confronted with NEW INFORMATION that conflicts with their existing beliefs, ideas, or values. 

So, if you are an alienated Child, Teen or Young Adult and have been emotionally manipulated; be opened minded to new POSITIVE ideas and behaviors and contact your Loving Mother (father) and STOP BELIEVING THE LIES and ALLOWING yourself to be controlled, abused and manipulated. 

Remember, YOU HAVE FREE WILL so use it to help yourself because only You can. STOP REJECTING reasonable ideas, thoughts and behaviors because this keeps you as an ENABLER, enabling yourself to be used and abused repeatedly.

***Remember, YOU cannot control what others do but YOU CAN control what YOU do and whether YOU CHOOSE to associate with sick people who do immoral and unlawful things. Our choices define us so please choose wisely.

I have chosen wisely and I will take those down who destroy the companionship of loving Mothers (fathers) and their Children, Teens and Young Adults at the time of divorce and take her money and property too, including her savings and retirement. Truly sick and evil. 
This gives me great SELF-ESTEEM not shame for ignoring my problems and letting my children fend for themselves as sick and evil RABBI DAVID WOLPE advised me.
I made my choice to get away from him and many Jews but they keep hacking my computer and trying to silence me in other ways but I will prevail because I have LOVE in my heart, TRUTH and of course GOD by my side. 

I am a walking MIRACLE to have survived my seizures and abuse, learned to cope with the abuse of parental alienation daily AND have all my skills come back. YOU CAN BE A MIRACLE TOO; do what is reasonable and moral; then God will help you too.
As always, none of this is advice of any kind; it is just based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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