Taking children AWAY from their Mother is a CRIME as any reasonable, compassionate person knows; Children include teens and young adults who are all very impressionable.

This is a very serious CRIME especially when done to:
1. PROFIT from divorce;

2. LEAVE the Mother and Children in a state of torture and terror as experts and Adolph Hitler have proven usually occurs. When tortured and terrorized; the Mother and Children can be more easily CONTROLLED and MANIPULATED which is what these very sick, evil people and organizations want;

3. EVOKE terror so the Children are afraid to disobey these abusers and terrorists (including their own father) by trying to contact and reunite with their Mother, who they shared many happy, fun times with, learning many positive lessons from her too. The Children were suddenly alienated from their Mother at the time of the divorce and she then became very sick from the alienation as expected.

***Why would Children refuse to try to contact their loving, law-abiding Mother for eight (8) years now and all these professionals listed below REFUSE TO HELP?

Many who are part of this CORRUPT CONSPIRACY have prestigious titles and so far include: 


Rabbi David Wolpe, Rabbi Ralph Resnick, Howard Lesner and others of SINAI TEMPLE;

Pastor Rick Warren and others of SADDLEBACK CHURCH;

Phil Seastrom and others of SEASTROM & SEASTROM law firm;



Dale Kiken also a lawyer and owner of THE KIKEN GROUP;

The court-appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN, PhD;

MARJI KNITTER and her husband MJ KNITTER who are business owners, joint venture partners involving many Limited Liability Corporations and Marji was the Federal 401K Profit Sharing Administrator of the MOOTE COMPANIES plan;

STEVE MUROW (of Dirtonu) who personally is a partner in many joint ventures, involving Limited Liability Corporations.

***Do you think these Limited Liability Corporations are Shell Companies hiding assets and income while moving the profits and losses around, even having one Limited Liability Corporation declare bankruptcy? Think all the partners can go to jail? Think they do not know better?

***What about the Federal 401K profit sharing plan which was a community asset and community funds were contributed but Marji Knitter, the administrator, distributed all the funds to the husband without the knowledge and consent of the Wife/Mother and without the required Federal forms. Think she can go to jail? Think she doesn’t know better?

CATE SCHOOL, whose administrators repeatedly abused the minor Son, the Mother and their other 2 Children too with the approval of the husband/father MARK HASSMAN;

MARK HASSMAN and HIS MISTRESS MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY who have many examples of hiding assets, income, promoting Parental Alienation and even lying to Dr. Phil on national television saying they would try to reunite the Wife/Mother and Children. Think MARK HASSMAN with all his Harvard education and negotiating skills as a Chief Financial Officer who made millions of dollars can’t help his Children and Wife reunite. (note-we are still married due to our fraudulent, invalid and unlawful divorce contract.)

OTHER LAW FIRMS WHO HAVE REPRESENTED SOME OF THESE PARTIES when they knew or should have known they were using their legal practice to allow their client to violate the law by hiding and /or stealing assets and income and also encouraging and promoting the form of abuse, torture and terror called Parental Alienation.

If the Wife/Mother is able to recover enough from her state of torture and terror it is very unlikely she will realize all the people and organizations involved in this corruption of hiding assets and income from the community estate while ALSO perpetuating Parental Alienation.

The EXTENT OF THIS CONSPIRACY is hard to fathom but the facts clearly speak for themselves which is why those listed above and others have been trying to silence me and keep inflicting me with more harm.

I AM A MIRACLE because: 

1) I have recovered enough to figure out this CORRUPT CONSPIRACY ; 
2) My legal knowledge and skills have come back; 
3) I love Los Angeles and all its resources like the very helpful Law Library downtown and my very supportive friends and acquaintances.

All those mentioned above want to show how powerful they are and how they can ABUSE THEIR AUTHORITY by depriving a loving, law-abiding Mother and her Children of their legal rights; especially when as expected the Mother and Children are very vulnerable and need each other during the time of a divorce and thereafter.

To encourage Parental Alienation and hide and steal assets and income is not Judaism, Christianity or any other reasonable religion or any reasonable, lawful Business Plan.

A person like those mentioned above think devotion is expressed by doing more acts of cruelty, abuse, lying and manipulating when they then suffer more and more pain and have more and more anger and shame for their acts.They think they must “sacrifice” for the greater good of the CORRUPT CONSPIRACY.

A person like those mentioned above have a very weak legal position too as the facts clearly show, thus; they resort to underhanded, corrupt acts instead of being reasonable by:

1. Admitting what they have done, 

2. Compensating those they have harmed and

3. Learning new habits and values so they can become honest people and develop self-esteem, ridding themselves of their suffering and shame.

4. Often they will be underhanded with each other and sell someone out to protect themselves and their own interests. There is no loyalty or love among people like those mentioned above.

They have clearly UNDERESTIMATED me because they never thought I would recover and fight for my rights. They are trying to save their corrupt way of life of PROFITING FROM DIVORCE BY ILLEGALLY HIDING ASSETS AND INCOME AND ENCOURAGING PARENTAL ALIENATION. They fail to see the inevitable destruction of this corrupt way of life because they are so delusional thinking they are so powerful to stop its downfall.

No battle comes off as planned and anticipated especially if you are fighting against me because I am reasonable, brave, honest, very organized, compassionate and free. 
       As Tolstoy said; “Nowhere is a man freer than during a life and death struggle.” Anyone who has ever lost very important legal and constitutional rights knows that to regain them is a life and death struggle because to give up or lose would be a death to Democracy and the way of life in the United States.

I want to end this post by telling this short story: I was in the grocery store today and a woman asked me about some salmon I was buying. She said she wanted to make some for Passover and asked me about some recipes. She told me she was from Israel and tries to follow the holiday traditions but so many of the Rabbis and Jews are corrupt. I told her my story of how they promote Parental Alienation and hide and steal the Wife/Mother’s savings and other assets in their “charitable” agreements.

She told me this is why so many have left synagogues. She also said the Rabbis USED TO BE true leaders in each community and wielded great, honest, compassionate power which is why the JEWISH FAMILY VALUES where praised by many. She said that has all changed today because the Rabbis and Synagogues are all part of the corruption. We both agreed that this is not Judaism but terrorism.

Both of us believe in Judaism as it is written in the Torah but do not believe in how it is being practiced in Synagogues and by Jewish leaders today. We both also believe it is important to fight for your rights especially in showing that it is a CRIME to take children away from their loving, law-abiding Mother!!!

Since Passover is a holiday of EXODUS I am PROUD to have exited from the organized Jewish religion of the Synagogues today and continue LIVING MY LIFE by the true Jewish teachings as my Grandfather Ben and others showed me how to live.
Basically it is living each day by being grateful, not entitled, treating each other as you want to be treated yourself, and helping others in positive ways so our world becomes a better place for everyone; not just those with prestigious titles who abuse their power by harming everyone else as my case clearly continues to show.

You should ALWAYS help others reach their potential and develop good values and character; NEVER taking them away from their Mother and the world of love, no excuses. (not for a profit)

I am thrilled more and more of the truth is being exposed because truth and love will prevail. Just watch.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Mary Jane Pederson shared Parental Alienation Solutions‘s post.
Always like her insights and her fighting spirit. I know how many people go along or get sucked into colluding in the evil some people perpetrate. History shows that phenomena. It is the rare soul that desires awareness, speaks up and fights back.
I have shared so many of your posts on my face page.
Thank you for being one of the parents who are staying in the fight and being an inspiration to those of us healing and trying to get a handle on how to present our cases in court, like me.
Parental Alienation Solutions Thanks, you too Mary for your support and your comments are on my posts too  and on my website as well as on Facebook!!!
Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:





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