THANKS NBC for Setting a Wonderful Example for Others to Follow.

Liars are beginning to fall starting with Brian Williams due to the strong and moral leadership at NBC.

 Brian Williams’ disclosure that he was not aboard a helicopter which came under fire in Iraq in 2003 has resulted in his resignation from NBC News and it looks like an end to his career too.

 Most liars tell many lies; it is their way of life just like honest people have an honest way of life.

 Think this is the only news story Brian Williams lied about or the only one he GOT CAUGHT lying about?

 I was reading an interesting article that discussed how Brian Williams’ resignation should lead to ending Hillary Clinton’s likely 2016 White House bid due to the lie she GOT CAUGHT telling regarding flying into Bosnia with her daughter in 1996 but then changed her story.

When people lie they cannot be trusted. Trust is the foundation to every strong relationship.

 ***I am thrilled NBC has held Brian Williams accountable for his lie and I hope they get him the help he needs so he understands lying is wrong and learns to change his behavior.

 It is a shame when brilliant, capable people like Brian Williams have to GET CAUGHT and have their careers ruined before they agree to face their problems and change their destructive ways.

 What do you think could happen to an alienating father and all the different lies he has told and all the different people who have lied for him or helped him get away with the lies? What do you think will happen when documents are revealed that show all these lies and abusive behaviors of those involved who cooperated? Do you think they will be forced to resign like Brian Williams and be forced to address their problems too?

 Are they too big to fail like NBC news anchor Brian Williams?

 As I have always said and my life SHOWS; truth will always prevail; just don’t give up bringing out the truth.

 Again, I applaud NBC!!! Thank you.

 -By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;




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