I have always been a person who has fought for my legal rights and the legal rights of others so I could make our world a better place for ALL. This is what the US Constitution supports along with Democracy and many religions. 

EQUAL RIGHTS apply to all citizens of the United State; not just men, or wealthy people or those in powerful positions in our society as our laws CLEARLY STATE.

Thus, I have been involved in three (3) lawsuits in my life which show my PATTERN of using my skills, my knowledge and my free will to ENFORCE OUR LAWS and HOLD THOSE ACCOUNTABLE who have violated the law. This is DEMOCRACY and JUSTICE and also making our world a better place for all which is what Judaism commands; it is not an option.
I know other religions encourage this too.

As the famous and well-respected Holocaust survivor, activist and acclaimed author Eli Wiesel wrote; a person must fervently expose the TRUTH and NOT REMAIN SILENT because silence only helps those who are corrupt and abuse, terrorize and torture others. You need to hold them accountable for their illegal and immoral acts so we HELP HUMANITY.

The FIRST lawsuit I filed was against my mother, father, sister and their lawyer when I was 27 years old. Without my knowledge and informed consent, the lawyer set up a fraudulent grantor trust using my social security number so my mother, father and sister could PROFIT.
Since I was at a lower tax rate then my wealthy parents and a grantor trust is taxed at the rate of the one whom it belongs to; my mother, father and sister could receive more disposal income than if my parents would have had the income and other money and assets taxed at their higher tax rate.

When I discovered this truth right after I was married in 1985; I talked to my husband MARK HASSMAN along with my  very wise and caring Trust and Estates Law School Professor and the wise and caring judge I clerked for Judge James S. Sfekas.

****Both my Professor and Judge Sfekas were older and more experienced than my husband and I and both told me that this was a point in my life where I would have to decide what type of individual I wanted to be.

***Did I want to be honest, moral and have a clear conscience WHERE I WOULD HAVE TO FIGHT FOR MY LEGAL RIGHTS or did I want to become part of the Collective Group of lies, cheating and corruption including this TAX EVASION scheme using a fraudulent grantor trust?

I unequivocally wanted to be an honest and moral individual and received a tremendous amount of support from MY HUSBAND MARK HASSMAN and many others.

My law school professor, LARRY ROSENTHAL who was the Senior Lawyer and Head of the Trust and Estates Department of a major national bank in Baltimore; helped me find a law firm to represent me. He made appointments with three different types of law firms which all specialized in trust matters. 
After each appointment, my husband and I had a meeting with my Professor in his office at the bank to discuss our thoughts. My husband was very supportive too.

I was so grateful because my Professor was a very busy man and made time for me. He WANTED TO USE HIS SKILLS, EXPERIENCE AND CONNECTIONS TO HELP ME OBTAIN MY LEGAL RIGHTS; unlike the professionals in my current lawsuit who have chosen to become PART OF the collective corrupt group which I repudiated, even when I was 27 years old.

My husband also helped me find a therapist because my law school Professor and Judge Sfekas both told me that I needed to develop the STRENGTH to be able to not only sue my mother, father, sister and their lawyer but I had to sue them while HOLDING MY HEAD UP HIGH and being PROUD of myself for choosing to do what is moral and just and for NOT CHOOSING to go along with the corruption.

I went to the therapist my husband used WHEN HE WAS FOUND GUILTY OF BEING AN ACCOMPLICE TO A HIGH SCHOOL ROBBERY WHEN HE WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. He was outside one day after school sitting on these big rocks which is where many students congregated. A boy asked him if he could borrow his comb because he knew my husband carried a comb in his pocket. My husband gave him his comb, without asking why he wanted to borrow it. Anyway, the comb was used to open one of the locked school doors and this boy and some others stole audio and video equipment. Since my husband’s comb was used for breaking and entering the high school; he became part of this criminal lawsuit.

Unlike today where it seems when very few teachers, coaches, religious leaders and other professionals try to TRULY HELP someone, especially a child, teen and young adult; my husband received the compassion, empathy and help of many.

Since his parents were divorced and he was an excellent high school student who also had a job and had never had any problems with the law before; part of the settlement was that if he agreed to go to therapy, no criminal charges would be filed against him. 
My husband, who was a high school student and I had not met him until many years later, chose to go to therapy with a man named CONRAD NATHAN whom my husband said helped him tremendously. (Today, my husband refuses to “allow” our children to go to therapy. Think he doesn’t want our children to develop the strength to sue him or at a minimum not be afraid to “disobey” him and contact me after 8 years now? )

Anyway, in 1985 when I needed a therapist, my husband suggested that I use CONRAD NATHAN who was the therapist who helped him when he was in high school. 
However, in 1985 Conrad Nathan had become the Senior Therapist of the Jewish Big Brothers’ and Big Sisters’ League in Baltimore. 

Even so, Conrad Nathan was so kind and compassionate because he not only agreed to see me for therapy AT HIS HOME AFTER HOURS, he agreed to give me a DISCOUNT PRICE since he knew I was just married and trying to resolve this very serious legal issue. 
My husband attended the therapy sessions with me and helped me practice what Conrad Nathan instructed and held me accountable based on what my therapist wanted so I could progress quickly.

It took me one year working with the very wise and compassionate therapist Conrad Nathan to develop the strength to sue my mother, father, sister and their lawyer WHILE holding my head up high and being proud for enforcing my legal rights and making our world a better place for myself and other children of wealthy parents who were being used and abused for TAX EVASION with a fraudulent grantor trust.

Throughout this lawsuit which went on for four (4) years against my mother, father, sister and their lawyer; my husband and I worked very well together treating each other honestly and with respect and kindness. This continued for our entire marriage up until year twenty (20) when as the FACTS show; my husband began doing illegal and immoral acts and also wanted me to go along as just one example; his Student Loan Fraud Scheme.

Continuing, during this lawsuit I filed when I was 27 years old against my mother, father, sister and their lawyer; my husband, with his extensive financial and accounting education and knowledge helped our attorney analyze the financial schedules, statements, operating reports and other financial information while I focused on organizing all the depositions, interrogatories and other legal facts using my legal knowledge. This was aside from our full time jobs and we were both in executive positions which demanded many hours.

For those of you who have followed my posts, you know I have been very much influenced by my wise and wonderful Grandfather Ben. One of my Grandfather Ben’s favorite songs was; “I believe for every drop of rain that falls.” Some of the lyrics from this song are:
“I believe for everyone who goes astray
Someone will come to show the way,”

As explained, this is exactly what happened to me when I had to choose whether to become a corrupt, immoral person like my mother, father, sister and their lawyer OR choose to become an honest and moral individual and fight for my legal rights…several people came to show me the way. This also happened to my husband when he was in high school and Conrad Nathan came along to help him. I eventually came along and we both taught each other many important lessons in our world of love.

The lawsuit against my mother, father, sister and their attorney DID help me obtain my legal rights. I can now file my own personal tax returns and NOT be liable for anything related to this fraudulent grantor trust.

The SECOND lawsuit I was involved in was an employment discrimination case against a very wealthy automobile dealer who as I understand had many legal problems. He had so many he even changed the name of the corporation to avoid liability as I understand; it used to be called Towson Valley Motors and he changed it to Valley Motors.

Anyway, after college and before going law school and before I met my husband; my father wanted me to go to General Motors Institute “Dealers’ Sons School” in Flint, Michigan. By going to “Dealers’ Sons School” I could receive the credentials necessary to be place on the “successor addendum” of the dealership agreement and be able to inherit my father’s dealership.

I am not joking, the name of the school was “Dealers’ Sons School” which I attended in 1979 or 1980. Our class was composed of 23 mostly very wealthy dealers’ sons and 2 very wealthy dealers’ daughters; myself and another woman who was very different than me. She was into all the partying with all these 23 guys many, as wealthy dealers’ sons, would try to top what the other one did.

This “Dealers’ Sons program” was for a few months and we were housed in a hotel. Since there wasn’t much to do in Flint, many were at the bar every night and I enjoyed disco night every Thursday. This is when Donna Summers and disco was very popular. 
I read a lot in the evening and had some friends from the program I used to take walks with, go out to eat with and go to some of the sites like museums and the failed Renaissance Center in Detroit. At the end of the program I received my certification and I know how to run an automobile dealership.

Thus, after my marriage when I chose to be honest and moral and fight for my legal rights against my mother, father, sister and their lawyer; I went to work in an automobile dealership which sold the models my father DID NOT because I did not want to compete with him. Towson Valley Motors as it was called at that time, sold Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, VW and Subaru. My father sold Pontiacs, Isuzu and then boats too.

Typically, in the 1980’s the only women who were employed at automobile dealerships were not managers like me but were secretaries, receptionists or as they were called “rust and dust queens.” A rust and dust queen was a woman hired to sell rustproofing and undercoating as after-sale items since these products were not put on cars as they are today. These women wore very suggestive clothing and were known to privately go into a back room with a customer to entice him into buying these after-sale items.
I was the Finance, Lease and Insurance Manager and was very, very successful. I earned in the 1980’s several hundred thousand dollars in annual income; some years even a few dollars more than my husband. However, I was cheated out of bonuses and other compensation unlike my co-manager who was a male. Plus, I often had to cover for him since he did not show up on time due to some of his partying habits.

With my husband’s support, I sued Towson Valley under the NEW Title VII law designed to protect women, especially women managers in male dominated industries, from unequal pay for the same or more work and also to help women in management BREAK THROUGH THE CORPORATE GLASS CEILING.

Like Conrad Nathan, Judge Sfekas, my professor Larry Rosenthal and of course my Grandfather Ben taught me; I was very proud of myself for choosing to defend my rights, holding my head up high and making our world a better place for women in management positions so we would be treated fairly which is Democracy and Justice.

THIS EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT HELPED ME A LOT because Jimmy Koons who is a mega dealer in the Baltimore-Washington area hired me to MANAGE his Finance, Lease and Insurance department in several of his dealerships due to my OUTSTANDING CAPABILITIES AND HONESTY and Valley Motors went out of business.

My choice to file these lawsuits shows my PATTERN of truth and honesty AND fighting for my legal rights as I should, making our world a better place for ALL.


In raising my three (3) Children, I taught them the importance of being independent and doing what is right ALWAYS, even when no one is looking.
I also used to read with my daughter a book called “They Led the Way” about several women leaders like Harriet Tubman who is now going to appear on the $20 dollar bill due to her honesty, compassion and accomplishments.

The THIRD lawsuit I filed is the one that is now in the California Court of Appeal regarding my fraudulent divorce contract and being deprived of many legal and fundamental rights.
I am very proud of myself for filing this lawsuit too.

Once again, I also have the support of many reasonable, honest, compassionate people who want to END Parental Alienation and END fraudulent divorce contracts where property, income and other assets are hidden in 501(c) (3) agreements and Limited Liability Corporations and other places while judges, law firms, religious organizations, the court-appointed therapist, non-profit schools, executives, the 401K profit sharing administrator, the mistress and others have CHOSEN to go along with this corrupt collective group.

I am very proud of my PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR showing my honest and compassionate values and my character of fighting for my legal rights as I was taught by many wise, compassionate people beginning with my wonderful Grandfather Ben.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences of which I am so grateful for.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:
 Dear Unfortunately Peanutbutter,
You are making up things again and not even thinking rationally. First,I never accused you of being a bad parent; I don’t even know if you are a parent. I have said if you were a good parent I would think you would understand some of the questions you ask me and no need to ask.
Second, like this deposition you found said about my specific auto finance experience during that time frame is correct but I had the background and as you know a smart, resourceful person can learn a detailed and specific procedure quickly as I did once hired by Towson Valley and still do today, don’t you?
Thus, after a year or even just a few months, I was just as experienced as my co-manager as the numbers in our monthly department report showed because I was bringing in much more department income than he was. Yes, I agree, at first a differential in income is fair but not once the numbers show I was CONSISTENTLY doing the same and MORE work. I also had some public relations responsibilities with the banks which he did not have. The purpose of Title VII is to provide equal pay for equal work. This is part of the Civil Rights Act of 1965.
***Do you REALLY have any question, based upon my posts and other things you find on the internet about me that after a year or even just a few months I was EQUALLY as experienced as my co-worker who did not have nearly the education that I had? REALLY NOW, you are not thinking rationally.
To be fair, a court or tribunal must look at ALL the facts and as you know from the internet and my current case, some courts and tribunals do not as millions of people have experienced in our corrupt legal system. EEOC has even recently been accused of being unfair and unjust.
Regardless, my suit worked out GREAT FOR ME because it led me to my next MANAGEMENT POSITION, which ALSO shows I HAD all the skills and experience. See what I mean, you do not think rationally. I also felt great and still feel great because I practiced what I believe in which is defending my legal rights. Also, Towson Valley which changed its name to Valley Motors went out of business and it is my understanding others filed employment discriminating cases against them too. So, in the end,TRUTH AND JUSTICE DID PREVAIL. Next time, if you think rationally I think you can understand some of the questions you have. Just a suggestion.