The 501(c)(3) tax fraud “Religious and School” scheme is the Root to millions of Parental Alienation situations.

The reason many religious organizations have been refusing to give sermons, write and discuss Parental Alienation or even help loving parents reunite with their children which includes adult children is because they are involved in a 501(c)(3) tax fraud scheme.
The IRS has been trying to crackdown on this abuse which has been going on for decades in many religious organizations.

The bestselling author Stephen Fried wrote about the destruction of the Mother/Child bond being an epidemic at the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe’s Temple.
Furthermore, this bestselling author showed how the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe and many other Jewish leaders were unreasonable, irrational and irresponsible because they refused to talk and write about this epidemic problem, refused to help educate the Jewish community and even refused to help reunite loving parents with their children.
This “Jewish Practice” called Parental Alienation has been going on since the 1970’s.
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Do you think this late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe and other Jewish leaders have been refusing stop the destruction of the Parent/Child relationship because they have these 501(c)(3) tax fraud scheme AGREEMENTS with wealthy influential fathers. *** These wealthy fathers want to control the children and get the loving Mother out of the way and also deprive the loving Mother at the time of divorce from receiving millions of dollars from the community estate worth millions and also her spousal support?

As a solution, these Jewish Rabbis and leaders like the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe offer these wealthy Jewish fathers a “DEAL or an AGREEMENT” and call this “politics or doing business,” even though they know, as author Stephen Fried explain, they are harming the “future emotional health” of millions of precious children and their loving Mother.

The Rabbis and Jewish leaders offer wealthy influential fathers who are sick and evil an opportunity to “hide” millions of dollars worth of assets and income from their ex-wife with the “Temple,” and get “charitable tax deductions” at the same time. Many schools do these same thing because they claim some “religious” affiliation. They also treat the children as their objects and use and abuse them. IRS can tell you all about this 501(c)(3) abuse.

***Boy, what a deal!!! Take advantage of an ex-wife and children who TRUSTED YOU and at the same time get tax benefits and other monetary benefits for doing this like having business sent to you from others in the “Temple, Church and School” who also have these “Religious 501(c)(3) Charitable agreements.”

How can these evil, sick alienating Jewish fathers who psychologists have determined often have narcissistic, sociopathic and other emotional and personality disorders pass up an evil opportunity like this???

***Especially if it involves harming the ex-wife who refused to “obey” them, and instead STOOD UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS AND THE RIGHTS OF THEIR CHILDREN and refused to submit to abuse which includes forms of forced labor and placing their children in student loan debt of over a quarter of a million dollars. Now the children believe they need to “obey” to have their debts paid and have become “slaves.”

***Well, now that my ex is “insolvent” will my children have to submit to abuse by these Rabbis and other Jewish leaders? Is that part of the AGREEMENT too just like defaming my character seems to be as explained below? Just like the photographs show my son had to submit to the abusive living conditions at the boarding High School.

***This sounds horrible but is reality, just ask IRS.
Also, this is what author Stephen Fried suggested due to the unreasonable behavior of Jewish leaders and organizations especially when they can easy help end many situations of Parental Alienation and educate millions so this abuse and emotional torture and brainwashing will stop reoccurring. IRS wants to crackdown on this too.

Coincidentally Rabbi David Wolpe is the Rabbi at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and it was his father who Stephen Fried wrote about.
Do you think maybe that “Like Father Like Son,” Rabbi David Wolpe behaves unreasonably, irrationally and irresponsibly like his Father as author Stephen Fried described his father who also appeared to have made these 501(c)(3) tax fraud scheme AGREEMENTS?

Dr. Phil wondered too because Sinai Temple in Los Angeles is where I volunteered, attended services, made contributions and I was known for having good values and character.
However, in October, 2012 when I was all dressed up and in line going to pray, the Director of Security told me that I was not allowed to come there for services or any events anymore and had to leave immediately or he would arrest me because I was on private property.

Not only was I in great shock as were others around me and others since then but; no one will even tell me what I did. The Rabbis including Rabbi David Wolpe and other Jewish Leaders at this “Temple” blocked my email address and would not return my telephone calls and certified letter trying to MERELY UNDERSTAND what I did. Instead all the Jewish leaders at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, the Jewish leaders and organizations in Los Angeles and also in New York just ignored me like I don’t have rights and just took them away for no reason. They refuse to rectify the situation even though they preach about being righteous and holy.

***Do you think just like bestselling author Stephen Fried describes the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe; that this late Rabbi’s son Rabbi David Wolpe learned from his father this “Jewish Practice,” and made an AGREEMENT with my wealthy ex-husband at the time of divorce LIKE HIS FATHER often did?
Do you think part of the AGREEMENT could be to defame my character and cause me more stress and anxiety which is why I was treated so abusively in October 2012 and no one will give me any reasonable explanation since then?

These Rabbis and Jewish leaders’ behavior does not represent what Judaism stands for which is honesty, kindness and collaboration and helping one another reach their potential, not destroy the sacred Mother/Child relationship and harm children and loving parents.

Furthermore, one of the worse sins is to take children of any age away from their loving Mother, especially based on lies and fraudulent schemes like a 501(c)(3) tax fraud scheme.
Remember, a parent’s right to care and companionship of his or her children are so fundamental, as to be guaranteed protection under the First, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution.

No wonder my ex-husband is “INSOLVENT” because he has given MY community property from the community estate worth millions to Jewish Temples, Churches and other religious organizations instead of DISTRIBUTING IT TO ME as the law requires.

My ex-husband was the spouse who controlled the community estate because finance is his expertise since he is a certified public accountant and Financial Executive.

No wonder my ex-husband is “INSOLVENT” which means he does not have any income or assets. It appears he has made AGREEMENTS to “assign” his income and assets which includes those he never disclosed or distributed to me at the time of divorce as the law requires and just took them for all himself, even our retirement, savings and investments he took all for himself as discussed at several public hearings.
Now it appears he has made AGREEMENTS that in exchange for “assigning his income and assets which include mine which were never distributed to me, he claims “charitable contributions” on his tax returns.
Do you know as discussed at public hearings my ex-husband and his new wife even took a tax refund of over $50,000 when this refund was attributed to tax techniques used to “delay” the tax refund and thinking I guess that I and the IRS would never find out; again had this entire refund deposited into their checking account deprived me of my community interest in this tax refund of over $50,000. This is all part of my fraudulent divorce judgment and many public hearings about omitted assets.

***Thus, instead of my ex-husband telling the judge at several public hearings and on declarations he signed “under the penalty of perjury” that he is “INSOLVENT” he should have told the judge the TRUTH.

***The TRUTH that he has these AGREEMENTS with several “Religious Organizations” AND GAVE THEM his income and GAVE THEM MY community property he was legally obligated to give to me. DID YOUR EX-SPOUSE DO THIS TOO? Are these so-called “Religious Leaders and Schools” abusing your children as they have done for decades as the news has been reporting?
My ex was the spouse who controlled the community estate because he is a certified public accountant and financial executive but; obviously he has abused his power and betray my trust in violation of many laws.
I am sure you are familiar with this scheme as some Hollywood stars have been known to do this with religious organizations too.

This is how the 501(c)(3) tax fraud scheme operates to ENCOURAGE THE DESTRUCTION of the sacred Parent/Child relationship at the time of divorce called Parental Alienation even though Rabbis, Priests, Pastors and others preach family values, honesty and goodness.
An individual claiming to be a Rabbi, Priest, Pastor or Minister organizes a “Temple or Church.” Then he encourages others like my ex-husband and other parents who want the “Temple or Church” to help them DESTROY the sacred Parent/Child relationship at the time of divorce to transfer their business and personal assets to the “Temple or Church” (often claiming a charitable deduction), and use the “Temple or Church” income and assets to pay for food, shelter, and other personal expenses.
As many public court hearings and documents show, including tax returns; my ex’s new wife goes along with this tax fraud and abuse scheme.

This 501(c)(3) tax fraud scheme has also enabled my ex-husband to ‘qualify’ for over a quarter of a million of dollars of student loans worth millions including the Federal loans based on “need” since these religious organizations are “hiding” his and my millions.

***As the public court hearings and documents reflect, my ex-husband wasn’t upset claiming our millions were gone and even bought a $3,000 bike and took off work to go to races with his Executive friends.
However, my ex-husband insisted that I sign student loans and when I reasonably refused he became more verbally abusive toward me and convinced or brainwashed our children to go along with him which is what parental alienation is. I wanted our children to go to the more affordable public high school and state colleges but this led to the divorce because my ex-husband’s behaviors were not reasonable for someone who “lost millions” and consequently, I refused to “obey” him by signing student loan agreements.

Now since my ex-husband swears he is “INSOLVENT” my three children will have to figure out how to pay the student loan payments of over a quarter of a million dollars that my ex-husband convinced them to acquire since he could not convince me.
Since these “Temples, Churches and other Religious Organizations” have MY community property; I am unable to help my children pay these student loans.
I wonder what my ex-husband did with the student loan disbursements that my children turned over to him. Wouldn’t you? Do you think the IRS will be interested?

Also no wonder the boarding High School which “permitted” my son to live in these horrible conditions as the photographs show refused to provide how their student loans and invoices have been paid. Do you think they have been paid by a “Religious Organization”?
Do you think Sinai Temple of Los Angeles is one of them?

My ex-husband didn’t stop there because he wanted more student loan money to control our children with and for other purposes too it appears. So my ex-husband also convinced and deceived our children to attend a very expensive Ivy League College and even a graduate school and acquire even more student loans.

***Do you think this 501(c)(3) tax fraud scheme could have anything to do with why DR. PHIL asked me why I was prohibited from attending anything at the Temple in Los Angeles since 2012?
***What about why Dr. PHIL made the comment about why Rick Warren of Saddleback Church refuses to talk or write about parental alienation and that my ex-husband would need a lot of money to pay him off?

***Since DR PHIL has a background in psychology and is a life strategist; do you think this 501(c)(3) tax fraud scheme which has been going on for decades as IRS and many know is why Dr. Phil asked me these questions about the “Temple” in Los Angeles and Rick Warren of Saddleback “Church”?
*** Do you think due to his background in psychology and as a life strategist that DR PHIL knows the 501(c)(3) tax fraud scheme and some other schemes ARE USED BY THE RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS to “help” a wealthy, influential father “hide” the community assets and his income from an ex-wife and their children and causes Parental Alienation which is what his show was about that day?

I have a fraudulent divorce judgment, I have perjury and obstruction of justice because my ex-husband encouraged the District Attorney to file a criminal law suit against me with false allegations that were dismissed, I have witness tampering and so many other abuses. This is just one more now.
But, instead of my ex-husband and these religious leaders and organization being reasonable by RECTIFYING the harms they have caused, they seem to just continue to cause more harm not caring about the rights of feelings of loving Mothers and their wonderful Children, which includes adult children like me and my children.

Well, at least more of the truth is coming out which explains many things that I and others did not understand before.
These “Religious Organizations” have abusive practices that IRS and millions of others know must end and be replaced with ones which HELP women and children and others, not destroys their soul and fills them with shame, hatred and teaches them corrupt ways.

The truth will set you free and as Carl Jung says; “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

***I will NEVER give up on my children and repairing our beautiful companionship we enjoyed until it abruptly ended around the time of divorce; even if it means fighting these corrupt people and organizations. I will not give up on freedom, love and kindness, what our laws stand for and this way of life either.
I know this experience has made us stronger and wiser and will do the same for our companionship.
Stay strong and know that God and the truth always prevail.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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