“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu are to Strategies Abusive Parents and those Aiding Them Use

Sun Tzu’s highly acclaimed political war strategies described in his bestselling book “The Art of War” along with Machiavelli’s political war strategy of “Divide and Conquer” are used by millions of sick, evil alienating parents and those who aid them against THEIR OWN CHILDREN and spouse.

They use these strategies to intentionally destroy the relationship children of all ages have with their Mother (Father) and SIMULTANEOUSLY try to make them feel abandoned with more emotional abuse and SIMULTANEOUSLY coerce them to spend their savings including their birthday and Bar Mitzvah money leaving them emotionally and financially destitute.

***This is the Art of War and it is so evil beyond words that ANY PARENT would do this to their own children and it is so evil beyond words that rabbis, pastors, priests, teachers, headmasters, therapists, lawyers, judges, step-mothers (fathers) and many others help them.

Psychologists, other experts and millions of loving parents have found that all these individuals have harmed and cheated the loving parent and their precious children of all ages.[www.PAlienation.org].

They use 501(c)(3) agreements and other tax fraud schemes including student loan fraud schemes to financially devastate the children and loving parent by taking their money and assets and separating them from those they love.
This is The Art of War.

Intentionally causing financial devastation along with causing emotional torture is the crux of these well received and highly respected Strategies of War that horrible and evil beyond words fathers and mothers use on THEIR OWN CHILDREN at the time of divorce to carry out tax fraud schemes, deprive a parent of child support and feed their sick needs of control and power lust.

Breaking up the beautiful Mother/Child or Father/Child alliance using lies, manipulations and STRATEGIES OF WAR to make the Children think their Mother (Father) all of a sudden became horrible and to make the Mother become so distraught wondering why her wonderful, respectful Children all of a sudden turned into disrespectful, liars with abusive and out of control behaviors renders the children and ex-wife (husband) so distraught and then they take their money too.
This is The Art of War.

Millions of us have this same story.
This is the Art of War.

The strategies also include methods to control the funds and resources of the small conquered parties which in divorce are the ex-wife or ex-husband and the children. This upsets me to write this. This is what millions of horrible parents are INTENTIONALLY doing and millions of rabbis, pastors, priests, teachers, headmasters, therapists, lawyers, judges, step-mothers (fathers) INTENTIONALLY go right along.
This is The Art of War.

For example, my ex-husband swore at public hearings that since January 1, 2014 he became “insolvent” and is unable to pay my spousal support. So it was eliminated while he pays for many other luxuries and just “entrusted” the money from the community estate to “religious organizations” and non-profit “schools” and receives tax benefits.
My ex-husband, a CPA and Financial Executive must think it is funny to swear that he has no “current income” and so he is “insolvent.”
He also must think it is funny to not give me my community property which he concealed and stole from me.

***To deceive and manipulate inexperienced children, teens and young adults to make unwise financial decisions even spending their savings in order to drain the smaller power’s resources is such evil beyond words; especially knowing the Children TRUST their alienating father(mother) to help them not abuse and harm them and carry out these strategies of war against them. Who could ever dream a parent would treat their children and spouse this way?

Furthermore, since the loving Mother (Father) is also financially devastated because the “religious organizations” and other non-profits have her assets and money and the alienating father lied saying he is “unable to pay any support,” the loving Mother is not able to help her Children financially and they believe they must “obey” this horrible sick, evil alienating father (mother) and all those helping him abuse them.
This is the Art of War and is so upsetting.

I understand the Art of War, I have live through this before in my life and I am not afraid.
I will NEVER give up on my children who I am worried about and miss dearly.
They are all very smart and resourceful but; Children of all ages can learn and benefit in many ways from having a wonderful companionship with their loving Mother (father) and it is against the law to deprive them of this companionship. Also the loving parent can benefit in many ways from learning together and nurturing her(his) children which includes adult and teen children too.
*** Without each other they are deprived of a special bond and growing in many special ways. Consequently, they suffer from shame, lack of self esteem and many other horrible psychological, emotional and physical problems.

Sometimes it takes a war to achieve justice and freedom as I learned before in my life.
So now I am stronger and wiser and will even be a better warrior in this Art of War inflicted upon me and my wonderful children and millions like us.

I am not afraid to fight this evil parental alienation and I have a lot of knowledge and experience in The Art of War.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

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