The best Adversaries to have are those who are so Delusional they do not Realize they are Losing the War

If you stand for JUSTICE and ending CORRUPTION please celebrate this weekend!!! 
This week, so many of those involved in committing parental alienation and all the corruption that commonly goes along with it THINK they won these little battles but are so delusional that they cannot even realize how they are losing the WAR; big time.

This is what happens to corrupt and evil people as many psychologists, reputable authors, experts and others have proven; their shame and evil soul destroys them and they do not even REALIZE it because they think they are winning. They can’t separate fact from lies and reality anymore. 

Plus, they think they are “entitled” to violate the law and abuse others as I hope my posts this week have SHOWN this. Their very unreasonable acts show this which many believe are culpable too.

***I could not have had a better hearing this morning if I had written the transcript myself.
Not only did my ex-husband and Judge Claudia Silbar very seriously incriminate themselves again; my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman showed how he lies under oath. This is perjury as I understand it.

They always accuse others based on lies and what they think without any facts, just lies.
My ex-husband, with all his education and experience has truly lost his mind. He keeps forgetting little details, that are very significant.
I only want to state these right now. He forgot I grew up in the automobile business of my family and know how to verify information he swore to by using legally obtained information; not his social security number. I have something much better and obtained legally. Just a little detail; he forgot about my background in the automobile business. What else has he forgotten about that is very significant? 

As a certified public accountant he also forgot about what it means to be insolvent with all its definitions? Is he insolvent like Donald Trump? Many are wondering? Someone want to give me those facts or should we just HAVE TO BELIEVE he is “insolvent”, “struggling” and “can’t pay my support” but was approved for and can pay for 2 not 1 but 2 Lexus leases and other car loans and many expenses some which are believed to be BREAST IMPLANTS for his current wife TO GO ALONG WITH HER NEW LEXUS AND SOME OTHER “LUXURIES”? 

Really now. Should they get ready for jail?

Corrupt people like my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman think just because they say something it is true or they will MAKE people BELIEVE it is true. 
Well, ALL the cases he filed against me and OTHERS using false and misleading allegations have been DISMISSED. 
Think he could be held liable especially since he REFUSES to be REASONABLE and admit what he has done and RECTIFY IT.

***OH NO, he and all the others who are PROFITING FROM MY DIVORCE where the community estate is worth millions of dollars; just keep FIGHTING and FIGHTING thinking they will THREATEN, INTIMIDATE, BULLY and DESTROY anyone who stands up against them. Well, we shall see about that. They took my millions of dollars that should of been distributed to me thinking I would never recover enough to figure all of this out. Oh well. Truth, Love and God will always prevail.

***The best kind of war to win is when your opponents are so delusional that they can’t even FIGURE OUT IF THEY ARE WINNING OR LOSING.***

On a serious note, IF, yes IF my ex-husband was not hiding assets and income he would have AGREED to disclose his credit applications and payment history of his 2 Lexus car loans and other car loans too. He would have nothing to hide. But, he has a whole lot to hide because this information incriminates him and those cooperating with him so they TOO can PROFIT FROM MY DIVORCE and RECEIVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF MY PROPERTY which is against the law.

My Children who co-signed for these and other loans; YOUR FATHER WILL STICK YOU WITH THE LEGAL OBLIGATION OF PAYING FOR THEM. 
As he swore under oath, you are paying for the student loans; well you will be paying for the Lexus vehicles for him and his current wife too.
So, STOP signing legal documents your father tells you to sign.
He is using and abusing you.
But, the CHOICE is yours. 
Do you want to be used and abused and held liable too? 
Your father and those working with him are on their way falling down the cliff.
Don’t go any further with them, I sincerely recommend.

On another serious note, 
Your father and his current wife look terrible and miserable and I am sure many of the others involved do too; even with all the millions and their “power.” This is because they do not know how to LOVE and their money and power is not enough to make them happy. 
Authors and others have written extensively about this and I have seen it many times in my own lifetime and still see it years later too when those even have more wealth. They are still miserable because they never learned how to love, even have love for THEMSELVES and WHAT THEY STAND FOR. Learn from their mistakes. I did.

I am truly happy in many ways and they have my money and I am very powerful but I use my power wisely; not to harm others but to help many.

So what I want to tell you; those involved will be held liable and whether you go down with this Chain of Fools will by based on your choices.
From my perspective: 
The oldest brother, he is a waste and corrupt and eliminate him from your life unless he SHOWS YOU he has changed and seeks therapy and goes through the PROCESS. He has a terrible entitled attitude and thinks he knows everything and has a right to do unlawful, culpable acts; even to his own loving Mother. He is a disgrace as the facts show.

Your sister is not corrupt but is very confused and therefore makes very poor choices. She also does not learn from her mistakes and ALLOWS others to keep taking advantage of her as her health and self-esteem deteriorate.

The youngest brother is the WISEST and MOST REASONABLE. So, if your older brother and sister don’t agree with you; so what. Do what YOU know is right!!! 
You have a great personality and sense of humor and you can accomplish whatever you want. You also know how to love as does your sister and you both have a lot of compassion for others.
As always, I am here for all of you if you are civil.

Unless any important developments occur or I get more death treats that I will make public; I will only be posting periodically because I need to focus on things for myself that are very important.

As always, none of this is legal advice or any other advice. It is based on my knowledge and experiences.
– By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions,Founder;

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