The Bill O’Reilly segment on Al-Jazeera and 5 emails which show how many work together to encourage Parental Alienation and harm the Loving Mother and her Children

Before I discuss the attached emails showing abuse, fraud, contempt, promoting parental alienation and other acts of injustice and immorality; I want to mention a segment on THE BILL O’REILLY SHOW last night (1/30/15) regarding the network Al-Jazeera. 

BILL O’REILLY and his guests showed how AL-JAZEERA is a terrorist network because they support various jihads and have many terrorist connections.
To my great dismay, RABBI DAVID WOLPE, recently spoke on Al-Jazeera and has made several appearances on this network in the past. RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles is known to be one of the most “influential” Jews. He along with Sinai Temple made 501c3 and other agreements with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN. 

Sinai Temple is the Temple DR. PHIL asked me about. He wanted to know why I had been banned from going there since October, 2012 when I was all dressed up to pray and the guard refused to let me enter and no one has given me an explanation as to what I did. This was around the time my ex-husband made these 501c3 and other agreements. 


I am sick, this is so horrible but if these so called Jewish leaders have been destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship for decades as bestselling author Stephen Fried explains, this is just what terrorists do. [ ].

Rabbi David Wolpe and others at Sinai Temple refuse to disclose any information about these agreements and so does my ex-husband. JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has refused to order my ex-husband disclose the information regarding how he is paying for all his expenses, even though he swears he is “insolvent” and “unable” to pay my spousal support which was eliminated. Think it is coming from these 501c3 and other agreements?

I have been saying the Jewish leaders and Jewish organizations are modern day Adolph Hitlers so this is just another example. 
What do you think the evidence will show when the money is traced from their 501c3 agreements Sinai Temple has made? 
• Is all this money going to support terrorists? 
• What about the money and property from 501c3, Vow of Poverty and other agreements RICK WARREN at SADDLEBACK CHURCH has made? 
• What about these agreements schools like CATE SCHOOL near Santa Barbara has made?
I am truly sickened.

Now, the 1st attached email shows how the Family Law Firms who guided and represented myself and my ex-husband for the divorce process (and also my ex-husband for post judgment spousal support modification hearings); THE LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN and the law firm SEASTROM AND SEASTROM, respectively; along with JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR are in CONTEMPT AS THE EMAIL ITSELF SAYS, because they refused to enforce JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S order to encourage reunification between myself and my minor Son. 

All of them just ignored this court order and I was unable to arrange any therapy myself, no one would cooperate and told me to go on with my life and forget about my Son. 

When Dr. Phil so graciously arranged reunification therapy for my Daughter and me, she refused to go because I did not take my website down on Parental Alienation. I know she is brainwashed because not only is this an unreasonable ultimatum; she would have been proud of me for helping others with my knowledge and experiences as she has done with her charity work of which I am proud of her.

The 2nd and 3rd emails show how Corporate Officers and the managing partner for several Moote Pointe Joint Ventures are AIDING AND ABETTING my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN in concealing income and assets. It is my understanding and common sense that property and other interests the spouses of a divorce HAVE OR MAY HAVE an interest in must be disclosed so they can be divided 50/50. 
Also, per the stipulated judgment, I have a bonus plan agreement and I am entitled to income above $240,000 annual income which is why my ex-husband, the Chief Financial Officer of the company completes all the w-2s, INCLUDING HIS OWN, and only showed $240,000 on his w-2.
But he states as this email shows that this is his income from ALL of his sources. 
However; tax returns, other documents even forensic accountants’ evaluation show otherwise. 
The forensic accountants’ letter as the court file shows, states that it appears my ex-husband did not disclose all of his income on his tax return which they evaluated.

Think these Corporate Officers, the Joint Venture managing partner and others can be liable for AIDING AND ABETTING MY EX-HUSBAND IN BREACHING HIS FIDUCIARY DUTIES of non-disclosure and treating me honestly and fairly and can also liable for the harms this has caused me and my Children and continues to cause us? 
You bet they can according to my understanding of the law and what other cases have held. 

Had I received my lawful interest in the community property and my lawful spousal support award; I would have paid for my Children’s college education. Then student loans would not have been needed which would have prevented my ex-husband and others involved from carrying out what appears to be their STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME. It is pure evil and corruption; which is what Terrorists do.

The 4th email shows the “evil shaming and bullying” technique my ex-husband used on me. Using this evil technique is quite typical of those with psychological and emotional disorders as many experts have proven which includes alienating parents. []. 

This “evil shaming and bullying” technique is all part of the emotional abuse of Parental Alienation and why I got seizures when I believed and trusted my ex-husband. I still cope with the horror of Parental Alienation daily as I try to help myself, my children and millions like us. 
Btw, Stanley Penn, who is mentioned in this email, is my father who was horrible to me and a man with many psychological emotional disorders. 
I had to sue him, my mother, my sister and their attorney for using my social security number to set up and use a fraudulent grantor trust. My lawsuit was one of the lawsuits used to change the “kiddie trust” laws to prevent other children, teens and young adults from being abused like my father, my mother, my sister and their attorney abused me. Thus, the truth will prevail.

As this email shows, my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN tried to make ME seem like the one causing the problems when he is the one who refuses to follow the very clear and simple law of COMPLETE AND ACCURATE DISCLOSURE and dealing HONESTLY AND FAIRLY. 
This is what these sick Adolph Hitler, terrorists types do so, expect it until they are stopped which I will do. Have no doubt. 
My father, mother, sister and others used these same techniques on me.

The 5th email will really make you shudder.
It shows how my ex-husband has involved our oldest son in what appears to be his student loan fraud scheme.
This email also shows what appears to be debt servitude and other forms of involuntary servitude aside from aiding and abetting my ex-husband (his father) in breaching his fiduciary duties he owes to me of complete and accurate disclosure of assets, income, debt and other interests the spouses of a divorce HAVE OR MAY HAVE an interest in and to deal with me honestly and fairly.

Well, this is all so horrible but the truth must be exposed so Parental Alienation and the other acts of Corruption that go along with it can be UNDERSTOOD and STOPPED. 

With a very heavy heart, Sara Hassman

As always, none of this is advice of any kind, it is just based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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