The Catholic Church condemned this classic, award winning book on the grounds that it disparaged the priesthood however; the very insightful author Graham Greene reasonably refused to make the changes the Church demanded and Pope John Paul VI later told him to ignore the Church’s condemnation.

Specifically, wise and compassionate Pope Paul VI said: “Mr. Greene, some aspects of your book are certain to offend some Catholics, but you should pay no attention to that.” []

Graham Greene’s classic and award winning novel “The Power and the Glory” about the Priesthood and Piety captured the conscience of many societies around the world like no other. 
This book is very applicable today because NOT ONE religious leader or religious organization in the United States and elsewhere will publicly acknowledge and reasonably and compassionately help END the epidemic problem of terror, torture, abuse and oppression plaguing millions of loving, law-abiding Mothers, Fathers and their Children called Parental Alienation.
Should he stay or should he go? That is the question Greene presents in his book “The Power and the Glory.” If the priest, rabbi or other religious leader stays, the people of the community will be able to practice their religion, but they’ll be corrupted by his sinful lifestyle. If he flees, the community—the children especially—will be free of his bad example, but they’ll have little access to religious practices.

This conflict torments the priest throughout Greene’s book. This conflict SHOULD torment rabbis and other religious leaders TODAY regarding Parental Alienation and the crimes which commonly accompany this terror like fraudulent divorce judgments; money laundering through religious nonprofits and other nonprofits; selling the alienated children into the sex and drug trade and; forcing them to commit criminal and immoral acts so the Churches, Synagogues and other Religious Institutions and their leaders and members can profit.

In Greene’s book the priests are spreading evil. Today, rabbis and other religious leaders along with priests are also spreading evil by promoting Parental Alienation which is REPUDIATED BY ANY reasonable religion.
As Greene points out, when you love someone you want to be with him or her and also PROTECT them especially your children. However, it is not love but ABUSE when you need to protect the person you believe you love from YOURSELF.

Greene so brilliantly points out that the priest has given up his morality, his reasonable mind and his compassion and is just a dead man existing and surviving by PRETENDING to be a respectable priest. Thus, he is a dead man trying to save a dying man.
People like this, whether a priest, rabbi or anyone else, must get the necessary therapy to overcome any addiction or other problem which is harming themselves and also others. Turning your head away from the truth about this evil makes you part of the problem because your silence protects the evil predators as Eli Wiesel and many others have written about.

In Greene’s book, the priest who is believed to be the last one alive knows he will not escape death and will be caught soon by the lieutenant. The lieutenant thinks that all members of the clergy are fundamentally evil, and believes that the church is corrupt because it does nothing but provide delusion to the people. MY FACTS prove that this is true but ALSO applies to synagogues and other reasonable religions in the U.S. because they are ALL promoting acts of Parental Alienation which has been and continues to destroy humanity and the lives of millions of loving, law-abiding people.

Greene so poignantly questions how this “whisky priest” as he was called will face death. Will he act like a martyr or more like the coward he believes himself to be? The clergy TODAY also know they are cowards while also trying to hide their true character. For example, they sell tickets for celebrations for themselves pretending to be honorable members of society when they are evil predators who have destroyed families, love and committed many immoral and criminal acts.

I guess I AM THE FOOL because about ten years ago; I should have realized RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE was already dead when I consulted him for therapy about Parental Alienation and requested that he help me reunite with my children. 
How could he have possibly helped me; a living, loving Woman and millions like me since he has chosen as Greene said of the clergy; to become “fundamentally evil” and betray fellow Jews like me? 
             However, he is disgracefully being honored for his twenty years of outstanding service by Sinai Temple and by many evil people in the Jewish Community who also promote Parental Alienation. This could prove very incriminating for SINAI TEMPLE which is one of my defendants. Plus, RABBI DAVID WOLPE must be very delusional to be able to even attend his own celebration knowing he is an evil predator and not some martyr who deserves a celebration.

I reasonably refuse to be part of this world because I will not just exist to survive in a world without love and happiness which preys upon vulnerable people and lies and deceives, even each other. This is shameful and by no means what Judaism stands for.

The Mother in Greene’s book “The Power and the Glory” reads religious stories to her children. The Catholic faith is important to her and she wants her children to take an interest in it; just as I did with my children and Judaism. My children attended Hebrew school, each had a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah; we celebrated the Jewish holidays and lived with honesty, respect and love.

Now that last priest is dead in “The Power and the Glory” a RESURRECTION soon comes due to the unexpected arrival in the community of another man of the cloth. Greene alludes to the idea that this time the church will be different where there will be love, truth and equal rights for all; not betrayal.

Very sadly, if there was a resurrection the Church, Synagogue and ALL reasonable religious people and organizations would fervently join OUR REVOLUTION to end the terror, torture, abuse and oppression of Parental Alienation, fraudulent divorce judgments, money laundering, selling children into slavery and all the other crimes commonly associated with this terror.

Some leaders have been paid to give up their freedom and be controlled by others; they must do and say what they are told in order to spread the hypocrisy and enforce the “party lines.” Some pay to control others too because this gives them money and other benefits. 
They do not want to enjoy freedom and let others enjoy freedom either. Plus, they feel they are entitled to deprive others of their freedom and other legal rights and are too narrow minded to concern themselves about the beauty of life with love and freedom.

Thus, OUR REVOLUTION continues. You cannot reason with Evil Predators because they only want to destroy those who disagree with them. But we have truth, love and GOD on our side and are prevailing beautifully.

Here is a truthful song which shows how horrible Parental Alienation is that millions of our children won’t even agree to civilly discuss why they began the Parental Alienation and have chosen to continue it and why ALL THESE people and organization of Piety refuse to help us. Just click the link.…

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

Rome put pressure on author Graham Greene to change one of his famous novels, according to letters just published.



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