The Cause of Our Eroding Family Values and the Rise of Abuse of Women and Children

As a collective group and as individuals many who have helped fathers (mothers) perpetuate their acts of Parental Alienation include leaders with prestigious titles who have been financially successful and many organizations a reasonable person would think they could trust.
The list includes judges, lawyers, religious organizations, schools, executives, accountants, a step-mother, relatives, therapists and even their own siblings which should be able to be trusted in our society which is founded upon principles of trust, love and respect and justice for ALL.

These people, as a collective group and as individuals are responsible for the environmental destruction; the destruction of free enterprise and capitalism; the erosion of the family structure; the erosion of the values of Children which includes teen and young adult children and the financial stability of loving, caring, nurturing, law-abiding hardworking Mothers who have chosen the career of Motherhood.

This destruction is due to their sophisticated and premeditated corporate models, policies and practices and their personal and individual practices which encourage and enforce such erosion due to their intent to profit from the earnest labor of and take advantage of the VULNERABLE trusting, kind, inexperienced natures of children and also their loving Mother. (I have shown this recently in my posts regarding the Jewish Leaders and Organizations in the US, specifically those at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and Jewish national organizations in NY; Saddleback Church; Judge Claudia Silbar, my ex-husband, law firms, a step-mother and others).

As a collective group and as individuals, they have shown a CLEAR PATTERN of circumventing the law and the legal process and not being willing to stop. 
Their intent, EVEN AFTER being made aware of the very serious harms their actions have inflicted upon women and children in our society; have deliberately and willfully chosen to continue to enforce and carry out their destructive policies and acts with the flagrant disregard for the very high probability and the outcome that their policies and individual actions will continue to cause great harms to women and their children.

As a collective group and as individuals; they have shown their clear intent to IGNORE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS, which is causing very serious harm to our society which includes women and children due to their intent to perpetuate their very destructive, immoral and unjust but PROFITABLE corporate models, policies and practices and their own profitability.
They continue to steal from a loving Mother her property from her divorce that she was deprived of receiving and unjustly take it for themselves. They work together to conceal, convert and deprive the earnest, kind, loving, moral, law-abiding Mother of her property hoping she will never figure it out and never prove it because she is so DISTRAUGHT from the loss of her relationships with her Children which were suddenly destroyed at the time of the divorce, ALL by DESIGN.

This is what parental alienation is all about. This is why these organizations and individuals who perpetuate it must be stopped so the harms they are intentionally inflicting upon women and their children can be stopped (and fathers and their children in similar situations too.)

Women and Children have rights which must be enforced and those who violated them must be held accountable and appropriate changes made.

This is justice. This is what I stand for. This is my very, very worthy fight.
If not I, then who?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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