The clear, evil Hypocrisy of Jewish Leaders and Organizations especially Rabbi David Wolpe

This is an addition to the post below which I thought was important to post to show the CLEAR, EVIL HYPOCRISY of Jewish leaders and organizations who think they are too big to fail so they can PRETEND to support women’s rights while abusing women and their children at the time of divorce so they can PROFIT.

Unfortunately today the Jewish leaders have become immoral, thieves and liars using their “Charitable” agreements and trying to portray a false IMAGE of being righteous.
PASTOR RICK WARREN of Saddleback Church does this too.

Rabbi David Wolpe posted on his facebook page trying to give the image that he really cares about women; a photo of a sculpture of a woman from India taking off her head scarf and expressing that women have a right to have freedom. REALLY. See the facts…

For years, RABBI DAVID WOLPE won’t even discuss PARENTAL ALIENATION or tell me why I have been banned from attending any events at Sinai Temple. 
He won’t stop the illegal act of hacking my computer, my phone and his supervisors don’t care that he does this. Think I am the only one?

Rabbi David Wolpe and other Jews at Sinai Temple refuse to give me MY property that my ex-husband gave to Sinai Temple via a charitable agreement. Sinai Temple is the synagogue where Rabbi David Wolpe is the Senior Rabbi. He tries to claim he is innocent and has cancer and is trying to help others. Really. These are not Jews and are giving Jews a very bad name.

Bestselling author Stephen Fried explained in his book “The New Rabbi” how this practice of profiting from divorce using parental alienation has been going on in the Jewish community for about 50 years and RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S FATHER, also a sick rabbi, started this evil, sick practice.

To make matters worse, I consulted Rabbi David Wolpe for therapy so he owes me a fiduciary duty. His acts show how he took advantage of my vulnerabilities as I was trying to cope with my divorce and the parental alienation. He is so sick and evil and must be put away so he stops harming others who believe his false righteous image. Think others should be put away with him or do you think he is acting alone?

What a fool who thinks he is too big to fail !!!
RABBI DAVID WOLPE will not only bring himself down but will bring many other Jews down with him who condone his practice of stealing a wife/mother’s property from divorce by promoting acts of Parental Alienation. These Jews and others who go along with this are truly disgraceful beyond words AND are really not Jews. This is TERRORISM. They are finishing what HITLER started.

I am thrilled more and more of the truth is being exposed as those who are evil and corrupt will have more and more explaining to do to a jury and maybe the US Supreme Court. I have a right to a legal divorce and I will PROVE it.

Others do not have a right to steal my property and take away my legal rights using parental alienation to try to kill me and then when I survived, using lies and schemes to cause me more harm and distress. They are even trying to currently use false criminal allegations regarding PASTOR RICK WARREN.

This is all becoming very exciting for those who support truth and justice.

For those who don’t; pack your bags so you are ready for jail or the insane or mental ward. People are not allowed to destroy humanity with their evil acts of abuse and corruption as any reasonable person knows. It just takes someone strong to enforce her rights and show the facts like I am doing.

If they kill me, the facts are all part of public records. This is not a game; this is the life of millions of people who share my story which is why divorce and parental alienation have become such epidemic problems. See the facts and help spread the TRUTH. Don’t just ignore them.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.



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