The cowardly act of TERROR CARRIED OUT YESTERDAY IN NYC, 10/31/2017 which harmed many innocent Women, Mothers and their Children and others too are similar to the cowardly act of domestic terrorism called PARENTAL ALIENATION.

Children of all ages suffering from the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION are TOLD LIES that their loving, law-abiding Mother NO LONGER LOVES THEM and HAS BECOME HORRIBLE and are forced to alienate her from their life like they too are getting divorced. Thus, they are forced to live in a world of terror and leave their Mother and the World of Love.
To intentionally harm Women, Mothers and their Children and others too with terrorist acts, lies and schemes in the name of religion, business and politics or for any other reason is AGAINST THE LAW in the United States.
Accordingly, to have NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS or CONSPIRACIES OF SILENCE to secretly carry out COWARDLY ACTS OF TERROR, which include acts of Parental Alienation, to harm Women, Mothers and their Children is criminal, illegal and immoral.
Therefore, Non-Disclosure Agreements and Conspiracy of Silence Agreements to keep acts of harassment, theft, abuse, devastation and terror a secret are UNENFORCEABLE AND INVALID because they are against not only our laws in the United States but also against public policy.
It is OBVIOUS that a loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother was BETRAYED AND DECEIVED when told to sign a divorce judgment like mine because she would NEVER EVER knowingly, intentionally and deliberately AGREE TO GIVE UP her legal rights to:
1) Custody, Visitation and an Ongoing Companionship with her Children and;
2) Receive her property, retirement and other assets from her community estate from her marriage of over twenty (20) years;
so that she WOULD CAUSE HERSELF AND HER CHILDREN, as reasonably expected, to have severe emotional, psychological and financial problems NOR SHOULD ANYONE WANT HER TO GIVE UP THESE RIGHTS or INFLICT HER and HER CHILDREN WITH THESE PROBLEMS.
However, IN GREAT HORROR this is what my divorce judgment states I did AND that the law firms representing both me and my husband, my husband himself AND also the judge who has the duty to sanction ONLY valid, legal and enforceable agreements all signed this invalid, criminal and unenforceable divorce judgment and advised me to sign it too saying that then I would be divorced which they knew was a lie and criminal behavior too.
Similarly to what was said ABOUT THE PEOPLE KILLED AND INJURED IN NYC’S TERRORIST ATTACK YESTERDAY, the loving, law-abiding Mother and her Children were going about their business NEVER REASONABLY EXPECTING TO BE HARMED BY COWARDLY ACTS OF TERROR at the time of divorce and thereafter.
*** At the time of divorce, it would have been preposterous and outrageous for a law-abiding Wife/Mother to believe that: 1) Her Own Law Firm; 2) the Judge; 3) Her Husband who has a fiduciary duty to treat her honestly and fairly regarding divorce matters; 4) Her Husband’s Law Firm who has a duty to practice law honestly; 5) Bank of American, 6) Jewish and other Religious Nonprofit Organizations, 7) Nonprofit Schools; 8) the court-appointed Therapist; 9) Executives and Corporate Owners and; 10) others WERE ALL WORKING TOGETHER so that they could INTENTIONALLY CAUSE the loving, law-abiding Mother to become so distraught and terrorized from their intentional and deliberate acts of Parental Alienation and acts of stealing her assets from the community estate worth many millions of dollars.
This is what the legal documents PROVE ON THEIR FACE and also the acts of all those mentioned above CONTINUE to prove daily.
I have a hearing this Friday on 11-3-2017 before the judge who signed my fraudulent, invalid and unenforceable divorce judgment where the NET WORTH of the community estate my (still) husband controlled, ITS DIVISION and ITS DISTRIBUTION ALL remain a SECRET.
I have been trying to peacefully EXERCISE MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS to address these grievances in our court system. This fraudulent and invalid divorce judgment was filed on 5/07/2010 but those mentioned above keep UNREASONABLY and UNOBJECTIVELY pretending the agreement is valid while using their AUTHORITY to illegally and criminally enforce it.
Now, since my evil, idiot, crooked (still) husband MARK HASSMAN has failed to have me declared a felon so then he and all those others mentioned above who have NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS and/or CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE AGREEMENTS can KEEP MY MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS THEY STOLE FROM ME and ALSO KEEP ABUSING AND TERRORIZING my three Children; my evil, idiot, crooked (still) husband Mark Hassman has now requested this hearing to try to have me declared a felon AGAIN. Really, this is not a joke.
The restraining orders which he and the crooked law firm representing him requested and the crooked judges granted WITHOUT ANY PROOF OF VALIDITY are cases in the California Court of Appeal. Also, this divorce judgment filed on 5/07/2010 has already been ruled as valid by this Judge and is also on appeal. Therefore, my evil, idiot, crooked (still) husband does not have what is called STANDING to bring these issues to the court again.
-Why hasn’t this judge tried to RECTIFY this fraudulent divorce judgment?
***Do you think she will declare me a felon? 
***Do you think she will rectify the fraudulent divorce judgment?
***Do you think she will order that I can be given my Children’s current contact information?
I will keep you posted.
***Why does this judge and why does my husband too WANT TO keep me alienated from my Children?
***Why do all the others listed above also WANT TO keep us alienated?
**** Because they have used, abused and terrorized my Children and know that my Children will tell me the facts including the FRAUDULENT TRANSFERS made of my undisclosed community assets which will incriminate all of them?
Well, I will keep you posted but understand that all the FACTS are already in public records which PROVE THE TRUTH of their CONTINUED CRIMINAL and IMMORAL ACTS OF TERROR.
Laws and court procedures that are “fair on their faces” but administered “with an evil eye or a heavy hand” was DISCRIMINATORY AND VIOLATES THE EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE of the Fourteenth Amendment.
[Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 US 356, (1886).] [Emphasis added]
A JUDGE DOES NOT HAVE A PRIVATE MONOPOLY where she can ignore the Constitution, other legal precedent, laws and clearly valid statutes as she pleases; Id.
With that being said it is now time for another incriminating photo from the facebook page of RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE which shows his HYPOCRISY and EVIL, CROOKED CHARACTER and the hypocrisy and evil, crooked character of ALL Jewish Leaders their Nonprofits and members and others who are aiding and abetting in promoting the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation.
Judaism and America both repudiate Parental Alienation which is a form of TERRORISM as any reasonable, compassionate person knows.
This is a photo of the footprints of a parent and children walking together in the sand. If this so-called Rabbi TRUTHFULLY thinks this is precious, then why doesn’t he help me and other loving, law-abiding Mothers and their Children reunite? Also why doesn’t he begin speaking, publishing, having classes and other educational events about the terrorism of Parental Alienation and HELP END IT? Why doesn’t the Jewish Nonprofit Sinai Temple do this along with ALL OTHER JEWISH NONPROFITS in the United States?
Promoting Parental Alienation is TERRORISM NOT JUDAISM. I am disgusted since I am a Jew and the Jewish Organizations in the United States today are like HITLER and their leaders and members have become PAUL GOEBBELS the POLITICIAN AND NAZI PROPAGANDA MINISTER.
These so-called Jewish Organizations are not promoting Judaism; they are promoting PROPAGANDA while trying to DESTROY ANYONE, LIKE ME, WHO WISELY, REASONABLY AND COMPASSIONATELY REBUKES THEIR PROPAGANDA and their TERRORISTS ACTS to carry out THIS PROPAGANDA.
ALSO, Rabbi David Wolpe is AGAIN HACKING MY COMPUTER. So, as soon as my Facebook post posts as scheduled, I will attach to this post the photos I referred to. Predators just keep being violent and evil and refuse to be reasonable so just expect this.
On a much lighter note, Go Dodgers!!! Attached is also my section where I usually sit when I go to Dodgers game, right behind home plate. If you have never been to Dodger’s Stadium and are in the area when they are playing, go and you will have a fabulous time. I don’t usually eat hotdogs but the Dodger dogs are delicious and my friend loves the garlic fries. We both love the bloody Mary beer drink.
Whatever you choose to eat and drink and also where you sit, you can’t go wrong.
      Then after the game on our way home we usually go to Larchmont for the famous honey lavender ice cream at Salt and Straw. It is a happening place because after we get our ice cream we walk along this very quint street and compare flavors and the Dodgers game with others doing the same.
Tonight I plan to watch the game while working out. There is a little cheering section of all of us working out and watching the game which is fun. Go Dodgers!!!
Tomorrow , if my website page is not hacked, I will have a post on FAITH BASED INVESTMENTS which my defendant SADDLEBACK CHURCH WITH PASTOR RICK WARREN is known for. He and his nonprofit church also promote Parental Alienation even though he had a Son who COMMITTED SUICIDE;you would think he would understand the terror of Parental Alienation and fervently try to end it instead of SECRETLY PROMOTING IT.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).
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