The CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES I have discovered and can PROVE …

are being INTENTIONALLY carried out by Leaders in our Society and the Organizations they control.

I want to make the facts viral in case they try to kill me to silence me before I have an opportunity to put more of the facts on public record at the hearing for case ‪#‎BC580980‬ in Los Angeles County Superior Court before Judge Elizabeth White next week on 9/18/2015.
If anything should happen to me, you will know who to hold highly suspect and accountable because as history shows those who have the facts to EXPOSE CORRUPTION are sometimes killed in order to silence them for fear of a rebellion once the masses are aware of this evil and immoral corruption being intentionally carried out; particularly when carried out against loving Mothers (fathers) and their Children of all ages at the time of divorce when they especially need Love, Support and Guidance. This is truly evil and unconscionable.

The CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT is not yet ready to accept the clear fact that they can be held criminally and civilly responsible for what they have intentionally done and continue to do daily and their own eyes have seen because NOT ONE of them will reasonably step forward and admit what they have done and rectify the harms they have caused. 

Unfortunately, millions of alienated Children of all ages also refuse to step forward and contact their loving, alienated Mother (father) and discuss the TRUTH behind the parental alienation which suddenly began at the time of divorce based upon lies, threats, abuse and manipulations.

These leaders’ ignorance, unreasonable and cowardly behavior and the silence of the alienated Children they have and continue to abuse and brainwash in many ways EMPOWERS ME more and more each day to fervently bringing forth this truth.

I have my own FREE WILL and SOUL and will continue EXPOSE their corrupt and immoral ways so these CORRUPT AND IMMORAL LEADERS and their CONSPIRACIES can be replaced with Leaders and Organizations which adamantly create and enforce business models to profit using the principles of CAPITALISM instead of principles of a very corrupt and immoral dictatorship or Machiavelli society where the rights of the majority and the vulnerable are SACRIFICED because they are abused in many horrible and unconscionable ways so these Leaders can feed their sick and depraved desires and ego under the guise of religion, government, the law, business and politics.

In a Machiavelli society, those who reasonably disagree with the corrupt establishment or collective group are divided and then abused because all alone, alienated from those who love and support them; a person especially a child, teen and young adult are easier to control, brainwash and manipulate. This is the philosophy behind the abuse of Parental Alienation.

In the United States which is a country founded upon Capitalism; everyone should be taught and encouraged to use their special talents and abilities to make worthwhile and positive accomplishments and to help others do the same because this makes our society and world a better place for ALL. 
Those younger, less knowledgeable or less experienced are NOT to be abused, taught to hate and deprived of love and happiness to satisfy the corrupt leaders which makes our world a worse place for ALL, even the corrupt leaders who are filled with hate and shame.

A NEW HUMANITY IS EVOLVING which does not include hate OR profiting by abusing vulnerable Mothers (fathers) and their Children at the time of divorce but PUNISHES THOSE SEVERELY who try to carry out this corruption using “charitable” agreements and other corrupt and immoral acts like:

1. Making a loving Mother (father) so distraught by telling her children lies so they very WRONGFULLY believe their loving Mother has changed, no longer loves them, and they need to pretend that she is dead and no longer exists. Can you imagine how detrimental this is for anyone to go through this which is called parental alienation?

2. Then the loving Mother (father) becomes very distraught and often physically sick too ( I developed seizures) and is forced to rely on the lawyers, judge and her ex-husband to follow the law and obtain a legal divorce and not sign a fraudulent divorce judgment stealing this loving Mothers money and property, denying her of her rights to custody and visitation, her lawful spousal support and upon the request of the corrupt ex-husband; the corrupt judge, without any objections for the corrupt lawyers issues CIVIL RESTRAINING ORDERS against the loving Mother so she is unable to attend graduations and other events of her Children if this ex-husband/father and his new wife are present.

Any reasonable person with a sound mind knows this is a CORRUPT CONSPIRACY because a loving Mother has a legal right to receive a legal divorce which enforces her contract, property, civil and other legal rights which includes encouraging her and her children to continue their enriching companionship after divorce.

I have also discovered and have the facts to PROVE (many are already part of public record) the existence of the CRIMINAL AND IMMORAL CONSPIRACY OF JEWS, 

- Using their “Charitable” Agreements to hide and steal property of the loving Mother at the time of divorce,

- Refusing to publicly acknowledge, publicly discuss, write about and have events about the epidemic problem of parental alienation AND 

- Refusing to help reunite loving, law-abiding, fit Mothers (fathers) with their Children      WHILE ignoring photographs and other documents showing how the Children are being abused by the sick alienating father and his new wife (MARK F. HASSMAN and MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY in my case) and others helping them (CATE SCHOOL, ALAN LIBERMAN, PhD, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, many law firms and many others as my case shows in LASC #BC580980)

Time is a luxury and the hearing date of 9/18/2015 is quickly approaching. As author E. M. Forester so brilliantly wrote:
If a person spent years as a kite being controlled by the string and then the string breaks; the wise person soars with love in his soul not hate and learns how to change his hateful ways and make a positive difference to humanity bringing love and peace to ALL.

Thus, I highly, reasonably recommend that all of those I sued and others I have not sued yet but who are clearly aware of these CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES…
Don’t go down with those in the heartless collective group comprising these CRIMINAL and IMMORAL CONSPIRACIES. Choose to break away and act like a wise INDIVIDUAL who brings forth positive changes with his or her knowledge and experiences.

Your Choices determine your destiny so choose wisely. The facts are very clear as many documents show and I am not going anywhere, have an iron will and many INCRIMINATING DOCUMENTS are already part of public record.

Also, TO MY CHILDREN… at this point in time, you are no longer my heirs so please do not think that if I die, You will receive my millions of dollars I should have received at the time of divorce. You will not because you no long act as reasonable, kind, honest young adult Children should since you have not contacted me in over 7 years to even discuss this alienation in a civil and respectful manner. I just wanted to let you know this. Remember, ‘I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.’ So again, choose wisely what you choose to do from this moment forward. I am trying to help you escape from the abusive and hateful world you are living in even if you are in denial.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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