The Easiest way to Determine if someone is Corrupt and Immoral

The easiest way to determine if someone is corrupt and immoral is to look at their behavior over a period of time and see if they are reasonable.

People who lie, cheat and deceive others which includes giving ultimatums and making unreasonable demands, are not being reasonable or rational. Often they WORK TOGETHER with friends and business associates so they are all unreasonable together and they try to make YOU think you are the unreasonable one and need to be part of their group and join the corruption. Don’t, hold tight to your values and get away from them.

This is how they do business; threatening and manipulating others to do what they say for a profit and if they don’t, they threaten to destroy them.

Even corrupt charities and corrupt religious organizations and corrupt salespeople try to make you think that you need to contribute to their causes and invest in what they say so they can then use your money and you too, to help them carry out their corrupt and immoral purposes.
THIS IS WHAT MADOFF DID; he was a great salesman along with those he enlisted to be part of his group. They took advantage of innocent and vulnerable people for years but got caught, which is usually what happens.
Many alienated fathers (mothers) who have business connections are known for this.
Some have even been known to work with corrupt therapists who write false reports and work with judges who make unreasonable and unlawful rulings to get the results they want as many cases and history has shown.

Corrupt and immoral people have secrets and try to hide their corruption so they do unreasonable things in an effort to hide their lies.
For example, they refuse to disclose how they are paying their expenses even though they have sworn they are “insolvent” according to some definition. This is not reasonable. What do you think they are trying to hide? The 501c3 agreements they have with religious organizations and agreements they have with others?

This is why if you give corrupt and immoral people enough rope they will hang themselves because they get tripped up on their lies.
They have trouble separating their lies from reality so they become delusional and cannot think rationally. They believe their own lies especially those about how wonderful and special they think they are and how everyone should honor them; when the facts show they are horrible, evil and immoral people and others should get away from them.

So just keep your eyes wide open so you can objectively observe what is going on as you keep bringing out the truth.

Destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship at the time of divorce is very evil, immoral and corrupt.

Most evil, immoral and corrupt people will not be reasonable and must be stopped like Hitler.
But, EXPECT these immoral and corrupt people to try to silence and destroy anyone who tries to bring out the truth and restore morality and justice because this will force them to change their practices and they don’t want to and do not care if they are corrupt or immoral and harming others along with themselves because again, they are not reasonable.

If you remain silent and hide the truth you become part of the corruption.

So, keep bringing out the truth and just expect them to be unreasonable and continue to act in corrupt ways because this is what this type of person does as history and many authors have clearly shown.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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